Totally Funky | REVIEW

I get tonnes of emails each day pointing me in the direction of certain products. They’re generally crap! Then one day I saw something from Totally Funky, their Milk Light. I was straight on it! I’ll have one of those thank you! Luckily Totally Funky decided I was worth sending one […]

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How I Motivate Myself 2

Finding motivation is one of the most difficult things to do every single day. Most of us spend at least 5 minutes trying to convince ourselves to get out of bed, that’s after we’ve hit snooze twice already! 


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That’s right, not only can you read my thoughts here, you can now watch what our whole family is up to DAILY over on YouTube 🙂     Come join in! See you online… @dadvworld

Twinkl | REVIEW

As you know, we home educate. Just like in school we still need resources for both, us the parents and the children. We heard Twinkl mentioned several times within the home ed community and after having a look at the amazing free resources available we decided to go all in for […]

Twinkl Review