Primula Cheese!

Cheese in a tube, that you squeeze out, like toothpaste! 

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New House Revamp | BATHROOM

No toilet for 2 days! It’s true, but let’s not get into the details of how we managed during this period, let’s just put a line through that experience.

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Check Out My New Sun Protectors | Vision Direct

  Vision Direct have sorted me out with these Suuna Phoenix Gunmetal Sunglasses. They’re beauties – for more about them… Here’s some info about Vision Direct 🙂 Vision Direct is the perfect place to buy cheap women’s, men’s and sports sunglasses. Our stylish, affordable shades are up to 20% […]

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  There was an email in my inbox. I’d love to tell you what it said but in truth all I remember is the offer of FREE ALL YOU CAN EAT BUFFET FOOD.