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5 Quick Tips On Product Reviews | Social Media

5 Quick Tips On Product Reviews | Social Media


I’ve been getting a fair few questions recently from new bloggers that have their first product review to do. OK, so these quick tips are for social media posts rather than full on blog post product reviews.


– I thought I’d done SIX. Turns our there’s only FIVE but number FOUR is missing… Yeah, maybe don’t take advice from someone that can’t count :/


Makes sense doesn’t it. You’d be surprised how many times I’ve set up a post and then forgotten to find out their social media handle. Not all companies use the same handle across all social media platforms so check across the board.


I tend to use my white desk as it makes a great backdrop along with some ‘props’, such as my emojis. Lately however we’ve been getting all sorts of products sent for around the house so think about the setting of the photo and don’t be scared to throw in some stuff in the background. I know there’s quite a few bloggers that use wallpaper cut-outs, literally just a scrap of wallpaper on the table to use as a backdrop. It works!


When you think you have enough photo’s, take a few more. You can delete the ones you don’t want later. Take plenty and switch up the angles. Throw the product around a little, get creative. Try different places in the house if the product is quite generic. Window cills can make awesome photos with blurred backgrounds and natural light.


This is where I jumped to FIVE for no reason other than trying to confuse you…

Go through all of the images you’ve taken and choose your best one, or best few depending on how many you need. Then jump over to Snapseed or another photo editing app. I use Snapseed because it’s ridiculously easy to use and the filters are amazing. It’s free for Android and Apple devices. Flick through the filters, choose one that enhances your image and that you really like and BOOM!

Another little tip… For this product I’m using in the examples, it’s black and white packaging and called Black Pearl. Add this to the fact my entire bathroom is tiled white it made sense to use the B&W filters in Snapseed to create a theme.


Again, it says SIX but it’s FIVE for you traditional type of counters. I count my own way 🙂

Use your photo, tag the brand, let people know that you’re trying it out or have tried it and what you think. Ask a question too (I haven’t on this example but you should) ‘Have you tried this?’ ‘What do you use?’ etc…


AND there you have it. Easy work.

Also, If you want to try out some of the products that we were sent, that we’ve used in this post – Click >>> Beverly Hills Formula


Let me know if any of these tips help you… See you online @dadvworld



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