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5 Top Tips To Get ‘Freebies’

5 Top Tips To Get ‘Freebies’

Hi Bloggers, I’m Kerry from Winging It With Harper and I’m here to help you blag your blog with my 5 Top Tips To Get Freebies!

The blogging community is such a fun, exciting, creative community full of thousands of wonderful humans. Being a blogger can lead to many wonderful perks and opportunities. One of the perks is freebies. When it comes to blogging there seems to be this notion *recently* that the minute you set your blog free on the internet free products are going to be running their way to your letter box. I’m here to tell you that, this is simply not the case whilst getting free stuff is a perk, it takes hard work for those parcels to come through your door and put a big old smile on your face.

Here are my 5 Top Tips to get ‘freebies’

1. Pitch

This is super important, things won’t just fall directly into your lap you need to work for it. Pitching to your favourite brands is the best way to do this. You need to make sure you do your research on their company and make sure that you and the brand are a good fit for each other. For instance if you don’t own an animal, pitching to Pets At Home for something isn’t going to work for you. Always start your pitch with the owners name or if its a bigger brand the brand name. Don’t just write ‘Hi there’ your email is likely to be ignored. Make sure you sell yourself in your pitch. Brands are likely to get hundreds of emails a month from bloggers asking for collaborations. You need to sell yourself so when they read your email they are sold on you too. You should also make and add a ‘pitch pack’ to your blog this just details your stats, followings and is really good for connecting brands to bloggers. Don’t forget to also check out small brands, there are some really talented people out there willing to work with you. This is a competitive game, as long as you are yourself and are authentic things will come.

My Top Tip

Always attach your blog & social media details/links to your pitch email so they can see who you are. 

2. Put Yourself Out There

This one is super important. If your blog just sits there with no promotion no one is going to find it. Promotion is important. Social media is one of the best ways to get your blog out there with so many platforms. So if you have family on Facebook and aren’t ready to share your blog with your family but have an Instagram or Twitter get on them! Social media and blogging go hand in hand. If you’re passionate about what you’re writing people will start heading to your blog.

My Top Tip 

Don’t be afraid to reach out to people on social media, with the way algorithms are working right now you have to make yourself known because a certain app *cough Instagram cough* isn’t much help at the moment and is hiding creators. 

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3. Join Every Blogger Group You Can

…as long as they fit your niche. I’ve found The Blogger Programme, Response Source & Bloggers Required are brilliant platforms to find brands wanting to work with bloggers and that’s just to name three. There are lots of Facebook groups that are for bloggers, some with opportunities and others for support, there is a group for every niche you just have to look for them! Twitter is also fabulous for opportunities, lots of brands will tweet, you just got to make sure you sell yourself when you reach out. Remember step one always.

My Top Tip 

You need to be checking these groups/pages as much as you can because you can miss an opportunity by minutes!

4. Write Reviews For Things You Have Paid For

Not only is it good practice for writing reviews it also goes down REALLY well with brands, they want to see how you write, if you’re honest in your reviews and that you write with passion. Share things because you love them not because you have to. Write about your days out, write about the latest film you’ve seen and make it relatable. Remember always put a disclaimer somewhere in your post.

My Top Tip 

Be honest. If for instance you’ve bought a new outfit and there’s something you don’t quite like about it, say so. 

5. Remember It’s Not Going To Happen Over Night

You could be blogging 6 months to a year before an opportunity turns up, do not get disheartened, do not give up and remember why you started blogging in the first place. Sometimes it’s hard to see a blogger getting free stuff all the time and your inbox has tumbleweeds in it. Just keep writing about what you love and keep learning and doing the right things and something will turn up.

My Top Tip 

I don’t really have a top tip here, awks… What I will say though is just keep being positive.

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Thank You to Kerry for sharing her tips! Please do head over to Kerry’s blog Winging It With Harper and follow her across social media, links below…

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Good luck and please do feel free to ASK any questions if you’re struggling. Leave a comment below, or get in touch on social media @dadvworld

I’m continually creating as many posts in this Blag Your Blog section of the DadvWorld website as I can to help you understand, figure out and achieve your blogging goals. I’d love your feedback and/or further questions to help me create the content you need.


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