5 Watch Rules For Dads

5 Watch Rules For Dads

Rules, rules, rules. Well, I know you’ve got enough of those, but these ones might actually help you out. When it comes to wearing a watch there are a few simple rules to follow which will make sure you are feeling comfortable. They will also make sure your watch will last as long as possible.

1 – Be practical

As a dad, you know all about practical. You probably pride yourself as the king of practical. When it comes to choosing a watch, apply the same rules you applied when you chose the buggy (this time, no arguments with your partner required).

It is very likely you’ll be needing a watch which is as tough as you are for a start. Before looking through second hand watch sites like Chronoexpert.com which have so much choice you might get lost – write a list of requirements.

Here a few questions to get you started

Where will you be wearing the watch?
What special features will you require?
What is your budget?
Do you want to resell the watch later?

2 – Leave room for one index finger between your bracelet & wrist

Getting the right tension is really important for daily wear. A watch that is too tight will start to restrict your wrist movement and maybe even your circulation. It just won’t feel comfortable to wear all day. Too loose and your watch will twist round on your wrist and you may scratch the face. The recommended gap to leave is one index finger between your bracelet & wrist.

3 – Wear your watch on the correct wrist to avoid scratches

Wondering which wrist to wear your watch on? It’s important you wear it on your non dominant wrist. This is so that you keep your watch out of trouble as much as possible. How can you tell if your dominant wrist is your left or right?

Well, which hand do you write with? If you write with your right hand, and also play most sports with your right hand too, then this is your dominant hand. Therefore, you should wear your watch on your left wrist. Make sense? I thought so.

4 – Avoid an oversized watch face which will make your wrist look small

This rule can be broken, if you really want to. But, take it from me that it’s important your watch is in proportion to the size of your wrist. The recommended watch face size for the average wrist is 35 – 42 MM. There is also a great chart here which will help you figure out the best size for you. In this case, size does matter. An oversized watch will make your wrist look small.

5 – Wear your watch before your wrist bone for extra comfort

You would not believe how many people I have seen who wear their watch over their wrist bone, or even below it. This must feel really uncomfortable – ouch! I recommend you always wear your watch above the wrist bone. Ideally the width of one index finger above it.

I hope you have enjoyed these rules (as much as a list of rules can be enjoyable) but hey – they are helpful right?! Don’t forget to forward this to your friends if you know this could help them too.



This post was sourced for DadvWorld.com – I love a good watch and do like to treat them as well as possible to keep them looking good and working! I’ll be following these rules for sure and wanted to share them with you too 🙂


David @dadvworld


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