50th Blog Post

50th Blog Post

I’ve written how many blog posts? 50!! Sure it’s not the most anyone has ever written, however I’m using this number as a milestone, it just seems right. 

As you amazing usual readers will know, I usually write about parenting, life, home education and general thoughts that pass through my ears. For my 50th post however, I’d like to spread some blogging/vlogging love around.

Only 7 months into blogging and I’ve connected with some fantastic people. I’ve decided to give you a list of 12 bloggers and/or vloggers I think you should follow! I was thinking of the obvious list of 50, but I’d like this post published before Christmas!

AND in no particular order…..


The DADventurer – Dave is a top bloke, also check out his YouTube channel, in particular THIS VIDEO.

Slouching Towards Thatcham – Tim is like a blogging/social media genius, the first place I go for blogging tips, see what I mean HERE.

The Dad Network – It has nothing to with me being a writer for TDN or even the fact I’m also a Vlogger for them either…… OK it is. Ha, no honestly if you’re a parent then you can’t go wrong visiting the website for all sorts of articles based around parenting. THIS ONE is my particular favourite.

DIY Daddy Blog – Nigel is an absolute powerhouse when it comes to blogging. He really is a blogging machine. Nige if you’re reading this, let me know, do you write blog posts in your sleep? I don’t know how he does it but there’s a blog post for me to read EVERYDAY! The thing that amazes me most is that it’s not only quantity it’s the quality that Nigel produces in every single post. Also check out the Linky Nigel runs with his wife Emily, Twin Mummy and Daddy.

Dad Blog UK – John Adams. John’s post are always thought provoking and any conversations I’ve had with John have always left me feeling smarter! I really look forward to reading John’s articles because there’s always something to learn from reading them.

OMG It’s A Girl – Alan hasn’t made the list because he share’s all of my stuff which I’m massively grateful for, but because his content is fantastic. My favourite read of Alan’s recently is THIS POST.

The Woodhouse Life – If you want REAL life vlogs then look no further than The Woodhouse Life. A genuine down to earth family that also happen to be hilarious! My favourite daily vloggers. Luke has also recently created his own parenting network, Blended Parent, which you should definitely check out HERE.

Becster.com – Not only is Rebecca my biggest fan on YouTube, she’s also an amazing blogger and accountant! I’m hoping she can figure me a way to earn loads of money blogging and pay no tax. Obviously a joke Mr Taxman… (Not a joke!) My favourite post of Bec’s is If I Won The Lottery, have a read.

Beyond Dad – Danny Hill is one of the nicest guys I’ve met via my blogging/vlogging journey. A genuine top geeza. I’ll be honest I don’t hear half of what he’s saying on his daily vlog because his daughter is just too cute and it’s amazing that Dan is sharing Harper’s development 🙂 Go subscribe to Dan NOW.

The Ideal Scenario – Ash is again such a top genuine bloke. You will see on his YouTube Channel that he’s a genuine hero. Head over to Ash’s channel and see for yourself, great Dad and brilliant vlogger.

REOLife – New to scene, Katie talks and advises brilliantly about all things Home Education. I have recently entered the world of Home Education and I will 100% be reading every blog post released by Katie at REOLife. I think this post will definitely be of interest for not only Home Ed parents but all parents…. Read it HERE.

Admissions Of A Working Mother – I’ll just copy a paragraph from Sarah’s ‘About Me’ page and you will see why you have to read her blog…

‘I’m always going to be a little bit fat, or this one about my son holding me hostage. There’s a couple of confessions here and there about me going to the Mcdonalds Drive Thru without a bra on and going to work with toddler snot up my tights.’
To be honest, I could have made the list 50 because there are so many more bloggers and vloggers I enjoy reading, watching and connecting with. These 12 however are all people that I’ve followed almost since the beginning of my journey and as you’ll agree once you’ve clicked all the links, you can’t go wrong in the company of these quality content creators.

50 blog posts and counting….

See you online @dadvworld






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