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7 quick tips for the perfect family holiday

7 quick tips for the perfect family holiday



A family holiday doesn’t always have to be stressful or overwhelming. By following some simple tips, you’ll make the process a whole lot easier and ensure the trip of a lifetime – here are 7 quick bits of advice to make the family holiday as enjoyable as possible.


Choose the right accommodation


The initial step to take in order to ensure a perfect trip is choosing the right place to stay. Make sure you opt for a hotel or resort that offers a balance of relaxation and fun to cater to everyone. If you choose somewhere too quiet you may feel under pressure and unable to let yourself go, whereas a hotel that is too oriented on having a good time could quickly become tiresome.


There’s also a need to make sure the accommodation has enough facilities that will make for a comfortable stay. Look into things such as catering and room size so that you know what to expect, and you can then make an informed decision on whether it’s the right place for your family.


Pack efficiently


Now you’ve chosen a place to go, it’s time to get your things together. Being a family holiday, there’s going to be quite a few things to remember. Make sure the kids have sensible clothes for the weather you’ll be enjoying during your stay. Don’t forget the toiletries, either – you’ll want to bring everything from shampoo to toothpaste just in case you can’t grab any out there. And, of course, don’t forget the sunscreen.


Keep the kids entertained on the journey


To save the constant asking of “are we there yet?”, you may want to ensure that the little ones have ways to fill their time whilst on the flight. Consider pre-loading tablets and phones with films and programmes to make the time quite literally fly by. However, be aware that there’s a ban on devices for some flights in and out of the UK, as detailed here.


That isn’t the only entertainment you can provide, either. Books are a great way to relax during the journey, with the added bonus of not straining your eyes by looking at a screen. If you find a book about your destination, it could be the perfect way to get the kids excited for what’s to come.


Find a healthy balance for everyone


Once you’ve arrived, it’s important to establish that everyone in the family is likely looking for something different from their holiday. For the young ones, it’s a time to explore, let loose and have fun. For yourself, you’ll likely be wanting to soak up the sun and lay back for a while.


Make sure you find that perfect balance so that nobody is dissatisfied or frustrated with how the trip pans out. As frustrated as the kids may get with a day of doing nothing, make sure they understand that they’ll get a chance to do what they want, too!


Ensure everyone’s safety


It’s likely that you’ll be out on excursions and enjoying yourselves on holiday, but never let your unadulterated fun get in the way of safety. Make sure you have an established plan for your kids just in case the worst happens and they become lost – tips such as locating a landmark to return to in the event of being separated, as recommended by CTI, are tried and tested.


And safety doesn’t just relate to being lost, either. Health comes into it, and you’ll all want to be applying sunscreen when the sun is blazing. Ensure that someone is carrying repellent at all times, too, as insects in certain countries carry illnesses such as malaria that lead to some nasty and dangerous symptoms.


Experiment with cuisine


Being on holiday lends itself to trying new foods and sampling a different part of the world. And some cuisines in popular destinations are renowned for being delectable – consider trying a traditional plate of carbonara in Rome, or a flaky pastry on the streets of Paris.


Of course, many places around the world offer meals that you could find at home if someone isn’t feeling too adventurous, but trying a native dish is an easy way to embrace the culture of your destination. Dig in!


Fill the holiday with fun


Last but not least, it’s incredibly important to make sure that the fun you have whilst on holiday leaves a lasting effect. Sure, take some time to relax, but when you decide to go all out and enjoy it, don’t hold back.


A family holiday is the perfect opportunity to have bundles of fun with those closest to you, and being able to do that in a beautiful foreign country makes it even better. There’s plenty of preparation to be done in order to get there, but the most important piece of advice is to have fun.


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  1. 8th October 2017 / 10:34 pm

    Family holidays are pretty stressful! But we’ve been quite lucky to have the in laws come with us or rather we go with them…. extra babysitters on tap! 😀

    • DadvWorld
      9th October 2017 / 12:17 pm

      We just don’t go on holiday! LOL! It’s not a bad idea to take grandparents with you, or go with them! 🙂

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