I Met The Mayor of York! | Travelodge 2

That’s right, I was hanging out with the VIP’s at a Travelodge hotel opening event. The press were there, the local MP was there, loads of dapper looking men and lovely dressed ladies were there AND the Mayor herself was in attendance for the opening of the Travelodge York Central […]

David & Donetta

To My Wife… 2

This is the 7th time I’ve restarted this blog post. Twice because you keep walking through the bloody office and I lose trail of thought. Once because I’ve just had to find you the Apple earphones, Samsung ones don’t fit apparently AND the other times because it all started to […]

Groov-e Bluetooth Earphones

Who lays up in bed at night binge watching YouTube videos or Netflix? Thought so, we do too. On top of having either Corben digging his elbow in my ribs or Donetta stealing all the covers, my biggest annoyance during my night time content overload session, is bloody earphones! You […]


Swearing, who gives a shit? 6

Well apparently 66% of people that voted on this very subject the other day. This has had me swaying back and forth like I’m at a Westlife concert. OK, so you’re thinking ‘WHAT, 66% of people think swearing is bad?!’ What if I now asked you about swearing in front […]


What if I don’t love my child? 10

Is this a ridiculous thing to think or more common than I think? I have Corben and believe me there isn’t a love on this planet or even this universe as strong as the love we have. But hypothetically let’s say we were to have another child, I can’t stop […]