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A Day At Doncaster Races | Spring Family Fun Day

A Day At Doncaster Races | Spring Family Fun Day

I’m sure it was only last week Corben and I were chilling on the Sofa watching the horse racing and losing our money to the bookies.

It was actually a few years ago before Corben could talk and help form a bookie bashing plan. When he was a baby there was something about the green grass and the multicoloured jockey outfits that mesmerised him. There were many a Saturday when we’d have the races on TV, he’d love the horses running around and I’d cry as another horse I’d backed came last!

Fast forward to the present day and Corben is a walking, talking rubbish at betting kid just like his old man! This past weekend we were invited to the Spring Family Fun Day at Doncaster Racecourse for a full day of racing and fun! Between us we didn’t back a single winner all day! However we did have an amazing family fun day.

There were indoor activities such as crafts, colouring and a disco. Outside there was a funfair with loads of rides and games like huck-a-duck and lucky dips. There was also a little football and a bouncy castle on top of access to the pre-race parade ring where you could get a close look at the horses racing that day.

There was so much to do for the kids and not only that, there was a full racecard for the adults to enjoy too. I love the races, so to mix it with kids activities was a massive win win for me.


After having a go on all the rides and games we had a quick bite to eat before the races began. We played big-spenders with the bookies and put our £2 on before taking our places next to the finish line to watch our horse glide home as the winner. OK that last bit didn’t happen but Corben loved it, shouting and cheering on our chosen horse and watching them run past only metres away at such pace!

We made sure we sampled as many activities as we could, a bit of colouring inside and a boogie to the music just to break up the waiting between races. We then moved to different locations to get different views of the horses running. Up in the stand Corben had a great view and again enjoyed shouting on his horse. His horse happened to be whichever one won, despite not matching the number he chose before the race… Glory supporter! HA!

All in all as a family we had a blast. Plenty to go at all day for all of us. We didn’t win any money but we won when it comes to a great family day out.

Doncaster Racecourse will be having more Family Fun Days I’m sure and we will be attending! In fact, Corben enjoyed it so much we may be back sooner to sample another day at the races.





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  1. 3rd April 2018 / 10:28 pm

    It looks like such good fun! And you had a fab day for it! Look at that blue sky! Oh and Corb looks so cool in his shades! 8) <3

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