You’ve probably heard quite a lot of people commenting about the fact that mindset is one of the most important things to get right in life, regardless of what it is you want to achieve.


Whether you’re an ambitious businessman, a creative artist, or even someone who wants to get in the best possible shape at the gym, none of your goals are likely to work out too well if you’re constantly doubting yourself, and getting caught up in a spiral of negative thinking that tells you “I can’t do this.”


A lot of the tips that get passed around for improving your mindset have to do with specific thought exercises. For example, having an internal debate with yourself every time you realise that a negative thought process has taken over, or repeating strong affirmations in the mirror each morning.


That stuff’s all great, and it works for a lot of people, in a lot of situations. But, in various contexts, “physical” tips are likely to be a more straightforward and potentially effective path.


Here are a few physical tips for mastering your mindset in the different domains of your life.


Get the right clothes for the occasion


If you’re running a small business from home, and it’s based in a “traditional” business niche, where you need to project a certain “Wolf of Wall Street” image, sitting around in your home office wearing your superhero pyjamas probably isn’t going to help you get in the required headspace.


People sometimes underestimate just what an amazing impact the clothes they wear can have on their mindset and sense of self-belief.


Use your clothes as tools to help get yourself into the right mindset for any given occasion. Visit Ties R Us, for example, to up your “suit game,” and likewise, consider getting yourself some cool sportswear to motivate you during your workouts down at the gym.


Simply wearing the wrong outfit for the wrong occasion often has a lot to do with people’s struggles to master their own mindsets.


Set regular routines and schedule, and then “turn up” regardless of how you feel


If you listen to what a lot of the most successful people in history have had to say on the subject, “motivation” or “inspiration” is kind of a myth. As in, it does obviously exist, but you don’t get the luxury of being able to sit around and wait for it. Instead, by turning up and making yourself do the work regardless of how you feel, the motivation often comes after a while.


If motivation and mindset are issues for you in any area of your life, such as, for example, in your desire to learn how to play an instrument, work on your business, get in shape, or tidy up the house, one of the best things you can do is to schedule those things in and just “turn up” regardless of how you feel.


There’s another part of this equation, too. Research on how habits work, and how people can develop positive and productive habits for themselves, and undo negative ones, has found that the more established habit is, the less willpower is required to activate it.


What this means, is that if you set regular routines for the things you want to do, at set times of the day, and hammer home and solidify those habits regardless of how you feel, you will come to a place after a while where the action becomes a lot more automatic, your mindset falls into line much more easily and effectively, and things just “work” better than they did before.

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Establish “flow” rituals


You probably know that a lot of professional athletes have all kinds of strange rituals that they bring into play, based on certain superstitions. For example, keeping a certain token tucked under their shirt during every game, or listening to a certain song in the locker room before heading out to play, and so on.


A lot of famous authors report having similar sorts of rituals, such as having a certain “lucky” trinket on their desk, or wearing a certain shirt or hat to start off their day’s writing.


The thing is, these rituals aren’t just things that people do for no reason, or because they’re naturally dumb, or anything like that. Regardless of what you think of these rituals, they definitely serve as psychological anchors and triggers to get people into a productive “flow” mindset state, in a hurry.


A “flow” state is that state of mind where your hyper-focused on what you’re doing, all outside distractions fade into the background, you’re picking up pace, and you’re really settling into a proper “sprint” at whatever it is you’re doing.


Psychologists have had a lot to say about “flow” in the last few years, but the bottom line is that when you’re in a “flow state,” you’re way more productive, way more motivated, and can do way more impressive things.


Begin establishing yourself some physical “flow” rituals, to master your mindset in a hurry, and get you on the right track. The ritual should be something that makes you feel pretty good about yourself, and gives a boost to your optimism and energy levels. The real benefits, though, come as the ritual becomes a regular thing, and you start associating it with being active.


Adopt a more confident posture


Believe it or not, but when people tell you to “stand upright and put your shoulders back,” they’re not just giving you old-fashioned parental-style health advice.


Some research has actually found that people who strike a more dominant pose just before going into a job interview have higher testosterone levels during the interview, and are more likely to be confident, and to land the job, as well.


Changing your posture probably isn’t going to absolutely transform your life, but it can give you a decent boost, and help to move your mindset in a more positive and powerful direction.


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