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Me! David Shaul aka DadvWorld and now one half of David and Donetta on YouTube too! I was going to start with saying the usual ‘Ah there’s not much to tell’ line, but then how could I write a blog if there wasn’t much to tell?

I will however keep this short and sweet otherwise you’ll not need to read my blog posts which is where you will actually find out who I am. I’m writing this blog for a few reasons, firstly, I love writing. Secondly, because I have views about probably everything and I’m frightened of divorce if I continue to air them relentlessly at only the wife and nobody else. The most important reason however, is so that in 10 years time we can look back at our journey and remember more vividly the great memories we’re making now!

Finally I think the opportunities out there are endless and I see blogging as a platform to hopefully build a career of my own.

So, don’t be lazy reading just this one page to get to know me! My posts will invite you along with me on my journey taking on the world as a Dad 🙂

If you are a little lazy just watch our videos on YouTube instead… David and Donetta YouTube Channel


PS – If you’d like to work with me/us then please get in touch, product reviews, opinions, thoughts, written material, vlogs, give us an email david@dadvworld.com


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