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Another Year Older

Another Year Older

This month, April, I turned 32. Another year older.

When you’re a kid all you want is to be older. Then you start getting older and you want it all to just slow down a minute! Then, you hit your 30’s and some of us have a wobble and others embrace this extra confidence that has developed along with life experience.

I’m with the latter. I embrace each and every year I get older, I don’t mind at all that my younger irresponsible days are behind me, I love the pressure I have on my shoulders of directing my children down the right paths in their own lives and being in control of our family’s future. I mean, I’m not sure we’re ever fully in control but I like that too.

I was 26 when Corben was born and I felt ready. I’m not sure the majority of parents would say they felt ready when their little one’s were on their way, but I was. I don’t mean I knew everything and I had all my shit together ready to produce a wonder-kid and make parenting look easy. I mean that I spent the 9 months build up mentally preparing myself for parenthood. I knew that I had, had roughly a decade of messing around, trying different things life had to offer, good and bad and had ran it all out of my system. This left me feeling ready to move into the next chapter of my life.

Donetta and I had only been together 3 months when we found Corben was on his way, it wasn’t a problem at all as I knew from day one this was the way my life was going and I wasn’t worried for a single second it was all happening so quickly. Donetta already had the girls and my brother is 18 years younger than me so I had a little glimpse into the world of parenthood beforehand.

Since then each year I feel my life just gets better and better. With every ageing year that passes I take a moment to look back at the previous year and take note of what’s changed and how much further we’ve come in our life plan. I have a vision of how I want our life to look eventually and we’re not too far away at all.

With each year older I get I also care more about less. I care about far less things in life which is liberating, but the few things I do care about I care about so deeply. Life has become much clearer in recent years and positivity and perspective is playing a major role. In particular over the last 10 months or so I’ve been actively practicing leading a more positive life and life seems to have gotten even better even faster.

I also find at my ripe old age of 32 that I still feel young and I’m passionate about the future ahead. It’s mad that the older I become, which means the less time I have, the more patience I have. I’m willing to play the long game and build something for myself. I’d have never had that patience 10 years ago despite having more time back then!

I’ve always been a big character, at least since leaving school. I like to think I’ve been more of a leader than a follower and I’ve always had the confidence to speak my mind and follow my own path. At 32 though, this confidence has grown massively and add life experience to becoming a parent and you end up with the ability to give ZERO FUCKS about what other people think. It’s probably my favourite thing about getting older. Aslong as I know my intention is always from a good place and I try to be the best person I can be then I couldn’t care less what others think.

My hope for this post after reading back what I’ve said so far is more to inspire and motivate you to have a more positive outlook on getting older. I’m in no way trying to show off that I think I have life sorted and my life is amazing, that’s simply not true. I mean I do feel most aspects of my life are amazing but I certainly don’t have it all figured out, not yet anyway.

I just think we should embrace each year as it passes, grab each age by the balls and shake the bejesus out of it… Actually insert something else motivational in that last sentence, a shiver went down my spine typing that!

Here’s to another year, I can’t wait to see what, where or how I’m sharing my thoughts this time next year!




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