Appreciation is all I’m after…

Appreciation is all I’m after…

Appreciation Dad Blogger


So today I was walking around the Yorkshire Wildlife Park as we do most weeks and I thought, sometimes I wish they didn’t have annual passes. Not just for this place but all places.

Does everyone else think it’s getting increasingly harder to teach appreciation in today’s world where almost everything is on tap. Sure I could just not buy the annual passes, but if you do plan to take your kids to such attractions more than once, you’d be daft to pay full whack every time. Donetta and I love the fact that we have such an amazing attraction and experience on our doorstep, however Corben at 4 simply doesn’t realise how lucky he is.

I don’t know about you, but I could count on one hand the amount of times we got to visit a proper wildlife park and zoo when I was a kid. They were such a luxury, we’re not talking cows and sheep here, there’s lions, tigers and rhinos! It’s amazing.

Only the novelty has well and truly worn off for Corben. He’d rather go in the play area, pick up stones or shoot people using sticks. ‘Look at that Tiger Corben standing 6ft away from us’, ‘I  just want an ice-cream’… FFS.

Appreciation Dad Blogger

Clearly I want him to grow up appreciating everything we work hard to give him. I want him to realise that there’s plenty of other children that don’t get such opportunities on a weekly basis, they may only get big days out once or twice a year! I’m using the Wildlife Park as an example as it’s where we’ve been today, but I generally mean everything we do. As we home educate we are really lucky to be able to get out and about often, picking up annual passes for various places that are great days out as well as educational. The Deep in Hull for example. We could look at pictures and read about fish, but that doesn’t compare to going to see them in their natural habitats and learn directly from experts working with them day in day out.

This though, has become Corben’s norm. He doesn’t know anything else and yeah, he’s still only 4. I know I’m over-reacting a touch, most 4 year olds find an old box more interesting that a £50 toy, I’m sure that’s happened to us all. That’s great too, I love that he likes being home so much and that playing with sticks and stones sends his imagination into overdrive, I wouldn’t ever change that.

I just worry that as he gets older, having such luxuries and opportunities as a norm will make it far more difficult to breed appreciation into his character. I don’t want to take away or limit these experiences though as that’s exactly why we work so hard, so he can have the things we never had as children.

Parenting aye, it’s not easy is it. I want to spoil my kids but not make them spoilt. A show of appreciation is all I need to see.


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