All the attention right now is on Instagram. Naturally it’s where most dads are now documenting their family life for all to see. Does this mean the end for dad bloggers?

Over the past year I’ve been rather sporadic with this very dad blog. I’ve been creating content online non-stop, just not always for this actual blog. Why is that? Well, because dad blogging just hasn’t been motivating me enough, the engagement reduced and quite frankly the attention was elsewhere.

When I first started this dad blog 3 years ago, the community and engagement was really high. It was quite motivating to be apart of an online dad community putting dad’s voices into the mix online. Then the noise started to shift over to another platform, Instagram.

The engagement amongst dads on actual dad blogs got less and less, but increased over on Instagram. Posting a photo of you and the kids on a day out and writing a short version of what you’d write in a blog post in the caption gained much more engagement. In addition to this you could just tag places, locations, businesses and brands at the same time offering extra exposure to others.

What is the point in running an entire online blog/website when Instagram made it so much easier?




I imagine that is largely the thought process of many newer InstaDads and was mine for a while, whilst I decided what was best to do with an online dad brand. Dad blogging or any blogging is a lot of hard work and in the beginning for not much return. If you’re looking to monetise your blog the work load is increased further. Then some geeza’s on Instagram come along, take a few cute photo’s of themselves twinning with their toddler, tag a couple of brands and voila!

I’m not saying growing and monetising an Instagram account isn’t hard work too, but learning the necessary skills is much easier.

Then Instagram stories started to pop massively in 2018 and that meant Instagram was basically a miniature version of both blogging and YouTube. All in one place you could create mini vlogs and mini blogs on top of benefitting from being in the place where all the attention is! It’s a no brainer really when you think about it, I’d guess it’s exactly what Instagram intended.

The ease of Instagram and Instagram stories meant your average everyday dad could upload a photo, make a few short clips of a family day out, add a few hashtags and job done. Your own dad brand was in full swing. Imagine not having to think about SEO, watch time, creating recommended content and everything else that comes with blogging and being a YouTuber.

InstaDads are taking the online parenting world by storm right now. They grew massively in 2018 and I don’t see it slowing down in 2019.

dadvworld instagram

I read a post by my pal Nigel (DIY Daddy Blog) this morning, ‘Is Blogging On A Cliff Edge?‘.  Nigel questions whether the current InstaDad trend has longevity. That’s where I think blogging still has a chance.

All the attention is on Instagram right now and I’m part of it. I love Instagram and use it every single day! I also love blogging because I just love it, no other reason is required. I’m a full-time online content creator, which means I have to be adaptable and create content based on where the attention is, not where I want it to be.

Now the biggest reason I couldn’t ever create solely on one platform, is because the content you create is never really yours. With a blog/website, you own it and all of the content on it. I’m all for using the content on the blog as pillar content to then extend your brand onto Instagram and try to build another revenue stream via the platform whilst it’s working.

But, what if tomorrow Instagram has an algorithm change and just like that your likes half and comments become a rare thing? Even worse, what if your Instagram account was hacked, can you back up an Instagram account or is all lost? I”m not sure but I know my blog is backed up and several security measures are in place.

My view of the current Insta Dad trend is that I’m happy to extend my dad blog brand to Instagram and for this period even create more on Instagram than the blog. However, as far as longevity goes, I want to know my 3 year old blog and all of it’s contents will be in place for me to extend to wherever the attention goes next.

What’s your thoughts?

Can your build a brand solely on one social media platform?

Is there longevity in building an Instagram only brand?







  1. Emma
    14th January 2019 / 3:41 pm

    You name some great points as always. I think spreading over different platforms is a good idea, different people are gravitated towards different platforms.

  2. 15th January 2019 / 5:16 pm

    Great post Dave. I too have had a few ‘what’s the point’ moments whilst dad blogging. The time it takes to come up with a post would decrease dramatically on Instagram (I get most engagement on Insta) I suppose there will always be an audience for all niches. I can fit more jokes on a blog post anyway.

  3. 16th January 2019 / 1:10 pm

    A great post but I think what you write extends to all bloggers too! I focused more on insta last year (2018) for the instant results you point out. But it sent me a bit doolally towards the end of the year as I focussed too much on numbers. This year I’m going back to the blog and focussing my attention on that x

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