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To Blog Or Not To Blog | by Silly Daddy Chronicles

Something slightly different on the blog today. My good friend Markus from The Silly Daddy Chronicles shares his raw and honest experience with blogging and dyspraxia.

Blogging consistently with Dyspraxia or why aren’t I swimming in it already?

I’m on my second blog since I started writing things down 6 years ago.

Some of my problem of blogging consistently is definitely my dyspraxia. It does creep into all parts of my life. I learned a lot about myself and dyspraxia over the last few months. Not from books or doctors. Obviously from a medical point of view doctors know their stuff so it be silly to argue with one. No I just spoke to another dyspraxic person Emma – Dyspraxic Domesticated Mummy and the amount of times she said that she has problems with the exact same things made me realise that while it is healthy to take responsibility for your actions at least I know to some extent why this was likely to happen, I still have a daily battle with organising, prioritising, distractions but now it is a bit clearer why. I still hate deadlines, and find it very difficult to deal with the guilt when I haven’t done something at the time I said I was going to do it or as I just said if I miss a deadline and let someone down.

Which brings us to another added complication in my life. I suffer from chronic low self esteem and self worth. I just don’t seem to be able to snap out of this. I’m my own worst critic, worst enemy. I can sabotage things beautifully and always blame myself for things that go wrong, even when I am not completely or at all to blame. It is difficult to stay positive when you are me.

Everyone always says do not compare yourself to others. That is hard though. If I hadn’t done this or if I had done that would I be more like David from DadvWorld these days? It is Just amazing what he is doing, how he is going from strength to strength.

Then there is the added problem that friends and family read everything I write / post. So I censor myself as to not embarrass others and myself too much. It is not just the embarass part, I don’t want to offend anyone really.

All this leads to me being uncertain if i should post something or not. So I tend not to just because as I said I don’t want to tread on anyone’s toes. Don’t want to embarrass or hurt anyone.

What would you do in my situation?

Markus, The Silly Daddy Chronicles

Instagram | sillydaddychronicles

Very honest stuff from Markus, I’m absolutely honoured that you’ve mentioned me and asked me to publish this on your behalf. I hope as many people as possible can get involved and drop some comments with their advice or their own stories of similar experiences.

On a less serious note, if you’re ever going to compare yourself to anyone, raise the bar higher than me! LOL 🙂




Our 5-Year-Old Sleeps With Us, So What?

Every night at around 8pm Corben gets a nice cuddle to sleep on the sofa all snuggled up with his pillow and quilt cover. Then when we’re ready to go up to bed at usually gone midnight, I carry him up and plonk him between us. Guess what, we all get plenty of sleep.

Definitely one of the most highly debated parenting topics is co-sleeping. Should you, shouldn’t you, what effects will it have later in life, what effects won’t it have…?!

Well I’ll tell you now one effect it has on the three of us and probably the most important effect of all, we get sleep and plenty of it.

OK I say we get plenty of sleep, we get the option is probably more accurate. Corben most nights will get 12 hours and has done for several years now. This means the only way Donetta and I don’t get enough is if we stay up too late ourselves. Obviously there is the odd night when things don’t go to plan, or in the holidays when the girls are off school the usual routine will go out of the window. The way Donetta’s shifts land means that one night at least a week the lad will have to stay up until 10pm and that throws him off slightly the following morning but easily gets back into the swing of things soon enough.

I should let those of you that aren’t regular readers know that we Home Educate Corben so there’s no worry about him staying up a little too late and then having to wake him early for school. Most mornings he’ll wake at around 8am when he’s gone to sleep between 8-8.30pm the previous night. He loves his sleep. He doesn’t love having to go to sleep, but once he’s snuggled up it’s a struggle waking him up if it’s a day we have to be up and out.

I know there might be some of you steaming from the ears reading this, we’re not showing off as we know for many parents the whole sleep thing is an absolute nightmare from start to finish, if the finish ever even happens!

What I want to do is just let you in on how our routine goes and our opinion on the whole co-sleeping thing and what results we’re getting.

When he was a baby he slept next to our bed in his cot, we didn’t think it was a good idea to co-sleep when he was still so small. It must have been easily 3 or even 4 years now since Corben, 5, has settled down with his cover and pillow on the sofa. He’ll watch his iPad and have a chat with whichever one of us he’s chosen that night for an hour, then everything is turned off and we stay on the sofa with him until he drops off. 9/10 nights it works well. After the inevitable, ‘I need a wee’, ‘I’m hungry’ and 17000 questions about what we’re doing tomorrow and re-visiting events from earlier that day. We’ve incorporated that into the time we get him to settle down at though so it doesn’t impact too much and end up with him still being awake too late in the evening.

co-sleeping dadvworld

Like every other kid he sometimes has those nights where he just won’t sleep but to be fair it’s not very often he plays up more than the usual bedtime shenanigans mentioned above.

Once he’s asleep he’s asleep so we get on doing what we need to do, film videos, bits of work, YouTube and Netflix binging and it’s rare we hear a peep from him. Then at usually after midnight I will carry him up to bed where we all sleep in our big bed. There’s then the occasional elbow to the nose and heel in your eye scenario but again it’s all part and parcel and doesn’t happen every night. Donetta and I get to sleep, he stays asleep and we all wake up in the morning nice and fresh. Well, after splashing my face with water and eating my Weetabix, and for Donetta she’s only functional after her morning coffee. You get the idea though, it just works.

This is our way and it has been for ages and it’s working.

Now for the possible negatives that are sure to be fired our way over this. But what about his independence, what if he grows up with some sort of attachment issues and what about us, the parents.

Well, how independent does a 5-year-old need to be, he’s like 5. He gets along just fine with his independence during the day.

Attachment issues, I call bullshit on this sort of stuff. Unless you throw me a link to proven science that shows us co-sleeping turns our children into vulnerable needy adults. He seems fine to me, again he’s 5 it’s hard to tell what his mental state will be in 20 years, currently he spends most of the day pretending he’s Batman and shaking his willy about laughing hysterically. So if we’re making judgements on his future mental health I think co-sleeping is the least of our worries.

What about us? That’s a tough one I’ll admit. Clearly we don’t have as many opportunities for ‘us’ time. I think the official term here for Corben is ‘Cock-Block’. But, we get around it in ways I’m not willing to discuss, you perverts. On a more serious note though, how much me time do parents get in general, I’m not just talking for getting your leg over, having a kid is kind of a minimum 18-year contract where you sign away privacy and me time anyway.

There will be a time, probably not so far away where he will go in his own bed and take himself off to sleep in an evening and all this co-sleeping business will be a distant memory that he rarely remembers when he grows up, so I’m not convinced there’s any mental negatives I’ve read about.

It’s similar to my feelings on breast versus bottle. Surely FED is best. I don’t care if you lob your tit out here there and everywhere or you shove a bottle of formula milk down your kids neck, along as they’re fed you’re winning! Sleeping independantly or co-sleeping, again, just sleep, everyone just get some sleep!

What’s your bedtime routine? Let me know in the comments…




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What’s On Your Doorstep?

I’m so glad that approx 18 months ago I decided to take my head out of my arse and explore all of the cool things that were on my doorstep.

It was when we decided to Home Educate Corben, we really had to investigate what social and educational opportunities were available locally. It turns out, absolutely loads!

Honestly I’m still finding places that are right in front of our noses that we had no clue about previously. Little woods to explore, playgrounds, walks, wildlife and lots of educational places and sessions are all right there waiting for you to find them. It’s almost like we’ve opened the door to an alternate world.

We’ve met some fantastic people, found some awesome places to visit and in general we’ve really had our eyes and minds opened through these experiences. We’ve found new hobbies and interests and all whilst allowing Corben to follow his creative nature at his own pace.

Today we went to a local park/woods, not somewhere we didn’t know about as it’s only just over a mile from our house, but somewhere we often forget as its tucked away.

It’s nothing fancy but it’s the experience and exploration that makes it such a cool place. It’s basically a huge woods with a massive pond in the middle and various routes to walk down. There’s a kids park too and in the summer I imagine it will be even nicer.

It’s definitely not summer right now so we got wrapped up and went to explore. Corben was obviously acting as some superhero warrior villain guy, picking up sticks and stones to use as props throughout his adventure. He saw some swans, ducks and had a few questions about the different types of trees there are. He was learning so much without even knowing it!

I used the walk to test out my Canon EOS M10 that after about 6 months of use has only been used for filming when it’s primary function is to take photos! All the photo’s I’m sharing in this post were taken by this camera, we usually use our phones but I wanted to give it a good test. I think it’s passed the test!

Donetta enjoyed posing for the camera (She didn’t!) as I ordered her around, stay there, right walk, no stop, look that way… HA! So all in all it was a really nice couple of hours. Exploring, adventure, learning and laughing, all at a place great for photo’s and only a mile from our doorstep.

What are your favourite things to do in and around your local area, I’d love to see some pics of your time there too, tag me on social media @dadvworld 🙂



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Cut The Blogging Nonsense

Earlier this evening I had a chat with Donetta, my wife and it became apparent that lately I’ve been drowning myself in blogging nonsense.

What is blogging nonsense?

Well, I mean all the background work that goes into being a blogger and building a blog brand. Searching out opportunities, planning ahead, strategising the next move and general admin overload.

If you’re a blogger, whether you blog around another job or as a full-time job, you’ll know blogging is far more than putting together a blog post. There’s social media presence to build, there’s SEO and new blogging techniques to learn about, there’s research, searching for work, pitching to brands and a thousand other things to do around actual writing.

It’s these things that have been occupying the majority of my time lately and have blurred my focus.

You see, I think, a lot. Those of you that join in with me over on Instagram know I can talk, well double the amount I can talk and you’re close to the amount of thinking that goes on in this head of mine. I wouldn’t say I over-think everything, I’m pretty good at thinking about a lot in a short space of time and making quick decisions. I think what’s happening with me lately is I’m thinking about too many different things as opposed to over-thinking a few things. I’m constantly scheming, planning and well, you know thinking.

That’s not necessarily a bad thing. Being a blogger and working for yourself you have to think things through, have a plan and constantly develop yourself. The thing that’s brought this to my conscious attention however, is that I’m not doing the No.1 thing I need to be doing half as much as I should… BLOGGING!

The two things I love doing are writing and creating video all with the one objective of engaging with other people. Blogging is as simple as that for me. I want to engage, advise, help, entertain, and befriend as many people as possible because that’s what I love doing. Blogging and Vlogging are my way of doing that and I’ve not been doing either half as much as I want to.

dadvworld instagram

CLICK THE PIC and join me on Instagram @dadvworld

Since the turn of the year work has been pretty slow, it seems the same across the blogging industry and this means earnings are down. Throw in the car drastically failing it’s MOT resulting in a new car and the money situation obviously doesn’t improve. This is just life, I’m not after any sympathy we still have full belly’s courtesy of Aldi, it’s so cheap its amazing! These points are just relevant as to why I’ve gone into absolute blogging nonsense overdrive.

I’ve tried to use this dry period to look for ways to enhance my blog/brand and to develop existing skills and in general try to sniff out new avenues of income. This has resulted in doing less of the things I want to be doing, the things that ultimately are the driving force to all of the other things I have been doing. Without the actual blog posts and videos the rest becomes obsolete, pointless.

Of course I’m not naive enough to take my foot off the pedal with the background work completely, but over this next month I’m definitely looking to switch things up. I want to completely switch the 80/20 split currently in favour of blogging nonsense, to go 80% pure creating. Blogs and videos galore!

I want to get back to focussing on the creative side as a priority. We have some great things coming up over the next few months, trips away, days out and collaborative brand work that I’m going to really enjoy.

According to sods law, this method should then bring all of the end results I’ve been trying to achieve by overloading on the blogging nonsense…HA! 🙂

To have a clear understanding of how much I can talk and think, come join me on Instagram > @dadvworld



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My Productivity Secret | Parallels Toolbox

Productivity Secret ALERT!

Over the last year now I’ve been using Parallels Toolbox and it’s genius!


If you spend a lot of time at your computer like I do, I can guarantee that Parallels Toolbox would benefit you.

I’ve found this feature filled toolbox a god send in terms of helping with my productivity. Tasks that would usually require a load of messing about are taken care of with ease.

For example, screen recording. I’ve found other software a pain but Parallels Toolbox has it covered with just a click of a button. I’ve recorded a few video tutorials using the Parallels Software too and it was so easy.

You can control your laptop camera, take screenshots, download video, convert video, record audio and loads more! It’s honestly the niftiest bit of kit I’ve used. Oh and it works. I’ve clicked it all, I’m a button basher and love clicking and pressing stuff just to see what happens and this thing has delivered on everything it says it can do.

Here, check out the list of things it can do in this screenshot below…


parallels toolbox dadvworld


I’m a Blogger, Vlogger and have recently dabbled with Podcasting and this software is at the heart of it all. I use it every single day, sometimes for smaller tasks and sometimes for much bigger things. That’s another huge plus, its not just for taking screenshots and recording audio, it also helps you clear memory space on your computer, clean your drives, make GIFS and there’s a presentation mode. If ever a product was to be described as feature rich, it’s this one.

Yeah the awesome folk at Parallels have given me a free subscription to test out all these quality features, but I think you regulars know me by now, I don’t recommend rubbish! This kit is top notch and I recommend it for anyone that’s using their laptops/desktops on a regular basis, it works for both Mac and Windows.

You can try the toolbox out with a FREE 7 Day Trial, but I’m telling you now, get your hand in your pocket and buy the thing for just £15.99 A YEAR! You’re literally buying hours of saved time and mental sanity for next to nothing.


For all the ins and outs visit HERE>







Has Social Media Really Made Us Less Social?

There are so many amazing things that you can do with the internet it’s mind-blowing. It’s easy to take the internet for granted and forget how incredible it is.

Aside from the fact you can order your weekly shop from sat on your sofa, you can watch almost any show on the planet anywhere the best thing about the internet in my opinion, is the ability to connect and engage with other people.

As with almost anything in the world, a lot of our thoughts, feelings and decisions are all based on our perception of things put in front of us. I’ve seen many posts online around the fact that social media has in fact created a society of less social people. Some perceptions are that it’s done the reverse of it supposed purpose.

I disagree, my perception is entirely different. I’m not saying my way is correct because I’m open minded enough to realise that the differences of opinion on this are all down to perception not facts. I mean, how could you even measure whether social media has made us more social or not? If you could you’d then have to speak with every person on the planet to deem your findings a fact.

I believe social media has made me even more social! I speak with lots of people on a daily basis online and have even met a few in ‘real life‘ and become ‘actual friends‘. The confidence I’ve grown through connecting, engaging and speaking with people online has increased my confidence with being more social in day to day life offline too. I’ve certainly become more social through using social media.

I’ve highlighted ‘real life‘ and ‘actual friends‘ in the previous paragraph because I again have a different perception to life in 2018 from what I’ve seen many speak about online. I do believe that you can meet actual friends online and build a relationship exclusively online with other like-minded people. I speak with a few people mainly via Instagram that in reality I’m not likely to meet with. However we still speak regularly and think of each other as friends would. I think it’s the current, modern way some friendships have gone in recent years.

I speak with some people I’d consider friends online more than I do my actual friends I’ve had for years, since childhood! Social media and building relationships online I believe IS REAL LIFE in today’s world.

dadvworld instagram

We get seriously social over on our Instagram @davidanddonetta

My childhood friends and ex-work colleague friends aren’t always into the same things as I am, Blogging, Instagram and YouTube etc. Online I have made so many friends that are into these things and we have loads of things in common that help to build a friendship just as relevant as those built offline. I think it’s healthy to have different types of friends in different areas of your life. This doesn’t make my friends I’ve known most of my life any less important by the way, they simply occupy a different section of my life.

Then there’s people that aren’t lucky enough to have many or any friends from their day to day life. Their internet tribe of friends are their only friends. It would be ridiculous to think that those relationships would be meaningless merely because they were made via social media. I referred to some of my ‘real friends’ as ex-work colleagues too. Well now I work purely online! So people I meet online within my industry do and can become friends just as those in an actual office or warehouse or shop floor would.

Maybe some of those with the perception that social media makes us less social are referring to the fact not many people speak with strangers out and about in public, have we ever? Gone are the days when everyone in the local community knew each others business all through word of mouth. There are very few little villages of that sort left now. That’s nothing to do with social media though, that’s due to the way the country has been run into the ground over the last 30-40 years, slowly ripping the sense of community from communities.

Or is it because when ‘friends’ are on a night out they spend most of the evening looking at their phones and tagging each other on Instagram as opposed to having an actual conversation? This for me again isn’t down to social media, it’s pure ignorance and lack of manners. Sure, take a snap and share it on social media, that’s part of what it’s for, to create and save memories to look back on later. I do that and have no problem with that. If your friend only looks up from their phone every 25 minutes to offer one word answers then I have news for you… You need new friends.

I can 100% see how people consume those memes and social study videos on Facebook and buy into the fact that the very platform you’re consuming this information on is the problem why it appears there are so many ignorant people nowadays. They show very relatable scenarios that have you believing we’re all now socially inept because of social media and smartphones.

However, give your eyes a rub and look at your own lives before making your decision on this. We’ve been to visit friends on many occasions, even friends that Vlog, Instagram and share much of their lives online… On every occasion there was less social media and smartphone activity than usual! This was because we don’t get to see each other often or because it was the first ever meeting I find it bad manners to spend that time on my phone. In fact I didn’t even think about it, I was enjoying their company and we had so much to chat about I didn’t think twice about grabbing selfies every five minutes and constantly trying to convince others online that I was having such a blast! We all know those doing that are only trying to convince themselves.

So the facts about myself and the situations I experience in my life give me a different perception to that of many on the internet about social media making us less social.

I think that’s a load of shite, let me know your thoughts in the comments…



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Essential Things to Remember When Redecorating Any Kid’s Bedroom

Whether you’ve got your first or another child on the way, have recently moved to a new house or the room simply needs refreshing, redecorating your kid’s bedroom can be a fun task. It may take a lot of work but doing it together with your child (as long as they’re not too young) and seeing the look on their face when it’s finished is always well worth it. No matter how old they are, boy or girl, these are a few essential decorating tips to remember when it comes to it.

Wallpaper They Like

The colour of the room and any wallpaper covering the walls will have a big impact on whether they like the room and find it easy to sleep in or not. So firstly, ask what colour they’d like or choose a nice warming or pale shade if you’re planning to paint. Otherwise there are all sorts of child-friendly wallpaper options; from their favourite football team to nature inspired ones. Just remember that if you plan on moving in the near future this could impact potential buyers.

Practical Storage 

We all know kids have tons of toys, so practical storage that they can easily use is required. Boxes under the bed are a great idea as they can access these for getting stuff out and putting it back when tidying up. An oak console table can be a good surface for a bedside lamp with additional storage space beneath, sometimes with drawers too. While shelves that take up little room are best for keeping books and other toys tidy.

An Exciting Bed

Your child needs a bed that they’re happy to sleep in. We all know how hard it can be sometimes to get them to settle down, but if they genuinely enjoy spending time in their bed then night time can be a whole lot easier. Run their new bed past them first, it could be anything from a racing car style, a mini four-poster or a bunk bed, just them liking it and being able to sleep in it is the most important thing.

Night Time Illuminations

Some children need a night light and overhead lights can be too dazzling in the middle of the night. This is where having glow stickers on the wall or ceiling can help soften the mood and provide some interesting decorations too. Ensure that they’re not too bright or stopping your child from sleeping though.

A Clock

Even for children who can’t yet tell the time, a clock will help them understand better and follow a daily routine. Plus, when they are learning they already have a clock to help them along. It’s probably best to choose an analogue clock first, or one that has digital as well, for the best learning experience.

Plenty of Space

Finally, remember to make sure there’s still plenty of space in the room for your child to spread out and play with all their toys. This gives them grounds to be creative, learn and have fun.

There are many more things children’s bedrooms need, but these are some of the most important. What other essentials would you add to the list?



This post was sourced for – We’re re-vamping Corben’s bedroom soon and were looking for tips to make sure we get it right. Some great things to think about in this post, keep an eye out for our Bedroom re-vamp posts coming soon!


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5 Watch Rules For Dads

Rules, rules, rules. Well, I know you’ve got enough of those, but these ones might actually help you out. When it comes to wearing a watch there are a few simple rules to follow which will make sure you are feeling comfortable. They will also make sure your watch will last as long as possible.

1 – Be practical

As a dad, you know all about practical. You probably pride yourself as the king of practical. When it comes to choosing a watch, apply the same rules you applied when you chose the buggy (this time, no arguments with your partner required).

It is very likely you’ll be needing a watch which is as tough as you are for a start. Before looking through second hand watch sites like which have so much choice you might get lost – write a list of requirements.

Here a few questions to get you started

Where will you be wearing the watch?
What special features will you require?
What is your budget?
Do you want to resell the watch later?

2 – Leave room for one index finger between your bracelet & wrist

Getting the right tension is really important for daily wear. A watch that is too tight will start to restrict your wrist movement and maybe even your circulation. It just won’t feel comfortable to wear all day. Too loose and your watch will twist round on your wrist and you may scratch the face. The recommended gap to leave is one index finger between your bracelet & wrist.

3 – Wear your watch on the correct wrist to avoid scratches

Wondering which wrist to wear your watch on? It’s important you wear it on your non dominant wrist. This is so that you keep your watch out of trouble as much as possible. How can you tell if your dominant wrist is your left or right?

Well, which hand do you write with? If you write with your right hand, and also play most sports with your right hand too, then this is your dominant hand. Therefore, you should wear your watch on your left wrist. Make sense? I thought so.

4 – Avoid an oversized watch face which will make your wrist look small

This rule can be broken, if you really want to. But, take it from me that it’s important your watch is in proportion to the size of your wrist. The recommended watch face size for the average wrist is 35 – 42 MM. There is also a great chart here which will help you figure out the best size for you. In this case, size does matter. An oversized watch will make your wrist look small.

5 – Wear your watch before your wrist bone for extra comfort

You would not believe how many people I have seen who wear their watch over their wrist bone, or even below it. This must feel really uncomfortable – ouch! I recommend you always wear your watch above the wrist bone. Ideally the width of one index finger above it.

I hope you have enjoyed these rules (as much as a list of rules can be enjoyable) but hey – they are helpful right?! Don’t forget to forward this to your friends if you know this could help them too.



This post was sourced for – I love a good watch and do like to treat them as well as possible to keep them looking good and working! I’ll be following these rules for sure and wanted to share them with you too 🙂


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