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Why Home Education Is For Us…

If I were to list every reason we’d be here for weeks if not months, but I wanted to just share with you one of the many reasons why Home Education is for us.

I speak to many people that find out we home educate Corben and ask a load of questions, whether it be advice as their thinking about it for their child or just to be nosey, I don’t mind either. For those that are looking into home education as the way forward for their child I always answer in the same way…

“I can only tell you that it’s 100% the right thing for my family, it’s the single best decision we’ve ever made. For you, you need to speak with as many people as you can within the home education community, people within the education system, you need to investigate what resources are available in your area and look into how the dynamics of your family would look if you made such a life changing decision. Then make the best decision for your family.”

You see, home ed works for us but that doesn’t mean it will work for you, so I couldn’t ever tell you it would. I know what I want from home education, I know how I want to go about it and I know what I want our families future to look like and home education is a massive part of achieving that. I can’t say I know that about you.

One of the reasons we love home ed so much and the catalyst for this post is the front row seat we get each and every day into Corben’s imagination and allowing it to flourish without restriction.

Today we went to Wentworth Garden Centre, don’t let the ‘Garden Centre’ bit fool you, it’s not a boring place where retired people go for a coffee, it’s an absolutely stunning place with a couple of play area’s, an animal bit, a maze and breathtaking gardens to wonder around. Corben loves it.

We usually go in bigger groups with many of his HE friends, but today we went with just the one. It’s not for me to be putting other people’s details on the internet so for this posts purposes we’ll call his friend ‘D’.

Corben and D had an absolute blast today. It started in the park where they played on the climbing ropes, slides and swings. Pretty standard stuff. However it was once we went exploring the maze and gardens their imaginations exploded! In reality they’re basically just huge gardens with trails to follow, flowers, some ponds and plenty of nature knocking around. Corben and D though had other ideas. The ponds were where Killer Crock lived, the underground stone bunker was their base being infiltrated by zombies and the sticks and stones laying around were their only chance of survival. Obviously us parents were roped in from time to time, being a wicked witch hiding in the maze, being a baddie on the run and generally being grownups that had to find them when they were hiding in the gardens.

The way they interact with each other and create these outrageously creative stories amazes me. How they can then switch from being so active to then learning and exploring the different things hanging around in the ponds using sticks to investigate and fish out things for a closer look.

I’m fully aware that many young children in school are just as creative and could and do replicate all the above scenarios, my point in terms of home education is purely that I love having the freedom to do this as often as we choose and with no time limitations. If they wanted to play, learn and explore for only an hour then that’s cool, but usually it can be 2, 3 or even 4 hours they’re at it, letting their little curious minds run free.

The thought of having to prise them away from a zombie invasion after only a 15 minute break time to then be told to sit down and be quiet with the other 30 kids whilst the teacher tells them something boring literally destroys me. The freedom to let them explore and discover without time limits I believe to be priceless. There’s always other opportunities within the day to do more traditional learning and at a time when they’re more likely to focus.

This is a huge reason as to why home education is for us. It’s not for everyone but it’s absolutely, certainly, definitely for us.



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We Featured Across The Everton Football Club Website & Social Media!

WOW. Just WOW!

As a life long Evertonian I can’t explain to you how amazing it feels that my club have recognised my work and not only that, they’ve chosen to use it to promote their renewed partnership with another huge brand!

Last year we were approached by Thomas Cook Sport to work with them on their Ticket Travel Hotel Experiences. Basically they provide amazing packages which include tickets to your chosen sporting event, travel and a hotel stay near the chosen event. They cover a tonne of sports and have a vast amount of partners in the sporting and hotel industries. You can find out all the details HERE.

So that was awesome. We chose to take Corben to his first ever Everton match and were put up in an amazing hotel right on the Albert Docks. We created a blog post telling you lovely lot all about our experience and how much it meant to me as a dad to take my son to his first match. You can read that HERE.

We also created a video as we love to capture our lives on film to watch back in years to come using our YouTube Channel. You can watch the Everton video HERE! AND PLEASE DO 🙂

Well, all of that is already very good. We couldn’t believe that through the blog we were getting awesome opportunities like this. The Everton game, the hotel stay, the emotions I went through that day remembering all of things my dad showed me and now I was passing this down to my son, it was all breathtaking.

A couple of months went by and then I got a phone call. I was driving at the time and couldn’t answer so listened to the voicemail once I’d got home. It was a guy from Thomas Cook Sport that I’d worked with before telling me that he had another opportunity for me. I was obviously really pleased and responded to him to find out more.

I received this email…

I immediately rang Donetta then my Dad (Another HUGE Evertonian) to tell them EVERTON wanted to use MY video! I was ecstatic to say the least.

If you’re a football fan and you love your club, I mean, as in it plays a huge part in your life, like Everton to for me, you’ll understand how big this is on a personal level.

Everton have literally millions of fans across the world and they’re a huge football club with a major history and they’re my club. So the fact they’ve not only acknowledged I exist, they’ve seen our video and want to actually use it. That’s MEGA!

Yesterday 9th February 2018 I got the nod from Thomas Cook Sport that they and Everton were announcing their renewed partnership at 5pm so I had to keep an eye out for it.

I didn’t know exactly where it was going so I had tabs open on the laptop for Everton’s website, their Twitter, Instagram and YouTube channels, along with Thomas Cook Sport social media platforms too. I kept pressing refresh every 30 seconds from 4:45pm in case they were early!

It hit 5pm and BOOM! There it was, on the official Everton website they mentioned ME, me directly, I’m there, right there, they referred to my video and even linked it for people to go over to our channel to watch! Not only that, their cut version was right there too, Corben and I, our faces on the Everton website! AMAZING!

Everton dadvworld


Can you see it, it says DadvWorld Blogger! HAHA!

The initial reactions from friends were all about my hair, after that they knew what this meant and congratulated me for what I’m definitely calling an achievement. I branded it around and shouted from the rooftops and a big thanks to everyone that saw how happy this made me and sent nice comments and messages and those that re-shared it from various platforms, that means a lot to have support from some seriously nice people.

Thanks to Thomas Cook Sport for working with me and to Everton for recognising me!

Two years ago this month I started this blog. I remember being happy about receiving a £1.79 pack of kids snacks and thinking, this blogging thing is cool. Now I’ve been sent off to Everton, hotel stays on Albert Dock and featured on my clubs website. My work recognised by the team I’ve followed my entire life.

All the hard work has paid off.

Is this a sign of things to come, I hope so. I know in reality this won’t change my life, my stats haven’t changed, I’m no overnight success because of this. It’s purely a personal achievement and a personal success that has simply blown me away. I wanted to shout about it and I have, so as you were… Work hard. Achieve.




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What Do Dads Really Think About Pants And Socks?

Pants and socks are famously earmarked as a dad present. Father’s Day, Birthday, Christmas and any other occasion where you might buy a dad something.

Since becoming a dad, my pant and sock drawer has been over-flowing. I get them all the time. I’ve sometimes wondered whether its a great thing or a little bit of a cop-out from the person buying, not putting much thought into your present and just buying you pants and socks. Standard.

Or, is it actually a well thought out present, I mean us dads are always in need of pants and socks aren’t we! I mentioned a second ago that my drawer was over-flowing but if I’m honest its over-flowing with odd socks and pants that leave me, well let’s just say a little draughty.

I know what you’re thinking, I’ve thought about this in way too much detail, but either way I decided to dish out my pant and sock question to my dad mates and find out exactly what do dads think about pants and socks as gifts.

I’ll mention here that my pants and socks intrigue was peaked when sent me some very nice Ben Sherman pants and socks and they were far better quality than what I’d received as a gift at Christmas… I hope Donetta isn’t reading this!

Here’s what my dad mates had to say…

James from One Dad One Blog says ‘they are incredibly necessary, my socks are always threadbare and my boxers…well I’ve put enough holes in the rear from the odd gust 💨 but they should be supplementary to any main gift’

Nick at Bad Dadu says he got vouchers for Christmas and spent them on pants anyway!

Tom The Unlikely Dad said ‘I absolutely love getting boxers and socksas a gift. Along with aftershave it’s a Christmas staple gift for my partner and I 👌🏼 they’re a necessity (as long as they’re nice!)

Kevin who writes at Bringing Home The Baby says ‘I don’t tend to buy my own pants and socks very often unless I get desperate as I receive them as gifts. They are always useful and something you will always need!’

James A Life Just Ordinary said ‘as an extra bit then they’re always very useful! As long as they’re nice, obviously…’

Han-Son from Daddilife thought it might be his age but said ‘I LOVE getting socks and pants’

Nigel from DIY Daddy Blog said ‘I don’t mind them as an extra present but I tend to get them for Xmas and birthday’

And finally, Carl who writes Dadtastic Voyage said ‘I don’t mind getting socks and pants as a present. I’m a very practical person it’s the ideal present for me. Plus the more pairs I have the less washing I have to do.’

pants and socks dadvworld

So there you have it, whether it’s practical, an addition to and or because they’re good quality, it’s a resounding YES that dads do indeed want pants and socks on all occasions.

Now we all know that if your old man’s birthday is coming up, or even for valentines next week, a decent pair of pants and socks such as the ones I can recommend from will indeed do the trick and dad will be grateful!


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Humans Are Failing As A Species | RANT

Here’s a RANT I had over on the Facebook page… I pray our children can fix the absolute mess our generation and the one’s before us have contributed to.


Humans are failing as a species and it makes me feel sick.

‘Americans to eat 1.35 BILLION chicken wings over the Super Bowl weekend’

This isn’t a dig at Americans, it’s a dig at all people in the world that have the power and money.

How are we able to binge on 1.35 BILLION chicken wings over a weekend because there’s a big sporting event on, yet entire countries are dying of starvation.

Now, I’m not an activist or someone that runs around actively raising these issues, but if you read this and don’t feel like humans are failing, then I’d be shocked.

Listen, I’m no saint on a mission to save the world, I eat more than enough and often too much. However I’m not being paid hundreds of thousands and millions of pounds to run the show. It’s those at the top that should be sorting this.

I realise I’m massively lucky to have been born into a family and country where for the vast majority, running water, food and a roof over your head is available. I don’t begrudge you or I having a trip out to our favourite restaurants now and again because the life we’re accustomed to is hard in many ways also. Earning minimum wage, paying tax, gas and electric bills, they all make our lives difficult. That’s our reality.

The onus is on those at the top of the food chain. Governments and world leaders that make all the decisions and are paid more than enough to provide all the solutions.

Sure our lives need improving, my outgoings are far more than my income but fucking hell I eat every single day!

How is there such a vast difference of circumstances for one single species.

We have the bastards at the top who have all of the money and power and continue to gain more money and power year upon on year. We have people like you and I that are lucky enough to eat and have a bed every night, but are crippled enough to consider suicide because those bastards mentioned before use their power to take more of our money. Then there’s those in the third world countries that can’t get clean water or a meal let alone a fucking bed!

And what’s this THIRD world all about? Is it because there’s the three sections I’ve just mentioned, the bastards, the stressed and the hungry?

Surely there’s only ONE world and somehow we’re managing to fuck it up completely.

Only the human species could invent something that then became more important than the actual species and that will ultimately destroy us… Money.

Listen I don’t know any answers, I have some food in the cupboard, shit I even have the internet, I consider myself lucky, I am lucky, but surely I should be the norm. There shouldn’t be anyone worse or better, not to the extent of what there is at the minute. Some have more money than they could ever spend, some drink water from a river they also piss and shit in.

And humans are the most intelligent species… Piss off.


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Using Instagram Whilst Driving

As some of you know, regularly on week day mornings I go LIVE on Instagram during the 30 minute drive home from dropping the girls at school.

My phone is in the holder that’s stuck to my windscreen, I set the LIVE going before I then begin to drive. I have comments off so there’s no distractions from wanting to read what people tuning in are saying and off I go.

I literally chat nonsense and air my morning thoughts out loud during the journey as I would to a passenger in the car beside me. Those of you that regularly check in to see what crap I’m spouting that morning I would imagine agree that I don’t interact with the camera, I don’t read or even see comments and don’t mess around with my phone. I literally just chat whilst the camera is on, rather than chat TO the camera. This is how it is until I pull onto my driveway at home.

I’ll be honest, I don’t feel distracted from driving using this method. If anything I usually lose trail of thought on talking because the driving distracts me from the talking.

Stay with me… I know there’s many of you at this point unfollowing me across social media and calling me all sorts of names that include, moron, idiot, stupid and much worse, as per a thread I’ve seen on Facebook. Not aimed at me specifically but aimed at people in general using Instagram whilst driving.

I felt comfortable with my method as I wasn’t uploading actual Instagram story clips that involves touching and playing around with your phone etc, I was merely chatting away almost to myself and my phone camera just happens to be on at the same time.

After a thread I saw in a Facebook group today, I began to question if my method was both acceptable and even legal.

I guess my thought process was that you can use your phone hands-free, for navigation etc… During my Instagram Lives I wasn’t even looking at the phone as I would if I were using the Sat-Nav on it.

What is the actual law on this?

instagram whilst driving

This information is from and the last bullet point confirms using hands free is NOT illegal. So I’m not sure I was breaking any laws doing what I was doing.

Now, I’ve been scanning the internet and reading lots of articles surrounding filming whilst driving. It seems there is no black and white law on how this is managed. We all know holding equipment to film whilst driving is a NO, but when a device is mounted somewhere and doesn’t need to be touched or even a passenger is in control of the device, I can’t seem to see anywhere that states that is definitely an illegal action.

How many TV programmes and documentaries are filmed where a celebrity or sportsperson or whatever is being filmed and asked questions whilst their driving. I’ve seen many where a person is taking a drive around their old neighbourhood where they grew up and in the passenger seat there’s a camera man and in the back seat someone asking questions etc. Is that different to the method I’d been using to do an Instagram Live?

More on the law around this that I found…

These details in the slide show above were taken from an article in 2017 from and as you can see there’s no definitive. Again, whilst driving I never actually touched my phone again until I arrived home and stopped my car on the driveway.

There are a lot of distracting things we do or could do whilst driving that many people do without thinking every single day. Eating, drinking, smoking, changing the radio station, taking your eyes away from the road to look at the speedometer and much more. They all take away a percentage of your focus from the road. If you’re a parent you’ll know the most distracting thing whilst driving is having 3 children sat in the back bickering non-stop screaming and shouting at each other!

I’m confused on where this stops. Can we change radio stations, can we even chat to passengers anymore? I don’t know.

If there is any other legal information that you’ve come across that I’ve missed then please do present it so we can all learn from it.

The information above is what I’ve found after a night of googling on the legalities, it’s grey to say the least. Now I want to talk more around the acceptable side of this topic from a moral point of view.

To do this I’ve asked myself only one question.

First, something I thought about also was how important was it to do an Instagram Live at that particular time? I mean it’s not, if I don’t go live nobody would even care really. I went live because the drive home was a good 30 minutes and first thing in a morning it felt really good to chat away utilising this time to connect with others and I treated it as therapy for myself. As soon as I’d pull onto the driveway I’d turn the engine off and then go through the comments interacting with everyone that had joined in throughout the journey. Its become a bit of a thing now connecting with regular people most mornings.

But, ultimately, the question I’ve asked myself is…

If another driver crashed into me and more specifically, crashed into me whilst my wife and children were in the car and I found out they had be filming either an Instagram Story clip or even doing a Live using the method I had been using which I deemed safe to begin with, how would I feel?

Absolutely raging.

I’m huge on self-awareness and self-development and after reading many comments on this subject and investigating further the method I’ve deemed safe and legal at present for me to use for my morning Instagram Lives, I’ve decided I will NOT continue doing this.

I promote being honest and real on and off the internet and being self-aware enough to know that not everything I do may be the right way thus opening myself up to change.

Please do let me know your thoughts on this, it’s a highly debated topic and with that in mind I’d appreciate if we could keep it sensible in the comments…

David @dadvworld



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Going Back To A ‘Normal’ Job

January has been quite a dry month for us, in terms of income. One of the most difficult things about working for yourself is balancing finances to get through dry periods and not over-do it when the money is flowing.

Just before Christmas I was earning more than ever via the blog, but then Christmas came I had two weeks off and January has struggled to get going. It’s not just me, there’s been a lot of chat around some of the blogging groups I’m involved with and it appears most blogger inboxes have been left thin this month.

I had a long drive to Manchester and back yesterday to collect my sister from the airport and this drive gave me a little time to let my mind wonder.

This isn’t always a good thing…

As it wondered through blog ideas, tactics to grow the Youtube channel and all the usual stuff that occupies my mind, it also veered down the route of me having to go back to a ‘normal’ job. By normal I mean working for someone else, an office job like I’ve had before for example.

Immediately I gained an extra 4000% of energy to put into ideas to make my blog/social media job work better! The thoughts of having to go back into that world scared the bejesus out of me.

Don’t get your knickers in a twist, I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with having an office job etc I’m just speaking about my personal preferences and having worked for myself for the past year I would struggle massively to go back. It’s like once you’ve moved out of your parents home for the first time then after a year of that luxurious freedom having to go back and live under their roof with their rules and no more privacy.

The way our family dynamics are, I’m in a position where a normal full time job, 9-5 type of thing just wouldn’t work anyway. Donetta doesn’t drive and we live so far away from the kids school the bus is out of question meaning school runs aren’t going anywhere soon. FFS! Also home educating Corben requires lots of driving to meet-ups and days out etc, so again I have to be at home and available as often as possible.

Blogging, Vlogging, Social Media, Web Design and all the other pots I have my fingers in works perfectly around this lifestyle. I can be available to carry out all of these parental obligations as well as fit in still being able to work and earn money in between and from home.

dad blogger dadvworld

Back when I had to wear a tie :/

But let’s say I could be available to go back to a Mon-Fri, 9-5 office job, just for shits and giggles…

I wasn’t the best employee before, after a year of working exactly how, when and where I want I imagine I’d be even worse. I don’t mean I was always off sick or rubbish at my job by the way, I mean I questioned authority and ‘best practices’ often and we all know suits and ties don’t like that! I never did it because I wanted to be a dick, I just liked to think outside the box and explore options that could improve a service or policy.

In many office based jobs though you are to be a good little robot and just input those numbers, leave your initiative and ideas at the door. I know many work places are now better than this, however I’d bet the majority still prefer robot type employees that don’t give them any bother by questioning protocol.

So no, I couldn’t go back to that. I worked in sales and customer service for years and not only was it mainly boring, it was so restrictive and for all the wrong reasons. In one job I HAD to wear a tie. Why?! We rarely saw customers face-to-face and in the summer when it was over 30 degrees in the office making me wear a tie isn’t making me more productive at all, it makes me angry and more likely to thrown my PC through the window just to let in some air! Having to look a certain way, act a certain way etc just isn’t in my nature.

I truly believe if given the breathing room I need, I would be a much more productive and important member of any business. I have the essentials, work ethic, morals and I can talk. Like. Really. Talk. For ages. So in a sales and customer service role in particular I thrive. Then companies whack all these crazy restrictions on you and suffocate any personality you may have.

I’ve gone on a little rant here but it all backs up my answer how I pray I never have to get a ‘normal’ job ever again. Clearly if this all goes tits up and the last option is for me to go back to full time employment under someone else, then I’d have to for the family. I’d look to work in a phone shop I reckon or a place like CEX dealing with phones and tech all day, I’d like that.

For now though, with your help I’m smashing this blogging thing as hard as I can in the hope it continues to grow and becomes what I hope it can be in the near future.


I want to hear your thoughts

  • Are you in a job that suffocates your personality?
  • Are you finally free and doing your own thing?
  • Does your work place have any crazy rules you have to follow?

Let me know in the comments…

David @dadvworld


PS. Please share and keep me from having to wear a tie again! 🙂



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Shut Up And Scroll On

There’s a huge social media trend that’s well and truly out-stayed its welcome and I’m here to tell it to PISS OFF!

This trend I speak of is more of a social idiot experiment. I realise it’s been going on for ages now, possibly years but it’s never been so in my face as it is right now.

Negative, uneducated and frankly stupid comments on social media posts. This is what I’m talking about. Who are these people that have the time to respond to what seems, EVERY social media post EVER with something simply ridiculous.

Before we go any further I know there are many posts, too many posts across social media that do need to be looked at, investigated and taken down. But, a pug wearing a jumper isn’t one of them.

It’s literally every day that I’m scrolling through Facebook in particular, although Twitter isn’t far behind with a plethora of keyboard warriors and internet gimps, and I see something that’s clearly a joke, a snippet of a much bigger story or someones opinion, followed by hundreds of outrageously stupid comments.

Someone has a steak for tea, it sends vegetarians and vegans into over-drive and paragraphs upon paragraphs of reasons and explanations of why meat-eaters are nothing but murderers drowned the comments section.

Vice-versa, god forbid a veggie or vegan should post a little tips video on their favourite organic meals. Murderous meat-eaters come out in full force smashing away at their BBQ sauce stained keyboards, still with half a chicken leg hanging out their mouths. ‘But we’re born to eat meat you animal loving veggie bastards!’

Every picture of every animal… ANIMAL ABUSE. It’s just not, is it. We’ve put a little coat on our dog before, you know why, it was raining and she wanted to go for a walk. I’ve even come across a post that was just lovely, a load of pugs together playing. Apparently it’s abuse the breed pugs, they’re known for having certain issues etc and continuing to breed them is abuse. Really? Many humans are born with certain problems and/or disabilities, should we stop breeding humans and kill them off too?!

Actually it’s not the worst idea after reading some of the utter nonsense a lot of humans spout.

A baby cries because Dad has had a shave. Jesus, someone ring social services! Or not, babies cry sometimes and at many different things. People shouting child abuse and then hurling actual verbal (typed) abuse at the parents in the comments based on a 9 second video clip. It’s just massively out of context.

A couple of young lads decide to film a skit video, messing around in the gym for example. ‘This isn’t even funny’, ‘This is pathetic they need to get a life, losers’. Ironic, the lads are clearly having a laugh and after a little investigation are really successful making funny skit videos  and they need to get a life, as opposed to the mug sat in coffee stained boxer shorts commenting on all the posts he doesn’t like because everyone else are losers…

Do these people not understand social media. Clearly not. If you keep commenting on certain posts, ie: animal videos, vegan dishes, funny baby clips, then facebook will think you like these types of posts as you’re always commenting on them, thus meaning they will keep dishing out this content for you to moan over and you’ll never get away from it.

Shut up and scroll on!

David and Donetta

The bit that blows my mind is that the internet is full of EVERYTHING. There’s literally something for everyone. If you’re into Labradors wearing hats, there’s something out there. Chances are if their owners are buying them little hats, they’re well looked after too. If you’re not into vegetarianism then guess what, you don’t have to look at it, eat your KFC and shut the fuck up.

If I don’t like something, I scroll past it and interact with all the things I do like. It’s actually rare that there are posts on social media that are genuine abuse, whether that be towards animals, children or anything else. Most videos are very short meaning they can be taken out of context and completely over-exaggerated. A kid falls over and the dad happened to be filming. It’s funny, the dad stops filming checks the kid and everyone’s laughing. The internet see’s dad filming their kid ‘hurt’ themselves and is immediately an abusive parent. Idiotic.

Sadly it goes up a level too.

Not only are there what seems, millions of over-dramatic idiots online that target the types of content mentioned above, they attack individuals who have opinions that they don’t agree with too.

I’m always up for a good healthy adult debate. I think X should start upfront for England, you think Y should. Let’s talk, explain our opinions and either come to a mutual agreement or agree to disagree. It’s something adults really should be able to do.

You tell me the last time you witnessed a difference of opinion between two people on social media that didn’t turn into an abusive personal attack on each other.

It’s just childish. Full grown adult people turning to playground tactics because Zoe’s favourite make-up is from Primark. A couple of comments in and already Zoe is a slag who uses a shovel to apply make-up.

Its all just stupid.

Those people that say it’s all social media’s fault too, get a grip. Social media isn’t making you cheat on your wife or send anonymous abusive messages to people that are doing well and you’re jealous of. Social media is simply exposing people that are just bad.

So please, next time you see something you don’t like or agree with, either have a healthy adult conversation with an open mind, you might even learn something, or shut up and scroll past. Go find something you’re interested in and get on with your life.


I want to hear about the most ridiculous things you’ve experienced or seen online in the comments…


David @dadvworld




Experiencing London as a Family

When it comes to travel, most of us tend to think about exotic, far-flung locations or the latest on-trend destination, but this wasn’t always the case. Just think – what was your first experience of travel?

Unless you’re incredibly lucky, the chances are that your first remembered holiday destination wasn’t somewhere exciting and glamorous. Instead, for many of us, our first experience of travel was a trip to the seaside or when we got a little older, a family day out in the city.

While the hustle and bustle of big city life can be daunting to a child, if you did visit London during your childhood, that first experience is sure to have stuck with you.

Granted, living in a city takes the shine off things, but for those who grew up in suburbia or the countryside, there’s nothing quite like pressing your nose up against the window as the city flashes past outside.

Of course, many kids love the thrill of an enjoyable day out and the excitement of a slowly approaching family holiday. However, there’s something unique about the city that just begs to be explored – and what better place to start than with a fun-filled family day out?

Tips and Tricks

The city is crammed full of exciting activities and things to do; there’s guaranteed to be something to suit every member of the family. If this is the first time you’ve taken a trip into the capital as a family, the usual itinerary consists of a jam-packed day trying to fit in as many of the usual sights, attractions and tourist traps as possible. However, before long, this can often lead to grouchy, tired children trailing behind and dampening their enjoyment of the day. So, instead of trying to cram everything into one visit, why not pick out a few key points and plan your day around them?

If you’d rather leave the planning to the experts, there are plenty of walking tours in and around different areas of the city. This gives you the chance to experience one small section of the capital in detail and is also great for discovering fantastic hidden gems!


Big city living is completely unique, and London is a real melting pot of varied, vibrant cultural influences. Even if a theatre trip isn’t your style, simply visiting different parts of the capital will show you a wide range of cultural sights.

Take a trip to one of London’s many street markets to have a browse and soak in the atmosphere, or have a stroll through one of the more upmarket boroughs like Kensington and Chelsea to marvel at the homes and see how the other half lives! Don’t forget to fit in a quick visit to the East End – the home of the true cockney!

Must-See Attractions

We’ve already mentioned that London is chock-a-block full of exciting attractions and tempting destinations, but which are the ultimate unmissable locations?

For the visiting family, one of the best ways to go is to visit some of the top sights and tourist attractions that will wow the little ones and even take older kids by surprise! In terms of outstanding examples of architecture, some of the most popular options are Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, Westminster Abbey and St Paul’s Cathedral. If you’re visiting during the warmer months of the year, a trip to Hyde Park is a definite must.

Of course, shopping with little ones can be a bit of a nightmare, but if you have teenagers, a trip to the shops is sure to be a hit! If you do happen to find yourself in the area, what child won’t find themselves in toy heaven as they step through the doors of Hamleys toy store on Regent Street?

At the end of the day, London is a great destination for families to visit. There are plenty of exciting attractions and places to visit yet ultimately, the perfect London experience is something everyone should try at least once!


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