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The Psychology Behind Our Marriage

I truly believe that marriage is as much of a mindset as it is a heart-felt emotion.

Let me explain myself.

Donetta and I have forged this strange but very powerful ability within our marriage that is now absolutely key to how we’re able to manage many different situations.

I don’t have a name for this ability or strategy we’ve formulated but it’s around how we make decisions.

The first thing you need to do is make a decision on how you’re going to make all future decisions, in particular in the times when you don’t agree but a decision still needs to be made.

I shit you not this is so simple that you may even toss this off as a useless tip. But, having conjured this up and lived it for 6 years I can tell you I know of no-one else that can get on with life quite like we do. I understand that’s a huge statement to make but I stand by it.

Anyway back to that first big decision. You need to decide how to make decisions and then stick with that formula.

As cheesy as it sounds, the goal should ALWAYS be happiness, happiness for the whole family not just one person.

First example. We’ve decided that no matter how big or small a change is that one of us would like to make to our lives, we lay down our reasons and thought process and then listen to the other persons reasons and thought process with an open mind that your idea might not be the best one.

We’ve applied this to things as big as moving house or as small as which colour scheme to decorate the living room. We haven’t always agreed but often our reasons and thought processes result in a better joint idea that we go forward with keeping everyone happy. We’ve moved house 7 times in 6 years and every single time we’ve applied this simple rule. Sometimes it’s been Donetta that has said ‘I want to move house’ and other times it’s been me. We lay out our reasons and formulate the best plan for everyone. We’re finally where we envisioned we’d be after being very patient and getting here slowly.

A pretty big thing that causes many arguments between married couples is how you’re going to parent your children. I’ll admit that much of this one has been pure luck that we both have very similar beliefs in how to parent and that’s made it much easier but now and again we disagree.

So, again from day one, we made a decision that if one of us were ever to be in doubt about anything, it would be a no. For example, if I thought a particular activity or childminder or nursery was a good idea or OK but Donetta had a slight doubt, we decided it wouldn’t matter what put the doubt there we would decided against said activity etc.

We apply this so often and it works. There’s been times Donetta has been all for pushing Corben in a particular direction but I’ve had a bad feeling about it. It could be completely irrational but we stick to our blue print and it works.

One of the best things about applying this method is that the other one of us will never be annoyed at the one with doubts. Because we’ve both been on either side of it so we know how the other one is feeling and that on the next occasion it could be me. So we say no problem and move on.

Corben has a nut allergy and again this method is so simple yet massively effective. One of us can read a label, search online etc about a new food for Corben to have and deem it nut safe. If the other one isn’t sure or has any doubt then we leave it on the shelf. We could have subconsciously seen an article online about that supermarket not labelling correctly or anything it doesn’t matter, any doubt we decide against EVERY TIME.

dad blogger dadvworld

When it comes to the daily niggle type arguments that I’ve seen in some marriages build and build and ultimately turning into something much more sinister, we apply a different method.

It’s all about evaluating every situation quickly and deciding whether it’s marriage threatening, then moving on and getting over it.

When you’re making the decision to spend the rest of your life with someone you have to be realistic about it. You have to be self-aware and apply that with logic and reason in your marriage.

Some days I’m just off. No reason, I’m just going to be a dick that day. We all have days like this for usually no reason whatsoever, they’re minimal but happen. When you’re living with someone 24/7/365 you have to be realistic and look at the numbers. There’s likely to be days when your partner is just being a douche. There’s also personality differences that will be magnified when you’re spending every day together.

I really think a lot of couples don’t acknowledge the enormity of how these little things can build becoming something that seems much more serious and ultimately give you the illusion you’re not happy in your marriage.

Actually it’s less of a method and more of an ability that Donetta and I both have in the fact that we can quickly suss out when these moments or days are happening, acknowledge them, evaluate quickly that they’re not marriage threatening, merely an off day and then delete the whole thing and move on.

I know I’m a very big character. I am full on almost every single day. What you see on social media and YouTube is quite literally what Donetta has in her face 24/7. Imagine that. I also know that Donetta is too, a very strong personality and takes ZERO SHIT.

As you can imagine we can clash quite fiercely when we’re both sure we’re right. This ability we have mastered though takes away any of the after-effects that I think ultimately ends many relationships. I can honestly say 99% of our ‘arguments’ are started, finished and forgotten about within 5 minutes. The best part of this method/ability we apply to our lives, is that they are then completely forgotten about and usual life resumes.

I hope I’ve explained this well, it’s so difficult because its something that has just evolved throughout our time together and it’s so second nature it isn’t until I’m trying to explain it that I realise how often these processes are in play.

If you take away one thing from this glimpse into the Psychology of our marriage, I hope it’s that more couples need to evaluate much quicker the severity of each disagreement/argument and learn to move on from it completely and immediately. Do not add all of these little things together each time they happen building an illusion that you’re in a broken relationship.


I’d genuinely love to hear your thoughts on this one in the comments…








The Rise Of Creative Careers

I want to talk about a change I’m seeing in the world, a positive change.

This change being the rise in creativity. I’m not only talking about the rise of YouTube creators and Bloggers, but also within sports.

I’m a huge football fan and grew up in a world that revolved around football. I trained and played several times a week from the age of 8 years-old. At break time in school I regularly missed my school dinner to extend my time spent kicking a ball around with my mates. I thought about nothing else. Football allowed me to express myself and my creative abilities within the boundaries of this one sport.

Football is obviously heavily a team sport. Something that as a kid I never once took note of, was that some children may not suit a team sport. For me being in a team and leading teams as I did regularly was the best feeling for my personality. Its not until you grow up and/or have your own kids that you realise not all children are the same.

I’m experiencing this first hand now. My football days are over and I would have loved Corben to follow suit but the simple fact right now at 5 years-old, is that he simply has no interest in football or any team sports really. Now I know it’s early days but I’m pretty sure he’ll never have that passion I had for football and team sports. Guess what, I’m absolutely fine with that, in fact I encourage him to embrace his individuality. He’s very confident in taking things on alone in his own manner, it’s admirable.

Corben’s personality has opened up my mind to have the conversation I want to have in this very post, the rise of creative individual opportunities for the youth of today.

I think it’s a huge positive for today’s children that individual, creative sports such as Freestyle BMX, Sport Climbing, Surfing, Karate and Skateboarding have been approved as Olympic Sports ready for Tokyo 2020.

Get all you need to start your skating journey at

The majority of these activities were merely hobbies when I was a kid. Riding your BMX and breaking your arm in an attempt to do a bunny hop was just part of growing up. If you were really good then it meant you gained extra cool points within your group of friends. Nowadays if you’re a Freestyle BMX master, you can create a YouTube channel around your skills and compete at the Olympics! It’s an incredible time to be creatively brilliant.

I have no stats or specific knowledge to back this up, other than I live in the world and notice a lot of stuff, but Skateboarding must be one of the fastest growing sport/activity trends in the last few years. Skateboarding has always been around but to a general person without a particular interest in it, it’s seem since the rise of all other creative activities such as YouTube and Instagram, Skateboarding’s popularity has risen alongside.

I know there’s always been certain levels of competition for these sports I’ve mentioned, but it feels like being approved as an Olympic sport legitimises them further as a viable career choice.

If I’d have said 10 years ago that I wanted to video record my day-to-day life and share my thoughts, feelings and experiences with other people online as a career, you’d have laughed in my face and told me to get a real job. 10 years ago I’d have laughed in my own face on my way to my ‘real’ job. I say that today and it’s proven that there is now legitimate career choices in creative media, sports and other team or individual creative industries.

Listen, there’s a lot happening in today’s world that isn’t so good…

But, I’m raising my children in a world where when you say ‘You can be and do anything you want’ it’s actually true.

That fills me with such positivity about my children’s futures and motivates me to remind them as well as myself that if they work hard at anything they’re in love with and passionate about, whether that be medicine, law, football, YouTube or skateboarding, they can achieve whatever they want.

As always I’d love to read your thoughts on this in the comments…





Hitting Your Children | Yes or No?

I heard on the radio recently that Wales are looking to follow Scotland and ban parents/guardians from hitting their children.

First things first, smacking, hitting, tapping, striking, spanking or however you say it in your neck of the woods, to me in this post will mean nothing more than a hit enough to shock a little but not leave marks. How an average person would assume a tap on a childs hand or a smack on their bottom to be. Enough to get their attention but not to leave them with any marks.

I know different terminology can mean different things in different areas. I’ve spoken about this topic on my Instagram Stories and a few people had suggested they call it ‘hitting’ rather than ‘smacking’ as smacking sounds worse. I want to concentrate on the action rather than the terminology.

Another thing to clear up after reading lots of your thoughts on this, is that we’re talking hitting as a technique of discipline. A few comments suggested they would grab their child’s hand/arms if they were to walk out into a road or slap away their hands from a hot surface. In my opinion that’s a natural reaction to stop a dangerous situation from happening.

I’m going to assume you had your mind made up as soon as you’d read the title of this post. When I posted a poll on my Instagram Stories I expected the results to be 50/50 or at best 60/40 one way or the other, I didn’t think there’d be much in it. The results came in and it finished 61/39 in favour of ‘NO, IT’S WRONG’.

Before putting this out there for all of my Instagram friends to have their say I did declare my thoughts and feelings too. I didn’t want to open this can of worms and sit in the fence until the results came in.

My personal preference in the way I choose to parent in regards to discipline, is to NOT hit my children. For those of you reading that know we have three children, I’m referring to only Corben on this topic. The girls were 6 and 7 when we met and being only part of their parenting set-up, hitting is something that definitely does not come under the ‘Step-Dad’ role.

So I’m on the NO HITTING side and here’s why…

It’s a fact that children learn from their surroundings. They’re always listening and watching their parents every move. We know this to be true which begs the question, if we show them we’re angry or disappointed with something they’ve done which we don’t like, by using hitting, surely they will learn to repeat this when others do something they don’t like?

I’ve seen a few responses to this such as ‘I only give them a clip when they’ve done something REALLY bad’. This leads me on to two further questions. One being, where is the line of what’s just bad and what’s really bad? The second being, are they old enough, developed enough or mature enough to understand the difference between bad and really bad?

My worry being that as adults we may very well be able to answer the question of where the line is. Malicious behaviour or dangerous behaviour may warrant a slapped hand or smacked bum. Can your child then understand this and put this into action at school, play group, with their siblings or wherever it is they are interacting with others?

I’d imagine most people explain to their children that violence is never acceptable. Then hit them when their behaviour ‘warrants’ it… I don’t get that.

I will add again, just so I don’t get moaned at in the comments, I never judge anyone else’s parenting and I’m not even saying my point of view is right, I’m simply explaining my preference and style of parenting and I’m always hugely intrigued to hear other points of view no matter how much they differ from my own.

Another thought that came up during a discussion with Donetta was, how come we see children different to adults. You’re not allowed to go around hitting another adult when their behaviour is wrong are you. If another adult decided to throw a drink over you, you’d be the one in big trouble for lamping them wouldn’t you. How come we decide whether hitting children who can’t understand the reasoning in most cases or defend themselves is right or wrong?

Disclaimer. I’ve hit Corben once. He had been an absolute nightmare all day, wouldn’t listen to anything I said to him and was genuinely being nasty and spiteful. Any parents reading this will have had those days where you simply don’t know where else to go with days like this. It was awful. I gave him a smack on the bum as a last resort and immediately felt like the worst person on the planet. Was hitting my own little boy the only option I had left in my armoury, really. Or had tiredness, stress and general parenting taken it’s toll and his behaviour that day took the brunt of it.

Another point I’d like to put across is that naughtiness is very subjective. I’ve learnt this a lot over the last 5 years. What some parents I’ve spoken to would call naughty, I would call learning. Kids don’t always know what they’re not supposed to do until they try it much of the time. They’re learning on the job, just like us parents are. They’ve not tried tipping their juice all over their dinner you’ve just spent half an hour cooking before, or touching fire which looks pretty cool doesn’t it… They’re learning as they go and much of the time won’t understand something properly until they’ve tried it. Hopefully they’ll never try touching fire and you’ll be on hand to stop that but I hope you understand my point.

Last thing on this, does hitting a child as a form of discipline even work? I very much doubt it would with Corben. It would sting a bit, he’d cry a bit, then forget. If I threaten to take away his favourite toys however, this is a tactic that works almost every time!

I’m massively intrigued to hear your thoughts on this as it’s such an interesting topic, let me know in the comments…


David – @dadvworld




Bloggers Struggling For Inspiration

So you’ve had a break over Christmas and now you’re struggling to get your blogging mojo back.

Fear not, you’re not alone!

I had several ideas last week only for them to fall out of my head during the night and never return. I’m pretty sure one of them would have put me on the world blogging map too, never mind.

Today I decided to have a binge read on a linky I try to join on a regular basis. #ThatFridayLinkyΒ ran by my good pals Nigel and Emily. As I was reading along I was leaving comments on each post I read, as you do. During some of the comments I was writing I thought, I could almost write an entire blog post worth of words here.

That Friday Linky dadvworld

That’s when it hit me!

Reading other blog posts filled me with inspiration to write about either the topic that particular blog post was discussing, or one of the many ideas that began to flow after reading it. Then to add further inspiration I thought, I bet other bloggers have been in this exact place too, why don’t I write about how I’ve just discovered my inspiration.

Mad isn’t it. Just deciding to have a read of other content has now inspired several posts I want to write.

This is what’s happened to me recently and I figure it’s a great tip for others too.

You want more?

Well off the top of my head here’s a few things I’d try if I were struggling for inspiration, which will happen again next week probably!

  • What’s happening in your life right now? Great if you’re a parent blogger in particular, most of our posts relate to relevant events happening in our and/or our children’s lives.
  • What time of year is it? January as I write this, so most people are struggling to get back into the swing of reality after the festive period, possibly struggling for inspiration… Hence this post. Being skint is a decent topic to write about in January too, everyone will be feeling the effects of Christmas I’m sure. Do you have any money saving hacks?
  • What’s going on in the world right now? Is there an inspirational event happening or even a controversial topic trending in the media that you have an opinion on? If so, let’s hear it.

There you go, are you feeling inspired?

I hope something I’ve suggested strikes a cord and brings back your blogging mojo’s… Please do let me know down in the comments πŸ™‚





Self-Awareness | Such An Under-Rated Tool

Let’s talk about self-awareness, it’s something I’ve been really concentrating on in particular this past 6 months.


conscious knowledge of one’s own character and feelings.
“the process can be painful but it leads to greater self-awareness”

I believe that self-awareness is something majorly overlooked, yet its benefits can be HUGE!

What’s great about self-awareness, is that it can help you in all walks of life, parenting, friendships and work life.

The benefit I’m finding about becoming more self-aware is mainly that I’m finding it easier to find the things I’m good at and easier to admit the things I’m not so good at.

I, like many others when starting something new, think that I need to learn to master all aspects of that something new. Let’s take blogging for example. You start a blog, you read 456 ‘How To Start A Blog’ posts and 972 ‘How To Grow Your Social Media’ articles and then more often than not quit.

I want to share with you a sneaky little trick that I’ve learnt and know it will help you too.

‘Learn about YOU first’

Become more self-aware. What are your strengths? What are you naturally good at? What things do you enjoy doing more than others? Once you’ve answered these questions, make a note of the things that you then realise you’re not so good at. The things you’re not so good at aren’t a weakness because knowing them becomes a strength.

Here’s where this can seem a little controversial. The list of things you’re not so good at, file it away physically, mentally or digitally, whatever works for you and don’t think about them right now.

The list of things you’ve become more aware of that you’re good at, triple down on those things and give them your maximum focus.

I believe if you do this then you’re more likely to both enjoy your new venture, whatever it is you’re trying to create and you’re more likely to succeed because you’re playing only with your strengths.

Now don’t get me wrong, in whatever field you’re moving into you will have to try and improve your weaknesses at some point more than likely. I’m merely saying to begin something such as a blog, go with all your strengths first otherwise you’ll read all those ‘How To’ posts realise you’re not great at all aspects and a month in lose the enjoyment and end up quitting. I see it happen too often.

I’m using blogging as an example as a lot of you friends reading are bloggers. If you start a blog and realise you’re actually not great at spelling or grammar, but you want to get your message out there which is ultimately the important part. You may find Instagram, more specifically Instagram Stories if talking (Like me!) is a natural strength as you can simple speak and put your message across that way instead. Behind the scenes you could use spell-check etc to improve your actual written blog.

If you weren’t self-aware you can see how easy it would be for someone to focus far too much on how rubbish they felt their writing was due to spelling and grammar being a weakness, not realise the other options that would enhance their strengths and ultimately take out any enjoyment and we all miss out on their message which is the whole reason they started.

Since evaluating myself I’ve been able to really focus on my strengths and relax a lot more about things I’m not so good at which has all in turn contributed to a noticeable growth in both success and enjoyment in recent times.

I feel it’s only fair I share this so more people can put this theory to the test and go on to achieve more!

I could talk about this topic all day so do leave a comment if you have any further questions on this or a story on how self-awareness has helped you too, I’ll see you down in the comments section… πŸ™‚



All In. All Out. | Work/Life Balance For 2018

Welcome to 2018!

I’ve not been around much until now, it wasn’t intended but looking back now it was needed.

It turns out I’ve listened to so many life hacks, tips and tricks, that I’m using them without even knowing. I’m then looking back and thinking, well played David that was a stroke of genius.

The latest stroke of life hacking genius became apparent over the last few days when I realised I’d not only had a few days off, but I’d actually had about 8 days of doing absolutely JACK SHIT!

In terms of work I mean, the kids are still fed etc…


I was looking back at my social media profiles the other day and realised it was only Christmas Eve when I’d decided to down tools and clock out. That was only 10 days ago from the time I’m writing this. It seriously feels like I’ve had a month off! This is a good thing, I feel so refreshed and ready to smash it again.

I’m putting this down to something I’ve heard Gary Vee mention. Mon-Fri he’s generally ALL IN, then on the weekends he’s ALL OUT.

Over the Christmas and New Year break I’ve done this albeit unintentionally and found it’s worked brilliantly. For much of 2017, May onwards according to the stats, I’ve been ALL IN. I’ve been smashing the bejesus out of all thing blogging, vlogging and social media, both in front of the camera and behind the scenes. I’ve struggled to find an off switch. In all honesty I don’t want to even press the off switch most of the time.

Christmas Eve came about and I planned on taking Christmas Day and Boxing Day off completely from everything work related so I could spend some quality time with the family. This is where the sense of all in, all out really benefits. I work from home so I’m around a lot however I’m usually writing, taking photo’s or editing video. Time spent as a family isn’t always quality time as much as we try to keep that the priority. Laying down all tools and being 100% engaged in quality family time was soo good over these 2 days that I just carried on until now!

After struggling through much of 2017 to find that perfect work/life balance I reckon I’ve found something that could work. Rather than splitting time or attempting to multi-task, I’m just going to go ALL IN and then have days/weeks to be ALL OUT.

Being a blogger/vlogger or whatever it is I am, I can’t say 9-5 I’ll be working because this industry doesn’t work like that, however what I can say is on X day this week I’m going all out. Social media will be off limits and the only engagement to be had will be family time. Add this to much of my work being family related, days out and nights away etc I’m positive this will further benefit our family and breed even more positivity into our everyday lives.

Anyway, welcome back. I’m raring to go again after an awesome break, where are all the brands at, let’s collab πŸ™‚


Let me know if you ever go ALL OUT radio silence on work and social media, or let me have your tips on work/life balance… See you online @dadvworld





DIY Daddy

BIC Shave Club

BIC Shave Club – BIC’s first foray into non disposables.

Not a bad way to enter either!

A small and simple package but as it says inside ‘Because good things still come in small packages’, they’re right. Inside the Shavebox there’s a little leaflet with a few steps to a better shave, a pack of 4 blades and of course, your razor.

First impressions of the razor itself, was that it felt quite weighty which gave it a premium feel and it looks smart too.

Oh yeah, I got a pen too πŸ™‚

Onto the performance.

Now I’ve let my beard grow for quite some time and like to have a decent one during the winter months to help keep my face warm. So the challenge I set the BIC razor was to take off all the hair under my jaw line, on my neck. I didn’t trim before hand either making sure the BIC was tested properly.

With the #5 blades the BIC took it straight off, in no time at all my entire neck was lovely and smooth. The blades also didn’t get all clogged up with hair like a lot of others I’ve used previously, which made the whole job much quicker and easier.

Then I turned the razor around to try out the precision blade on the opposite side to the other blades. A very nice extra touch from BIC. I used this single precision blade to straighten the edges around my jaw line and as it’s designed for, the more sensitive areas such as under the nose and sideburns. It worked very well and left my beard looking that bit more tidy.

It was as simple as that.

The blades clip on and off the razor and can be stored in their plastic caps, keeping them clean and safe. Would I make any changes at all? As it’s a subscription package maybe it could have included some shaving foam, like a travel size version, but I’m not grumbling over that.

All in all, a great experience. Great because of how easy it was. The razor worked seamlessly making it less effort for me. Including the extra precision blade too, I’d definitely recommend the BIC Razor!


Hey, you don’t even have to take only word for it either… See what Phil, Jamie and myself thought about the BIC in this amazing video put together by DaddiLife πŸ™‚


Find out all of the information at BICSHAVECLUB.COM



My Throw Back Thursday Photo’s Got Me Thinking…

On Thursday just gone I posted 3 photo’s of Donetta and I from a few years back onto Instagram.

They were received well by our friends and family as expected, and there were a few of the standard comments. Mainly about how much fresher and younger we looked, I say we, mainly aimed towards me. Inevitably there was also the odd remark on the fact I’m now, ‘well fed’, shall we say.

Now I’m not writing this because I’m in anyway feeling negative about any of these comments, I mean most of them were enhanced by responses to comments pointing out such things.

I’m going down the opposite route to which you may think this post is likely to go. I’m embracing the fact that over the last 6 years I’m roughly 4 stone heavier and my face isn’t quite so fresh looking.

I prefer it!

Sure, I’m a little sensitive about my moobs nowadays and finding new tops that sit well without promoting the fact I have a chest almost as big as Donetta’s can be difficult. But, my face looked drained back then and I much prefer my now filled out face, mixed with the fact I can now grow a decent beard I can only see positive changes. I’m never going to be David Beckham but that’s fine by me, I’m just saying I feel my facial looks have improved with age as well as I could have expected!

I know not one person that commented would ever purposefully say anything to make me feel bad. Looking older and/or bigger comments are just for fun and everyone commenting I feel I know well enough for them to have that type of banter. I’m a good laugh in my opinion and it’s good to see that this quality is being noticed through our content online too. I love banter!

Of course, you have to be very careful nowadays about dishing out throw-away comments about people’s looks and weight, but there’s no harm done here… I say whilst finishing off a sausage roll!

Moving on from the physical aspect of my #TBT photo’s, after looking at them and reminiscing for a few moments, itΒ got me to thinking about David and Donetta from 6 years ago and us now. Not how we’ve physical changed but deeper than that. How have we changed, as people.


Do you know what I see in these 3 photo’s from 6 years ago…

A young couple, in love, enjoying life with it all ahead of them.

Do you know what I see in photo’s taken now…

A young couple, in love, enjoying life with it all ahead of them.

Nothing much has changed from that point of view.

Granted, in the big scheme of things 6 years isn’t long. However during these last 6 years, I’ve learnt more than the previous 25 years put together and have more love, enjoyment, happiness, motivation and drive than ever before.

Whether it’s 6 years or 26 years, it’s great to look back and take a minute to remember where you were and how far you’ve come.

I want to see your old photo’s, Tweet me @dadvworld or get them on Instagram and tag me @dadvworld