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I’m a Dad, a husband, a man. Sometimes I want a few pick me up compliments too please.

I’m not saying I don’t, before any of you go running to tell Donetta HA!

Today I treated myself to a haircut, I say treated because I can go months without one. I wear caps, a lot. Not only a new mop chop but I picked up a new shirt too in an attempt to be more ‘summer ready’. Just a short sleeved white shirt that looks pretty smart as well as being thin to keep me cool, nothing over the top.

So swanning around with my new do and shirt, I felt pretty good. Yes, I put my new shirt on there and then because it was much cooler than the one I had on already, cooler as in temperature, it was a hot day. Add to this my new shades I don’t mind saying I looked pretty awesome, in the humblest of ways. Many of you that know me, know that I rarely care too much about how I look, I’m a basic kind of guy.

Now and again though, usually after a trip to the barbers I feel brand new. I always find it funny how a haircut can effect your mood and outlook for the better, or is that just me? I genuinely get a boost of energy and positivity after having my mop chopped.

With all of this in mind we’ve established I’m feeling good. I’m going to assume I’m not alone in these situations, I bet you have these days where you feel good too right? I’m all for not giving zero shits what others think, I generally don’t. As long as I feel good about myself then other people are irrelevant. Although, now and again on days like the day I’m telling you about now, the only thing that could increase further the positive energy I have is someone else noticing and commenting.


dadvworld dad blogger


A little compliment from Donetta obviously goes a long way, she’s my wife. The only exception to the ‘giving zero shits’ rule is Donetta, I do care about what she thinks. If she notices a little extra effort or a change in direction with the hair on my head and drops a little compliment it means a lot.

I think it’s well known that the majority of women like compliments. I don’t mean sleazy weird ones on Instagram from fake male accounts, just normal ones to let you know you look nice, I’ve noticed your hairs different etc. I’m not generalising, everyone likes compliments and everyone should both give and receive them, for no reason other than because it’s nice.

Although, being a male I do sometimes feel like it’s not as common practice to have compliments put my way as it is for a female. Is this because women paying other women compliments is much more ‘natural’ than it is for men to do so to other men? Maybe. It’s not uncommon for female friends to boost each others morale with plenty of compliments on one anothers make-up, outfit or shoes. If I met up with my male friends and they started wowing over my outfit selection and asking which product I had in my hair something would feel a little weird about that.


I’ve posted a couple of photos on Instagram of my refreshed looking self and had many positive comments from both males and females and it does feel good. I’m not purposefully looking for any validation or attention, I don’t need that, but having friends off or online dropping a little compliment feels nice.

It all just got my brain ticking as things often do and here we have this post full of my thoughts.

I’ve come to the conclusion that men do need little pick-me-up comments just as much as women do. It’s nice to tell a woman her new hair colour suits her and that her eye-brows are on fleek (Don’t ever actually say that, it’s added for humour purposes only!) but it’s equally important to tell the men their short back and sides looks on point too 🙂

What do you think? If you’re a man, are you getting enough love, if you’re a woman are you giving enough love? Let’s all make a little more effort to boost each others morale, compliments are not only for those of David Beckham-esque looks, there’s nothing wrong with being an average-joe with a new hair cut, shirt and shades…

…unless I do genuinely look like shit, then do raise that with me please! HA!






What percentage of this whole blogging world do you think is fake?

I think many are coming to terms with the fact that there’s much fakery nonsense across social media, mainly Instagram. There’s literally hundreds of blogs and social media posts about how fake Instagram can be. Perfect family life, perfect home decor and/or perfect looking people, most of it is bollocks.

The rise of realism is now making the fakery a lot more obvious to spot. By the way I’m all for sharing only your best moments on YOUR social media pages. If my lad is in one of them moods, parents know what I’m saying, my focus most definitely isn’t on capturing it for Instagram. Building a page online that reflects the best YOU and the best of YOUR life is absolutely fine, it’s what I do, 95% of the time.

Social media fakery is actually not a big deal for me. If you feel better by creating an online persona that gives the impression you have your shit together 24/7 then that’s cool, go for it.

Aslong as you’re not being mean and purposely bringing others down that don’t have the cleanest, brightest and whitest house you’ve ever seen, one that you have to wear sunglasses in even at night time, then it’s all good.


dyspraxic blogger


I’d like to direct your eyes into another direction of blogging fakery. Is fakery the right word, is it shrewd bloggership (Is that a thing?) or basic blogger tactics to raise your worth?

I’m talking about follow for follow, comment threads and Twitter/Insta pods.

Hey, I’ve used them all, do use them now and again and will most definitely use them in the future, I’m just asking questions and throwing out thoughts.

So you’ve landed a brand deal. Immediately after your post going live you set up a twitter group, an insta pod or join a Facebook group share thread. You ask your best blogger mates to retweet and other bloggers in the other places to help spread the word across their social platforms too. They’re your friends so they do, that’s cool, what are friends for.

Sounds like shrewd bloggership at this point. You’ve built a little tribe of blogger friends so why not use them as they will use you and we can all grow together. For the record, I 100% recommend you do use this tactic.

But then you realise that in the Facebook thread you’ve joined there’s 3 pregnancy blogs, 2 recipe posts and an article on lip gloss you now have to read and comment on. You’ve joined the thread for extra exposure to your blog post, now it’s time to pay up.


dadvworld dad blogger


You’re a dad blogger that’s 32. (Me, obviously!) You have zero interest in recipes and cooking, my only interest in food is eating it! You’re not pregnant or actively looking to be so, why are you reading a second trimester update of a stranger. Finally you’ve got to now comment on the 18 year old beauty bloggers lip gloss post. I’ll repeat again, I’m a dad blogger, 32 and you don’t know me but I seem to want to relate to you over lip gloss in your comments.

Listen, I know there are several ways you could go at this, but none of them genuine, ie: fake. I do care that your pregnancy is going well because, well why wouldn’t I, good luck. I could pretend I really like your recipe which includes ingredients I’ve never heard of, but truth be told I ain’t ever cooking that stuff. Then finally I do have a wife and two teenage daughters so I do get lip gloss but why I’d be reading and commenting on a young girls post I’ve never met about lip gloss just isn’t going to work.

I was about to type that I’ve exaggerated a touch to make this post a little more amusing but this stuff is actually quite accurate. There are pods and threads and all other blogger type stuff that are more suited to you and your niche that wouldn’t have you commenting on such a diverse array of topics, but anywhere that includes forty-odd posts you HAVE TO comment on, will inevitably have 90% of stuff that doesn’t interest you.

This goes for followers too. Follow everyone on this thread, you do and you immediately gain 30 followers on Instagram. Amazing it works. Until a week later they all unfollow you because they were never interested in the first place!

I’ve plucked examples from thin air but there’s much more we could discuss within the blogging world, don’t get me started on sub for sub relating to YouTube.

Brands like you because you get 20 shares on your post, but it’s the same 20 people every time who are sharing as friends not because they’ll actually ever buy the product you’re discussing. I 100% get that this is how you build your blog, you have to feed from and find your feet within the blogger environment first, it’s the best way to build your blog and give yourself a good start. Keep tagging me and including me as I will help! I do get the whole business side of blogging and from time to time you come across people such as Nigel from DIY Daddy Blog that runs linky’s but does genuinely use it as a way to discover new bloggers to help build their blogs as well as build his brand further. There’s not many Nigel’s though.

I think you have to applaud massively those such as Harriet from Toby and Roo who seem to have made that connection over to non-bloggers. This is where I’ve always thought the threshold is between doing really well and having no limits. If you’re doing really well and most of your following are other bloggers, that’s good you’re on your way. But, those that extend over into masses of non-bloggers I think take their blogs to a different level entirely. If you can relate to all people, not only those that get what you’re doing within the bloggersphere, there becomes no limit to the success you can have.

I’m still searching for that magic moment or waiting patiently for it to build over time. All of this does have me asking though, how much of blogging, numbers, stats etc is just plain old fakery?






You may have heard me banging on about the new website that’s coming VERY SOON!

Yes, is happening! It will act almost like a hub for everything happening in the DavidandDonetta-Sphere. This has resulted in a few changes to my beloved DadvWorld HQ office.

OK, it’s our dining room with a desk, but come on let me have this please! Well what has been known as DadvWorld HQ is now evolving further and will be dubbed by just me, Donetta rolls her eyes each time I say it, David and Donetta HQ!

We’ve briefly given you a glimpse of the progress so far on our YouTube Channel in the video Welcome To The Office 2.0.



The idea is, we will be able to easily manoeuvre things around switching up the room to suit our needs at the time. For example, we’ve got a little desk in there for the PC and laptop to work on blogs, emails etc. We’ve then got the BIG white desk/table which will be kept clear for photo shoots, product reviews, videos as well as family meals, Corben learning and playing. Then finally there’s the ‘Media Centre’. Basically below the TV on the wall we have two Kallax with boxes filled with Corben’s toys and then on top it holds the PS3, printer and speakers for the TV.

We can work, play, learn, shoot videos and eat all in this multi-functioning room. Our house isn’t the biggest so we’re working towards maximising the space we have in each room of the house.

With video’s in mind this brings us on nicely to lighting. At the moment we have just a normal light which seems to be bright yellow no matter which bulb we use?! That’s no good for video.

Lighting is the next big thing for this room. I don’t want to have to get the photography lights out every time we want to press record so we’re looking at for alternatives. I quite like the idea of wall lights after looking at a few. These ones in particular but with a WHITE bulb!


This along with LED strips beaming from the back of the TV will make for good lighting and a nice backdrop when we film in the evenings. I’m a big fan of tech as most of you will know and another thing I’m looking at is converting each room of the house, starting with this room into a smart room. I want to be like Tony Stark, Iron Man where I basically flick my eye lids and the lights change colour. OK it’s via an app but who knows what tech is around the corner, my iPhone keeps asking to see my face!

So that’s where we stand at the moment on David and Donetta HQ – The Office 2.0. A multi-functional room that makes the most of a small space.

Let me know about all your office gear, home office and tech, I’m always up for talking about these things!


*This post was in collaboration with








I’ll be the first to admit that I have poked fun at others and wondered how you can be so daft to make such a mistake, now I’ve done it!

What an idiot I am. My mind was away with the fairies, I was thinking about our web design, which shop we were about to go to for a new PlayStation game and reading a sign post. Yeah, all at the same time, my mind is 100mph and never sleeps!

So I’m in auto pilot, I pick up the nozzle… You know what’s coming don’t you. I reach £20.00 and put back the nozzle, the GREEN nozzle, the UNLEADED nozzle. It’s at this exact moment I come round from my auto-pilot daze and think SHIIIT!

Yep, we now have a DIESEL. The only defence other than being in my own world at the time, is that I’ve been driving 9 years and have always had petrol, never a diesel. It’s hardly an excuse though, I’m at the petrol station every other day as we cover ridiculous amounts of miles since moving into the middle of nowhere. Even after realising I was so much in auto-mode that I’m still not 100% sure I’ve done it! I mean, I have I’m just clutching at straws in disbelief.

I drove it across the road into the Asda car park and immediately got on Google. I read that in the UK they reckon someone makes this mistake every 3 minutes! Made me feel a little better, I guess. Turns out a diesel engine could cope with approx 5% of the tank unleaded aslong as you fill the rest straight away with diesel. Don’t take my word for it if you’re sat in your car now after making the same mistake, but this is what we read and I found it interesting. It’s worse to put unleaded in a diesel engine as opposed to the other way around, obviously as this was my situation. Unfortunately we’d put in £20’s worth which is way more than 5%.

dadvworld uk dad blogger

First point of call in crisis situations is Dad. Dad came with bits and bobs in the boot of his car to try and manufacture some device that saw us sucking on a bit of cut hose pipe and getting nothing from it but headache. We saw a YouTube video and recall my uncle some 40 years ago doing it and it worked. After further investigation it seems you can’t do this on newer cars so we basically just inhaled some petrol for a laugh. There’s nothing funny about it I can report.

We finally gave in and I made the dreaded call. Embarrassment mixed with the fear of the cost I was about to be quoted to fix this made it an awful call to make.

I called Wrong Fuel Technician and they were brilliant. They came from Manchester but luckily covered all the way to where I was too. Just over an hour and they arrived. Top notch service and had me up and running again in no time. They explained the process and what needed to be done and why and they included £10 of diesel too, all for £150. It’s £150 I could have done without losing but the thought of causing further damage and potentially being left car-less AGAIN wasn’t worth thinking about.

I can’t imagine I’ll ever do this again, I will be double and treble checking every time from now on!

By the time it was all done we didn’t manage to get to the game shop so that was another kick in the balls but we’ve been today and got a new WWE wrestling game so that’s softened the blow a bit for Corben having to wait around in yet another car park for another length of time! It seems like most of our life is spent waiting around in the car!

So there you go, my little story about how I dropped a massive bollock. I welcome any similar stories in the comments along with any piss-taking… No holds barred.

Here’s the video of how it went down…






I Don’t Want To Be A Dad Blogger Anymore?

I Don’t Want To Be A Dad Blogger Anymore? and my DadvWorld social media platforms are going well. In fact this month the blog has done better than ever before and there’s still a week of April left to go!

But, what if I don’t want to be a ‘Dad’ blogger anymore?

Before we start, this is literally one big ramble! Bare with me…

I think 99% of bloggers reading this post that have been blogging for more than 5 minutes will understand this blogger wobble. It’s happening more and more for me at the moment and I want to talk about it as I highly doubt this is isolated to only myself.

I know many bloggers that are on their second, third, fourth or even fifth blogs. Some even more! It’s not unlikely for your first attempt at something to not be where you end up. DadvWorld was my very first attempt at blogging and over 2 years later it’s still going strong, stronger than ever before actually. I’ve veered off a few times to try my hand at something new or different and very nearly closed down DadvWorld altogether a while back, read more on that HERE. I then made a U-Turn which you can read about HERE.

Other projects have been and gone and I’ve learned so much with each of them meaning none of them hold regrets at all. DadvWorld however has stuck around and is finally where I wanted it to be. Actually it’s brought more than I ever expected when I first started as I didn’t ever really have a plan on where to take it or how. As I have evolved as a blogger and become much more experienced in this field, so has the blog. From free products to review, to ‘big‘ money brand collaborations. I highlight ‘big‘ as it’s such a relative term in the blogging industry, £50 was big money 2 months in for me and I’ve now worked on projects involving hundreds. Again, some bloggers work for thousands, then tens of thousands. I’m content with what I’ve achieved and who I’ve worked with over a two year period knowing absolutely JACK about blogging when I began.


This sounds a bit like a farewell post doesn’t it, I should maybe address this… I’m not going anywhere! DadvWorld holds so many memories and recorded emotions throughout my journey through fatherhood, I don’t imagine ever stopping. I guess I’ll have to give it some extra thought once the kids are all grown up and moved out, maybe next year?! HA! I’ve given so much time to my blog and I’ve poured many emotions into a lot of my posts that it would be almost criminal to stop now.

What I do want to discuss though is that I do have one niggle about my blog. The fact I called it ‘Dad‘ vWorld. I’m clearly a DAD blogger and although I’m not limited to discussing Dad only topics, my brand is of the Dad niche. Without reading any of my posts people are obviously going to assume immediately that I’m a dad blogger and that was the idea when I started.

Two years later though and I’m not sure whether I want to be labelled straight away as only a dad blogger. I’ve spent a lot of time in the dad blog scene and quite frankly, I’m not that arsed! I’ve come across all the different types, those that have ‘made it’ and are now up their own arse, the cliques that involve a lot of arse kissing and brown nosing, excitable new dad bloggers that sap all the information they can get from you and then disappear or worse, continue in the same circles but ignore you and bitchy dads. Stereotypes tell us that gaggles of women are where bitchiness is at it’s worst, I can put that to bed right now. Some of the dad groups I’ve been in are full of it! I try to be a positive person as much as I can as often as possible, but sometimes I would come across conversations that were nothing more than jealousy and suddenly a cloud of negativity would come over me. I didn’t like that obviously so I’ve made an effort to distance myself from anything that gives me a negative vibe. Facebook and Twitter are in need of a cull from my end and it’s something I want to press on with.

I must stress this is only a small section, there are many more dad bloggers that are full of positive energy and are genuinely engaging, many of which I interact with as often as possible. I used to think I was alone with this feeling that the particular groups and circles I’ve been engaging with since starting my blog have become this way. But, after a few conversations with others it would appear I’m not the only one that’s noticed a change in the online dad community.

work at home parents dadvworld

I imagine this is something that the mums have already gone through. The dad blogging community has always been a lot smaller and despite still being much smaller than the mum community, it has grown massively over the last 12 months in particular. I think with it’s growth there are now many more personalities, opinions and competition. Competition being the thing that has added to the negativity in my opinion. I think there’s work for us all and there are unlimited opportunities for the foreseeable future, quality content will be what shines through as we all move forward in the blogging industry.

It’s some of these points that has taken the shine off being a dad blogger, at least for me I mean. If a handful of us have noticed, it wouldn’t surprise me if others within and on the outside will too and I want no part in being labelled.

I try to be as honest as I can as often as possible, I mean I’m always honest but obviously there are some things I hold back, not everything is for you nosey gets! It would seem as of late however, there’s a lot of bullshit knocking around. Whether that being rubbish advice given from older bloggers to newer bloggers, jealousy being spread and rubbing off on others forming cliques of nobheads or just dishonest people out for only themselves.

It would be massively naive to think the blogging industry is full of lovely helpful people and doesn’t have the odd snake in the grass, it certainly does. A majority are really helpful, honest and genuine, a vast majority, try to find out those bloggers and engage/befriend them. Try not to get involved in the mum bloggers versus dad bloggers tattle, quite honestly I don’t think any of the mums have even given the dads side a second thought, they’re too busy dominating their own niche. I think there’s confusion over the fact that society still has mums as the superior parent and now a few dad bloggers see it as dads versus mums in the blogging world, it can create toxic environments.

Much of what we’ve discussed here has been on my mind for a good while and I’m glad I’ve got this off my chest now, even if in a rambled format.

I’d love to know your thoughts, am I seeing things that aren’t there, talking shite or have you noticed a change in the dad blogging community too?


On another note, I won’t just be DadvWorld – Dad Blogger soon, Donetta and I will be launching VERY SOON! We’re really excited about this and using just our names will give us the licence to take our content wherever our interests take us. We won’t be pigeon-holed into one specific niche and that really excites me.




Another Year Older

Another Year Older

This month, April, I turned 32. Another year older.

When you’re a kid all you want is to be older. Then you start getting older and you want it all to just slow down a minute! Then, you hit your 30’s and some of us have a wobble and others embrace this extra confidence that has developed along with life experience.

I’m with the latter. I embrace each and every year I get older, I don’t mind at all that my younger irresponsible days are behind me, I love the pressure I have on my shoulders of directing my children down the right paths in their own lives and being in control of our family’s future. I mean, I’m not sure we’re ever fully in control but I like that too.

I was 26 when Corben was born and I felt ready. I’m not sure the majority of parents would say they felt ready when their little one’s were on their way, but I was. I don’t mean I knew everything and I had all my shit together ready to produce a wonder-kid and make parenting look easy. I mean that I spent the 9 months build up mentally preparing myself for parenthood. I knew that I had, had roughly a decade of messing around, trying different things life had to offer, good and bad and had ran it all out of my system. This left me feeling ready to move into the next chapter of my life.

Donetta and I had only been together 3 months when we found Corben was on his way, it wasn’t a problem at all as I knew from day one this was the way my life was going and I wasn’t worried for a single second it was all happening so quickly. Donetta already had the girls and my brother is 18 years younger than me so I had a little glimpse into the world of parenthood beforehand.

Since then each year I feel my life just gets better and better. With every ageing year that passes I take a moment to look back at the previous year and take note of what’s changed and how much further we’ve come in our life plan. I have a vision of how I want our life to look eventually and we’re not too far away at all.

With each year older I get I also care more about less. I care about far less things in life which is liberating, but the few things I do care about I care about so deeply. Life has become much clearer in recent years and positivity and perspective is playing a major role. In particular over the last 10 months or so I’ve been actively practicing leading a more positive life and life seems to have gotten even better even faster.

I also find at my ripe old age of 32 that I still feel young and I’m passionate about the future ahead. It’s mad that the older I become, which means the less time I have, the more patience I have. I’m willing to play the long game and build something for myself. I’d have never had that patience 10 years ago despite having more time back then!

I’ve always been a big character, at least since leaving school. I like to think I’ve been more of a leader than a follower and I’ve always had the confidence to speak my mind and follow my own path. At 32 though, this confidence has grown massively and add life experience to becoming a parent and you end up with the ability to give ZERO FUCKS about what other people think. It’s probably my favourite thing about getting older. Aslong as I know my intention is always from a good place and I try to be the best person I can be then I couldn’t care less what others think.

My hope for this post after reading back what I’ve said so far is more to inspire and motivate you to have a more positive outlook on getting older. I’m in no way trying to show off that I think I have life sorted and my life is amazing, that’s simply not true. I mean I do feel most aspects of my life are amazing but I certainly don’t have it all figured out, not yet anyway.

I just think we should embrace each year as it passes, grab each age by the balls and shake the bejesus out of it… Actually insert something else motivational in that last sentence, a shiver went down my spine typing that!

Here’s to another year, I can’t wait to see what, where or how I’m sharing my thoughts this time next year!




Planning Ahead | with Avalon #ad

Planning Ahead | with Avalon #ad

As part of my self-motivational routine I often remind myself that one day I will die.

I know this isn’t the ‘norm’ to think about death as a way of motivating yourself, but I’m not exactly the ‘norm’. My thinking behind this is to almost scare myself into making the most out of each day whilst also re-focussing some perspective.

One thing I don’t seriously think about though, is planning for the day I actually do die. I mean, using a phrase as I do is one thing, to actually plan what happens in the event of your death is a entirely different ball game!

It’s certainly not the easiest of topics to discuss with yourself let-alone loved ones. The topic has been raised and now my brain is engaged thinking about this subject. If I was to go I wouldn’t for a second want Donetta and the rest of our family worrying about paying for my funeral. I mean, my thinking is I’m dead, go for a few pints and a bite to eat and maybe laugh at some of the YouTube videos I’ve left behind, I don’t care about anything fancy.

Should I be putting a little aside now to alleviate any extra pressures at what will be an awful moment as it is?

I’ve been looking at the information and pre-paid funeral planning services on Avalon Funeral Plans. Here’s a run down of what Avalon offer…


  • ✔ You plan a day that celebrates your life – so that you are remembered in the way you want to be
  • ✔ You take the worry away and help those closest to you to avoid having to make difficult decisions at a stressful time
  • ✔ You remove the financial burden – your prepaid funeral plan will control the costs so no costly funeral bills for your loved ones  
  • ✔ You can beat spiraling funeral costs – year after year industry statistics show that the longer a plan is in place the greater the potential savings will be  
  • ✔ You can be safe in the knowledge that you’re dealing with a registered Funeral Planning Authority (FPA) provider with over 20 years’ experience
  • ✔ Everything in your plan is taken care of – we allocate a funeral director at the point of purchase from our trusted partners 


Now listen, I know this isn’t the most uplifting thing to be thinking about, but it could be one of the most important things to be thinking about. Financial stress is bad enough day to day never mind immediately after losing a loved one.

I won’t pretend I know all the ins and outs of pre-paid funeral plans but I know Avalon do and that’s what counts. Visit their website for more information and I’d suggest having the conversation and start planning ahead.

Hopefully there’s a gazillion years ahead yet where you won’t need to put your package to use, but there’s nothing wrong with being prepared.

I’d love to gage how many of you are already way ahead of me on this and already have something sorted and do let me know if you’re now thinking about putting something in place… See you in the comments 🙂


I’ve worked with Avalon to bring you my thoughts on this tough subject. Having the conversation with Donetta wasn’t easy!



Top 5 Smart Home Gadgets | with Future Home Shop

Top 5 Smart Home Gadgets | with Future Home Shop

Smart Home Gadgets are quite simply, awesome. From improving your home security, to keeping your home just the right level of cosy, Smart Home Gadgets can enhance the way you run your home. Granted, some are a little reminiscent of ‘Black Mirror’, but incredibly useful and intuitive nonetheless. The type of thing you never knew you needed and now you’re not quite sure how you functioned without it. We’ve rounded up our top 5 smart home gadgets to demystify how life-enhancing smart home technology can be. 

Ring Video Doorbell 

future home shop dadvworld

It’s 2018, why should we have to take a day off to wait in for a parcel that never arrives? With smart doorbells, there are no more missed parcel notices, and no more queues at the post office. When you have a visitor, your Ring Doorbell camera switches on and connects to your phone so that no matter where you are (even if you’re not at home), you can see, hear and speak to the person on your doorstep. This is such a simple but incredibly useful gadget. It’s perfect for families with young children, because even if you’ve got your hands full with the kids upstairs and can’t physically answer the door, you can still greet your visitor. Being able to see and speak to your visitor even when you’re not home, is another level of security, giving the impression of someone being at home. 

Philips Hue Beyond LED Ceiling Light 

future home shop dadvworld

Anyone who’s had a sleep deprived baby to care for, knows the dreaded feeling when the doorbell goes and wakes up your little one, just as they finally start to nod off. With smart light fixtures, the lighting in your home can flash or turn a different colour to alert you to a visitor at the door, or even a phone call. The Philips Hue pendant light has endless colour variations you can control from your app, so you get to control the atmosphere. Energise your morning with the sunrise alarm. Your Philips Hue will gradually turn on in the morning and fill your room with a light that mimics natural sunlight. 

Nest Learning Thermostat, 3rd Generation 

future home shop dadvworld

The sleek Nest Learning Thermostat learns your schedule and how you warm/cool you like your home at different times. You control the temperature for a week after its installed and it will programme itself to suit your schedule. It detects when the house is empty, and switches to an energy saving mode. What’s more, if you’re heading home early, you can adjust the temperature via your smartphone, so you’re always walking into a cosy home. 

Nest Cam Outdoor Security Camera (Pack of 2) 

future home shop dadvworld

The Nest Outdoor Security Camera (set of 2) is an affordable way of securing your home. It’s ideal for frequent travellers as the app will alert you to unexpected movement, without you having to review hours and hours of footage. The two way talk camera enables you to warn away intruders through the app, from anywhere in the world. If you’re away for an extended period, the footage can be shared with a friend or family member via a password protected stream, so someone can always keep an eye on your home. 

Netgear Arlo Baby 1080p HD Monitor 

future home shop dadvworld

The Netgear Arlo Baby Monitor combines the ability to hear, see and speak to your baby, crystal clear night vision HD imagery, a room thermometer and humidity checker. As well this, the Arlo app allows you to play music and sound effects such as white noise or even your own recorded voice, without you needing to be in the room. You are also able to set a nightlight, picking from thousands of colours and adjusting the brightness to suit. The Arlo Baby Monitor has the ability to detect and record motion or sound triggered events, saving them in your cloud library, meaning you don’t miss a moment. 

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This post was sourced for I wanted to share this content as we love tech in our house. I’m eager to start turning the office firstly, into a smart office so I can make the most of the gadgets available today.