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Azoomee | Kids App Review

Azoomee | Kids App Review

We’ve had Corben’s night time routine nailed down for some time now, to be fair he’s pretty easy going.

A part of his routine is that he settles down for an hour before ‘sleep time’ and can watch or play on the iPad during this time. He loves YouTube and has several channels that he watches over and over and over again!

We don’t mind this as we monitor the content he’s consuming and we’re happy with his screen-playtime ratio. What we did want to do however, is offer up something different to just YouTube consumption.

This is when Azoomee approached us and asked if we’d like to give their app a go.

Azoomee’s tag line on the website reads ‘The Safe Entertainment Service For Kids’. It ticks this box. I immediately liked the idea that all of the content within the app had been selected carefully for this specific app and once in the app there’s no clicking weird adverts or suggested videos leading kids onto other things that may not be quite suitable.

Azoomee App

‘Suitable’ is very subjective which makes it very difficult for the likes of YouTube to know when a suggested video leads a child from a suitable piece of content, onto a less suitable piece. We’re OK with watching someone play make-believe with little figures for example, however it always leads onto full grown adults playing zombies and biting each other in fancy dress etc. Not quite so OK with that.

In the Azoomee app you have a PARENT section as well as a CHILD section so you can keep an eye on things easily.

So the app itself has a boat load of content for your child to get into. There’s videos, games, books and a painting section.

The books are audible which makes for a much better story, I mean I’m good at silly voices but the audible books bring the characters to life. Each book tells you how long the story is so you can time sleep time just right.

The video section is not only entertaining but educational, which is always a win in our house as we home educate. There are different sections such as ‘The World Around Us’, ‘Family & Community’ and Corben’s favourite ‘Explore Nature’. Within these sections there are all sorts of different videos, in Corben’s favourite sections there are then videos about Curious Creatures, Dinosaurs and Animal Wonders.

There’s even more to choose from in the video section alone. Series such as Alvin and the Chipmunks with loads of episodes, Corben has worked his way through them all!

Moving onto the games category, again there’s an array of options. Simple easy games, educational games and those addictive one’s where all you want to do is beat each others high scores!

Within the Azoomee app there is also a messaging service, but don’t panic it doesn’t open the app up to letting your child speak with strangers, all connections have to be approved by the parent account you will have set up initially. Also to add a friend, you need their Azoomee kid code, which means it’s really only people you know in real life that you would ever interact with anyway. We didn’t use this option but should my friends daughter sign up it would be a useful and safe option for them to communicate under adult supervision, obviously, Corben is only 4 he can’t type cryptic messages just yet.

All in all we found this app to do what it says it does, be a safe entertainment service for you kids. It was entertaining, educational and above all SAFE.

Head over to the Azoomee website for all the subscription info and to find out more > azoomee.com

Let me know if you’ve used Azoomee and what you thought… See you online @dadvworld


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