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Baking with Corben | Cottage In The Hills

Baking with Corben | Cottage In The Hills

Listen, it involves an egg and an oven so it’s baking!

Corben loves putting on his new personalised apron from Cottage In The Hills ready to bake some Paw Patrol buns. I’ll be honest, I just love the eating them and I’m still a little miffed that I only got one this time around :/

Have a look how Corben got on here > Baking with Corben

Of course, you want to know how the apron is, well it’s sheer quality. As you can see in the photo’s below the embroidered personalisation is top drawer and you can tell the company have taken care designing these aprons.

Corben is 4 and like I hope most 4 years olds, he’s always making a mess. His new apron that says his name and of course promotes the family brand 😉 has been so useful! The fact it’s got his name on make’s it appealing to him and he’s always more likely to take to something when he recognises his name on it.

And to answer the question currently on your lips, yes they do adult sizes too!

It would be great to see how messy your little ones can be… Tweet me the evidence @dadvworld


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