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Because Dad Needs Time To Himself Too

Because Dad Needs Time To Himself Too


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We hear a lot about mum’s needed me time. And it’s understandable. Whether you’re a stay-at-home mum or you work and you’re raising a family, looking after the house, and trying to take care of your health and still have a social life – of course, you need to take time out for yourself every now and again. And man would know that their wife, girlfriend, or significant other has to do that.

But, they’re not the only ones that need that time to themselves! Definitely not. Us Dads need it too! Because when you’re a working Dad and you’re trying to spend as much time with your family as possible, as well as look after your health and help out around the house, it can really get on top of us too. So we need to find a balance too.


But how is the best way for us to go about that? And how can we make sure that we share out that personal time with the mums too? And, most importantly at all, what can, and should, we do to get that time to ourselves without feeling selfish or being too self-indulgent when there’s other stuff that’s going on. Well, these tips should help you.


  1. Know What Time You Have


So first of all, you’re going to want to be aware of how you’re managing your time. Because this is something that so many of us will suffer from. We will think that we are just too busy to have relaxation time. Or we think that there’s just no room in our schedules to do some of the things that you really want to do. But there quite often will be – you just need to manage your time better and see if you can find a year or two.


  1. Make The Most Of Your Mornings


When it comes to really finding the time to take to yourself, you can always start with the mornings. Sure, you may want to get an extra hour in bed – but if you really want to make sure that you have that time to yourself, getting up earlier is the best place to start. Here, you could be spending an hour or so doing something you love for yourself.


  1. Your Evenings Too


But not only in the mornings, you can definitely look to make the most of your evenings too. Most of the time, your kids will be in bed by a certain time. Or if you have older children, they’re kind of doing their own thing. So why not dedicate some time in the evening to writing, maybe start a journal with Jofelo or starting that business or playing that game?


  1. And On The Weekends


And, of course, you also have the weekend too. And sure, you may find that they just go by too quickly, but you will want to start making weekends plans so that you can really make use of the time you have. Maybe you could even squeeze an hour away to take a class or go for a walk by yourself.


  1. Join A Group


Another good idea is to join a group. If you have a specific interest, like reading or writing or art, or anything else – there’s usually a group that you can join and attend an hour a week to catch up with others on the topic. You may even want to join a sports team so that you have a few hours each week to focus on something for yourself.


  1. Take Care Of Your Health


As a step on from that, you may want to focus the ‘you’ time on exercise. Now, exercise can often feel like something we have to do for our health. And while that is true, it can also be enjoyable. So maybe you want to work out – just for you. Go for runs, enjoy taking a class, or make an appointment with a personal trainer so that you get that dedicated space for yourself.


  1. Take Care Of How You Look


At the same time, it’s absolutely okay for you to focus on how you look and feel if it’s going to make you feel great. If you spent time getting your hair cut, or getting treatments that help you to look good – that’s okay. When you know Regaine foam can help stop or slow hair loss or that massages can relieve stress, it’s worth spending your time on it. And it will also feel like you’ve had some time to focus on yourself.


  1. Commit A Time Each Week


Now, something really simple you can do, is to set a time each week just for you. Maybe it’s 7pm on a Wednesday or 8am on a Sunday, set that time, and then spend an hour or so doing something that you love. Maybe it’s doing a puzzle or going out your with friends. Just that one time slot can make all the difference.


  1. Free Up More Time For Everyone


But then, you could also think about ways that you can free up time for everyone – particularly you and your wife, girlfriend, or significant others. Sure, you have work and you want to spend time with your family – but nobody really wants to have to look after the house if they don’t want to. So why not get a cleaner so that you have more time to do the things that you want?


  1. Do Free Things


Maybe the reason you don’t want to focus on doing things for yourself, is because of the expense. When you’re looking to save money, why not think about doing free things? Writing, drawing, walking, or playing board games can be a lot of fun, and you don’t have to invest a lot of money in it.


  1. Recharge Before Bed


Then next thing to think about doing, is relaxing before bed to get you ready for sleep. This is where you can get an hour or so to let yourself recharge and stay calm. From reading, or taking a bath, to meditating or journalling and even doing yoga, you could spend this valuable time relaxing.


  1. Do More As A Family


When it comes to the time you spend as a family, are you spending it wisely? It may be that you’re just in each other’s company a lot – but you don’t get to actually do something you all enjoy. So change that up. Start making the most of your time together by doing fun things that allow you to relax, even if it’s not on your own!


  1. Do Something Together


But maybe you even want to do more with your significant other too? Maybe you recognize that you will both benefit from spending some quality time together and enjoying yourselves? This is why date nights are so important. They give you that quality time together to enjoy each others company and to switch off too. But, if you get a babysitter and go out for a date together too, you will find that it helps you get that ‘me time’ – just together.


And there you have it. To all of the dads out there that know they need that time off and that time to recharge – don’t feel guilty. We all need it. Parents need it. Even parents need it. You just have to make sure that you’re balancing your time well, and you know what you can do to get that ‘me time’ in. Now that you have thirteen ideas to help you, go forth and recharge!


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