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Blog or Vlog?

Blog or Vlog?

Both! Now you can move on to the next post…

HA! No seriously though, I see video becoming more and more popular every single day. In the last 12 months Snapchat has grown massively. Instagram have joined the video scene in full force, increasing their video post time-limit and introducing Stories! Facebook now lets you present videos that you directly upload much better. I turned on my Amazon Fire Stick the other day and saw Facebook Video as a new app on there.

So you see, video is certainly being encouraged.

I’m not saying blogs aren’t enough, or even that the top of the food chain bloggers NEED to get on the video train. If you’re established then you’re established and you’ll do well anyway. Having said that, if you already have a decent following why not throw video content at them too, they’ll follow you over to YouTube and give you a decent base to work from.

Dad Blog

I’m of the belief that brands/pr agents are always looking for the full package. Adding video content to an existing blog/website would offer these companies even more and in turn earn you even more. Reading about the latest gadget or baby product is good, but watching it in action is better! At least for me it is. I guess it’s like books or films. I struggle to read books but love films. If I was offered an article about the latest gadget or a YouTube video, I’m clicking the video first for sure.

Personally I like to have my blog/website as a base to work from, like a hub of everything me. I write posts about my thoughts and feeling as a Dad and anything else that takes my fancy. Whereas the video platform allows me to document my actual daily life for our family to watch back in years to come. Looking at photo’s is cool, but bringing them to life is better. Thus, I both blog and vlog.

So doing both have monetary benefits, but not everyone is in it to make a few quid. If you’re new and are just starting out, then growing either platform is going to be difficult. I would still jump in the deep end and go all in if it’s possible.

Dad Blog

If you’re an established blogger then I’d definitely be thinking about enticing my audience over into the world of video. You’ll have a head start too as your blogging community will follow you over to YouTube.

Why make a choice when you can do both?!


Let me know which you prefer, do you do both, let me know in the comments… See you online @dadvworld



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