Blogger without the blogging 

Blogger without the blogging 



The title kinda sums me up over the last couple of months.

I’m not sure however I class myself as a Blogger, well not solely anyway. I manage social media, I vlog and other bits and pieces too. is though a BLOG! I just get so caught up in the many other things I do and we do as a family that I sometimes forget to do the Blogging part!

I have plenty of ideas, lots of things to say and write about, but what I don’t have is the time to do it all!

It’s really strange because I’ll have an idea and think ‘I’ll put a post together about that later’, then get side tracked, forget and then can’t be bothered later on. Then when I finally sit down to write, I love it and wonder why I don’t do it a lot more often. Anyone else like this?



I’d like to think I have a fair few online mates now in the Blogging scene, all of which know me as a Dad blogger because that’s how we’ve crossed paths and engaged. Although we now all chat so much online, usually Twitter, about general stuff that I get away with not doing the Blogging part so much but still involved whenever there’s a discussion to be had! I’m lucky in his sense definitely.

Maybe Blogging is evolving, or what DadvWorld started off as has evolved. DadvWorld is firstly for my family, to look back at Blogs I’ve written, videos we’ve created and all content we’ve posted across our social accounts in years to come. Thus, it doesn’t really matter if I’m Blogging daily or even weekly does it, as long as I’m actively creating content and sharing it, people will continue to engage via whichever platform is currently active and it’ll all be there for us to look back on anyway.

We’ve had a go at smashing vlogs, posting as many videos as we can on YouTube as often as possible. We have a new found love for Instagram and have been growing our community on there through Instagram Stories a lot recently. The Facebook page is much more active than before and Snapchat is our next quest.



Basically as a family we enjoy creating, sharing and engaging on all platforms of social media. We’re lucky that we can turn this hobby into receiving a few quid and couple of cool products from time to time and why not aye!

Whether it’s that my mindset has changed slightly or the enjoyment we get from certain things has altered, we just love recording memories and sharing them with others. Website hits, Blogging stats are no longer a driving factor for me, just creating and having loads of fun is!

This has turned into a little update/ramble hasn’t it. I guess I just wanted to keep you up to date. I may not be as active in terms as blog posts but for anyone that likes to keep up with our ongoings we’re certainly active across everywhere else!

We love engagement so keep the messages coming, comments and questions too… see you online @MrDavidShaul



12 thoughts on “Blogger without the blogging ”

  • I know what you mean about getting sidetracked. I sometimes think if I hadn’t got my blog series I would forget all about it. #thatfridaylinky

  • I’ve just gone through a period of not blogging. A little over two months. Missed writing but had little time or motivation to write. So know how unsettling it can be.
    Nice post.

  • I’ve found a love for YouTube that I never though I would but for me, I’m still a blogger at heart so won’t be getting rid of that anytime soon. Are you still creating YouTube vids? Not gotten into this Instagram stories malarkey nor Snapchat if I’m honest!

    • Yes! We’re still creating videos for YouTube but it’s probably more when we’re doing something interesting and can make a good video. We’re using normal days at the moment to try and build Instagram and Snapchat. We’re just trying everything lol! Get on Instagram Stories 😃

  • Really interesting mate I can’t really see myself like this,but I guess you know that I have an idea and write almost instantly I love writing above all else it will always come first. the friends online I have met have been numerous but just a small few you included I would consider real mates.
    I do love your vlogs and that chat with Luke the other night was awesome had me laughing loads I think you are both a bit mental haha! Thanks for linking to the #THAT FRIDAY LINKY come back next week please

    • Haha! Cheers mate. Yes BPN and the ideas we have over there are taking up loads of my time. Trying to earn some dollar via the Social Media Business is also time consuming. DadvWorld will always be around though. Live chats are ace, we love it 😃

  • I totally get what you mean. I have about 30 draft blogs that are sitting there. I think of the title of what I want to write about but struggle to actually type. Not that I don’t have the idea to write but because I work full time. So when I do get in on a night I’m shattered and want to spend time with my kids. It is hard. And like you say when you get the time I love it. I love writing. I just need to manage my time better. However I’m fortunate enough to at least push 2 or more posts out a week. And the moment that is more than enough.

    Ps. Nice office space 👍👍👍

    • Thanks for reading and commenting mate, appreciate it! – Two blogs a week is fantastic, I do this full time and sometimes only get 2 a week out, or even less! Mind you, I am the blogger that doesn’t blog, I’m just winging the whole thing HA!

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