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‘But I’m Hungry’

‘But I’m Hungry’


Who else’s kid walks into the kitchen 94 times a day moaning ‘I’m hungry’, whilst opening the only cupboard in the kitchen that has never had food stored in it?

Opening the door swinging on the cupboard handle saying ‘I’m just really hungry Daddy’, glaring into the cupboard that has plastic bags in it, never food. Corben usually learns quickly, but for some reason at our old house he just couldn’t get the hang of that foodless cupboard being, well, foodless!

Moving on into the new house he only has half of this issue now. The ‘But I’m hungry’ moans are still there more times a day than I can count to (And I’m a good counter!) but he’s now definitely finding the right cupboards. Chocolate and crisps have now been moved into the top cupboard so they’re safe until he builds up the courage to jump on the side, can’t wait for that phase.

In the bottom cupboard (How many times have I said cupboard already?) we now keep the tinned food he can’t open and the more healthier snacks. This is where you’ll find the Organix Goodies. I don’t know about your kids but Corben is almost 6ft 2 and he’s only 4. OK slight exaggeration but he’s a tall lad and growing quickly which means he can put away plenty of snap, when he wants to of course. So in between normal meal times he’s always angling for extra snacks. Now unless I need to bribe him to do something, in which instance I will use Kinder Eggs, then he’s given the healthier options.

Organix snacks are an easy option. They’re available in most supermarkets and are known as a leading brand which generally means you know you’re getting good quality. These snacks are no different. Not only do we use these at home but they’re so easy to throw in Corben’s bag for days out too. Which we did and we shared them out amongst Corben’s friends and they lapped them up.

Corben and his friends ate the Goodies and Punk’d Oaty Bars that come in all sorts of flavours. Have a look at the pictures to check out the variety. Not only were they great for the young kids, 4-5 year-olds but our older girls enjoyed the Punk’d Oaty Bars too. Kiera NEVER eats breakfast, you know what these teens are like, but throw a bar such as these at her in the car on the school run and it’ll get eaten.

You can read more about all the ins and outs of these at https://www.organix.com/ but as far as I’m concerned, they’re a decent price, easy to have in the house and take out so they’re a GO from me.

Let me know if you’ve tried them or what your go-to snacks are…

I’ve got to go, Corben is swinging on the cupboard mumbling something about being hungry… See you online @dadvworld




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