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Just Do Shit!

  This is my favourite quote from Gary Vaynerchuk. OK someone probably said it even before Gary, actually I said it to myself before I heard Gary say it but he says

Saying NO! | Bloggers

Speedlink AXON Mouse

'Would you like to review a £1.29 bottle of water on your blog?' 'No' Saying no, especially when you're starting out with blogging can be harder than you think. You've set up

What’s In My Tech Bag | VIDEO

Tech Bag

What's In My TECH BAG We're off to Lancaster to meet up with our BFF's The Woodhouse Life. Here's what we pack in our Tech Bag for a night away!   Work with

Who’s that guy? #BlogON

Dad Blogger

    I'm off to BlogON next weekend, 21st May 2017 and this linky has caught my attention. I think it's a great idea so I've got involved to tell you a

Blogger without the blogging 

Dad Blogger

  The title kinda sums me up over the last couple of months. I'm not sure however I class myself as a Blogger, well not solely anyway. I manage social media, I

How I Motivate Myself


Finding motivation is one of the most difficult things to do every single day. Most of us spend at least 5 minutes trying to convince ourselves to get out of