Who’s that guy? #BlogON 14

I’m off to BlogON next weekend, 21st May 2017 and this linky has caught my attention. I think it’s a great idea so I’ve got involved to tell you a little about me… Share a recent picture of you – OK, here I am… Describe yourself in three words  Positive, […]

Dad Blogger

Dad Blogger

Blogger without the blogging  10

The title kinda sums me up over the last couple of months. I’m not sure however I class myself as a Blogger, well not solely anyway. I manage social media, I vlog and other bits and pieces too. is though a BLOG! I just get so caught up in […]

How I Motivate Myself 2

Finding motivation is one of the most difficult things to do every single day. Most of us spend at least 5 minutes trying to convince ourselves to get out of bed, that’s after we’ve hit snooze twice already! 


Ross Mountney

An Interview with Ross Mountney 2

So I’ve been lucky enough to be given the chance to support Ross Mountney’s Blog Tour. When we first started researching home education we came across Ross, her writing and her YouTube video. Ross’ experiences and the information she shared definitely played a part in our final decision to home […]

A Blogger’s First Christmas 4

We’re here. We’ve made it. We just need to get through it now. Nah, don’t take that negatively, it’s a great time of year and I’m looking forward to this Christmas more than usual. I’ve no idea why, maybe because Corben is 4 and some of the toys he’s getting […]