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Saying NO! | Bloggers 11

‘Would you like to review a £1.29 bottle of water on your blog?’ ‘No’ Saying no, especially when you’re starting out with blogging can be harder than you think. You’ve set up your blog and promoted a few posts around, received some good feedback from friends, family and other bloggers […]

5 Quick Tips On Product Reviews | Social Media

  I’ve been getting a fair few questions recently from new bloggers that have their first product review to do. OK, so these quick tips are for social media posts rather than full on blog post product reviews. Disclaimer: – I thought I’d done SIX. Turns our there’s only FIVE […]

Tech Bag

What’s In My Tech Bag | VIDEO

What’s In My TECH BAG We’re off to Lancaster to meet up with our BFF’s The Woodhouse Life. Here’s what we pack in our Tech Bag for a night away!     Work with us: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | ♫Music By♫ […]

Dad Blogger

Who’s that guy? #BlogON 14

  I’m off to BlogON next weekend, 21st May 2017 and this linky has caught my attention. I think it’s a great idea so I’ve got involved to tell you a little about me… Share a recent picture of you – OK, here I am… Describe yourself in three words  […]

Dad Blogger

Blogger without the blogging  10

  The title kinda sums me up over the last couple of months. I’m not sure however I class myself as a Blogger, well not solely anyway. I manage social media, I vlog and other bits and pieces too. is though a BLOG! I just get so caught up […]