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A Blogger’s First Christmas

We're here. We've made it. We just need to get through it now. Nah, don't take that negatively, it's a great time of year and I'm looking forward to this Christmas

50th Blog Post

I've written how many blog posts? 50!! Sure it's not the most anyone has ever written, however I'm using this number as a milestone, it just seems right.  2468

Must have apps!

So I turn on my shiny new phone press the App Store/PlayStore and download these apps…

Choosing a blog name.

One of, if not THE most important thing when starting a blog is decided your name. It has to be relevant to what you’re doing, relevant to who you are and has to be unique so much so that no-one else has already taken it!

Run away with ambition

Do you ever during an everyday conversation, just let your mind run wild?

Here’s a few examples of when I’ve let my mind run like the wind.

To Newbie Bloggers, From Newbie Blogger

Blogging is just a case of writing something interesting, informative, helpful or funny. Then everyone in the world reads it and you get companies pay you loads of money to write about them or their stuff. Easy.