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Twinkl Review

Twinkl | REVIEW

As you know, we home educate. Just like in school we still need resources for both, us the parents and the children. We heard Twinkl mentioned several times within the home ed community and after having a look at the amazing free resources available we decided to go all in for […]

Ross Mountney

An Interview with Ross Mountney 2

So I’ve been lucky enough to be given the chance to support Ross Mountney’s Blog Tour. When we first started researching home education we came across Ross, her writing and her YouTube video. Ross’ experiences and the information she shared definitely played a part in our final decision to home […]

Punished For Not Keeping Up In School? 17

This festive period has been great, it really has. Then 2 days before the girls are due back we decided to make sure things were all sorted and ready for their return. That’s when reality took a swing at me! 

Is Homework Necessary? 6

I’ll make it easy for you, NO it’s not. You don’t have to read the entire post now 🙂

A last minute decision? 8

So the day before Corben was all set to start school, all the worries and negative feelings towards the education system were at their maximum.