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Starting Nursery…

Starting Nursery

This morning we received a letter inviting us into school where our 3 year old will be attending nursery this September. We’ve known a couple of months that he’d been accepted and we were now only waiting for an induction day.

For you, or for me?

Home educating. Is this crossing my mind once again because I’m selfish, I don’t want to put faith in anyone else to teach my child the correct way at his pace and the way I want. Or is it because as I explained in my last post ‘ School… Do I have to?’, I’m disenchanted by the education system on offer?

School, Do I Have To?

All parents have had the usual comment from friends and family, ‘Soon be at school’. You think, ‘Shut up, he’s only 2 days old’. Well, the boy is now 3 and September 2016 is fast approaching and he will indeed be at school. I’ll be honest as always, I’m not looking forward to it one single bit.