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Dad Blogger Challenge | MandM Direct 2

If you’ve been following me and Instagram and Twitter lately you’ll know I’m taking the fashion world by storm, I’m somewhat of a Dad Model… OK I’m bending the truth a little/lot! But, I do love getting some new clobber and if I can mix that with saving up to […]

Dad Blogger

#TearsIntoSmiles Challenge

We all know how it starts. Eyes widen, lip starts shaking then their little faces crease up and boom! Tears explode out of their eyes and that noise…. That noise.  I quickly evaluate whether it’s a ‘Oh what have you done, come here’ situation, or a ‘Oh get up you’re […]

Adding Kids On Facebook… 8

DING! We all love that sound don’t we. ‘Oh, I have a notification, someone loves me!’ It’s not even just a ‘LIKE’ either, there’s a little red shape with a 1 in it next to those 2 little people silhouette things on Facebook, ‘Someone wants to be my friend!’ Then you […]

Dear Kiera

Dear Kiera, WOW! Today I become the proud owner of a 13 year-old teenager, you! 

Unmasked Robbers!

Is it just me, or do you feel like 2017 has only just got going too. I probably mean financially thinking about it. January, everyone’s skint and having to play catch up from Christmas and February for us was then trying to get ourselves back even. Now it’s March and […]