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Dear Wife

Dear Wife | Happy Anniversary

On this day 2 years ago I woke up feeling pure excitement. No nerves, just excitement. I was excited knowing that when I went back to sleep that evening I would be doing so not with my ‘girlfriend’, ‘partner’ or ‘other half’, but with my WIFE! Now make of these […]

DadvWorld YouTube

DadvWorld YouTube Channel

  Hey everyone, Just wanted to remind everyone about our YouTube channel. The Vlogs are back, sporadically, but they’re back and we have loads of content planned to keep the channel active. Check out our 2017 Vlogs Playlist below then have a snoop around our channel for other videos too. […]

Dad Blogger

Dear Abi (Not Abigail!) 2

  Well, where do I start with you? 12 years old today, I genuinely forget how young you are because in many ways you seem so much older. Can you remember right back when we first met? It seems forever ago, yet it was only 6 years ago. Things have […]

MandM Direct

Dad Blogger Challenge | MandM Direct 2

    If you’ve been following me and Instagram and Twitter lately you’ll know I’m taking the fashion world by storm, I’m somewhat of a Dad Model… OK I’m bending the truth a little/lot! But, I do love getting some new clobber and if I can mix that with saving […]