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Have I Been Keeping It Real?

keep it real dadvworld

I got a notification through today that someone had liked a tweet of mine from a year ago. The tweet related to a post I wrote almost a year to

My Social Media U-Turn

social media u-turn

Believe it or not there was once a time when I thought tweet meant twat and Facebook meant you were a needy attention seeking wanker. To be fair, some days these

Penis Talk


Willy, Wodger, Todger, Winky, Chipolata, Widgy Wodger Woo. And of course Penis. Pretty much all of these words are used in our house daily. Obviously they all have the same meaning, penis.

Treasure Every Moment

Today Corben and I went to the cinema. Corben hasn’t been to the cinema before so I wasn’t sure how he’d be. It was a Tuesday dinner time in term time,