Parenting & Life

New House Revamp | Kitchen Part One

OK, on the blog it probably looks like the house improvements have slowed a little. You’d be wrong! Things are happening, albeit slower than we’d like, but then money appears slower than we’d like so… The Kitchen has been having a little move around and a few touches added here […]

David & Donetta

To My Wife… 2

This is the 7th time I’ve restarted this blog post. Twice because you keep walking through the bloody office and I lose trail of thought. Once because I’ve just had to find you the Apple earphones, Samsung ones don’t fit apparently AND the other times because it all started to […]

Swearing, who gives a shit? 6

Well apparently 66% of people that voted on this very subject the other day. This has had me swaying back and forth like I’m at a Westlife concert. OK, so you’re thinking ‘WHAT, 66% of people think swearing is bad?!’ What if I now asked you about swearing in front […]

What if I don’t love my child? 10

Is this a ridiculous thing to think or more common than I think? I have Corben and believe me there isn’t a love on this planet or even this universe as strong as the love we have. But hypothetically let’s say we were to have another child, I can’t stop […]