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Grandad’s Shed

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I'd go as far to say that Grandad's Shed is more functional than my house! So my Dad's shed (Grandad's Shed is what it's been dubbed by Corben, for obvious reasons)

Forced Into Gender Stereotyping!

Something I've noticed over the last year especially, is how societies agenda towards gender stereotypes is still SO present. We're raising Corben to see people for exactly what they are, people.

It breaks my heart…

Well we can't afford to just nip over to America and I'm not even sure we'd be able to see him, so we'll have to send a letter instead. 42310

Just Do Shit!

  This is my favourite quote from Gary Vaynerchuk. OK someone probably said it even before Gary, actually I said it to myself before I heard Gary say it but he says