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  There was an email in my inbox. I’d love to tell you what it said but in truth all I remember is the offer of FREE ALL YOU CAN EAT BUFFET FOOD. 

Father's Day Gift Guide

Father’s Day Gift Guide | Top 10 2

  Quick! It’s Father’s Day this weekend, get online and get the big man something, but what? Here, I’m a Dad I’ll give you hand. I’ve been sent 10 different products to have a look at and here’s what I think about them, for full product details click the linked […]

MandM Direct

Dad Blogger Challenge | MandM Direct 2

    If you’ve been following me and Instagram and Twitter lately you’ll know I’m taking the fashion world by storm, I’m somewhat of a Dad Model… OK I’m bending the truth a little/lot! But, I do love getting some new clobber and if I can mix that with saving […]

Dad Blogger

#TearsIntoSmiles Challenge

  We all know how it starts. Eyes widen, lip starts shaking then their little faces crease up and boom! Tears explode out of their eyes and that noise…. That noise.  I quickly evaluate whether it’s a ‘Oh what have you done, come here’ situation, or a ‘Oh get up […]