Choosing a blog name.

Choosing a blog name.

One of, if not THE most important thing when starting a blog is deciding your name. It has to be relevant to what you’re doing, relevant to who you are and has to be unique so much so that no-one else has already taken it!

My blog is heavily parent related and I’m a Dad. So that was my obvious base for deciding a name. I thought long and hard about what I wanted to call not only my blog/website but my brand, my unique identity. I may have written 2 posts and decided I was rubbish and blogging wasn’t for me, or I might take the blogging world by storm and create a wordwide recognised brand. The latter may seem a little extreme but that’s my ambitious mind running away with itself as per, which I explain more in my previous post Run away with ambition. Let’s say you do though reach the heights of becoming a top established blogger, you will need an easy to remember, easy to pronounce and catchy brand name. Start as you mean to go on.

I often use phrases that involve the ‘world’ throwing curve balls at our family and taking on the world, this then gave me the idea of me taking on the world and taking on the world now as a Dad. I like the idea that once you become a parent you get super powers, super heroes tend to save the world and so DadvWorld was born.

When you’re thinking of your name, try to make it easy. You want people to remember it without having to memorise it. When I’m reading online I do always look at the authors details and the ones that tend to stick in my memory are the catchy easy ones. Dave who is The Dadventurer has a great blog and a great name! The adventures of being a Dad spun into The Dadventurer is borderline genius. As a Dad blogger I definitely feel as though everyday is an adventure and this blog title captures this, thus sticks in my mind whenever discussing blogs.

My advice would be to keep it simple, stay away from initials and including several numbers. Things like Dad100486 or DJSUK etc are easy for you to remember because they’re your DOB or initials however I like many others will forget. Another useful tip I think is to make sure you can get the same name across all of your social media. One thing that bugs me is when there are slight changes between different social accounts. For example your blog is DadvWorld, your Twitter is WorldvsDad and your Instagram is DadsWorld. You see what I mean!

I was looking through my notes the other day and found a list of names I considered before deciding on DadvWorld.




I’m really happy with my final decision and it helped I was able to get the same name across all of my social media accounts. It’s relevant to what I’m doing, to what I discuss and means something to me too.

Good luck! Feel free to bounce of any ideas off me, I love starting and helping start projects!

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