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Christmas Gift Guide | The Dad Edition 2017

Christmas Gift Guide | The Dad Edition 2017

Well it’s that time of year again, when all dads are stocked up with socks and shower gels for the following year.

Shopping for Dads is easy, a new razor, pair of socks and some smelly stuff and it’s job done. The only problem is that there are soo many male grooming products to choose from it’s anyone’s guess which are the best for the old boy. Fear not, I’ve compiled a list of my favourite male grooming products to make sure you get the man in your life the best ones.

Just before we get into that, here’s a few bonus products you can throw in to mix it up this year…


Oliver Sweeney – Milnrow Tan – Calf Leather Cardholder

This is seriously smart, not only that but you can personalise this product too. I personalised mine with a drawing Corben did for me. I took a photo of the drawing, sent it over to Oliver Sweeney and their own tattooist-in-cheif did the rest.


Gifted Heroes – Men & Boy Clothing

If your Dad likes to stay in fashion and keep up with trends, then Gifted Heroes have you covered. My favourite bit about GH is that their clothing is for men and boys, meaning Corben and I can both rock the same designer label. The quality of the products we’ve had have been excellent, in particular my latest addition to the Snapback collection.


Mainline Menswear

mainline menswear dadvworld

Another stylish brand to keep Dad on trend. If you follow me regularly you’ll know I love headgear and from Mainline Menswear I went for a top quality Napapijri Semiury Bobble Hat! I’ll be switching from Snapback to Bobble hat throughout the winter months so made sense.


Quiet Rebellion – Socks!

Naturally socks have to make any gift list for Dads, it’s the law. If you’re buying socks though, make sure you buy the right socks. Why have boring plain black ones when you can have a pair of these beauties!


Dangerous Score

dangerous score dadvworld

Something a little different to the other products on the list so far. Dangerous Score is a must-read based around football and crime.

“Football hero Jason Clooney is riding high, until a date with a beautiful woman lands him in trouble with the media and into battle with the criminal underworld”

To be fair, its happened to us all…


NEXT – Loungewear

Dads need loungewear. Mine gets plenty of hammer too, as soon as I’m in the house, jeans off loungers on! This selection here will sort you out no worries. From Star Wars to Grumpy, NEXT have you sorted. I can vouch for it being quality clobber too.


Giftpup.com Personalised Pint Glass

giftpup dadvworld

One for the Dads that like a beer. We’ve gone for one personalised for Donetta’s Dad with a Beer-O-Meter on it! Nice little touch on what will end up being a frequently used gift for the foreseeable.


Now… Onto the proper Dad gifts. The one’s we all pretend we won’t be buying this year, we’ll be putting a little more thought into it, whatever. Truth be told, us Dads now expect these kind of products and budget our existing stock ready for the new intake. If they don’t arrive and you think us blokes smell bad now… You’ve smelt nothing!


Gillette Fusion Proshield – Justice League Limited Edition

gillette dadvworld

A razor. But not just any razor. I’m not just talking about it being a Gillette Fusion Proshield either. It has the Justice League logo on it! Not sure what else you need me to say really. The packaging is crazy cool, the colours Black and Yellow are seriously smart, oh and it has the Justice League logo on it! More? You get 3 extra blades and there’s a Justice League VR Viewer available too, with the Justice League logo on it!


Bluebeards Revenge Cut-Throat Razor Kit

bluebeards revenge

I absolutely love this brand! Not only are their products amazing, they utilise every bit of their packaging, knowledge and online reach. Product packaging is always filled with awareness campaigns and information and their website shows off their amazing knowledge of the industry they operate in. Lots of blog posts and articles to learn from and enjoy. Back to the products, I first came across Bluebeards Revenge in the run up to Father’s Day earlier this year. Since then I’ve used their products almost daily and I can’t wait to try my first ever cut-throat shave using this awesome kit they’ve kindly sent across. Definitely head over to bluebeards-revenge.co.uk and check out their products, your Dad/Husband won’t be disappointed!


Bulldog – Skincare Kit For Men

bull dog dadvworld

Bulldog is a brand I’m seeing all over and I’m glad I can finally get in on the act by sharing their new Skincare Kit For Men with you. I like the sound of this company based purely from one line in their ‘About’ text…

“We find complicated jargon-filled packaging frustrating (what is an Alpha Hydrating MMX Hydra-Solution anyway?) So everything we do is simple, straightforward and accessible.”

Can’t say fairer than that can you. I’m all for less nonsense and more simple action and it seems Bulldog are too. Their kit arrived in a really nice shower bag too which will be coming with me on overnight trips for sure. Their products are original ingredients and will hopefully be making my face more bearable for you lot on Instagram Stories in the coming weeks 🙂


Men-u – Grooming Essentials

men-u dadvworld

Now Men-u here are offering an action packed Grooming Essentials Selection Box for men. This box has all sorts in it, from shave cream, matt moisturiser and ultra-concentrate shower gel, to facial wash, skin refresh and even a 3 minute d-tox! It has it all. So if you want to sort your dad out in one swift move, then this one is for you.


Moose Head

moose head dadvworld

Exclusive to Primark and you lot know Donetta and I love a good Primark Haul! I think its great that there’s now an exclusive selection of products for men at Primark. Now when you’re sifting through bargain priced clothing for dad, you can sneak in a couple of stocking filler moisturisers and face wash too!


And that’s that! Inevitably most of us will resort to default and go for the grooming products etc this year for our dads, at least you know which ones are the top picks… According to me, but I am a Dad so no better judge really!
















  1. thegermanwife
    22nd November 2017 / 9:41 am

    My husband would love that razor just alone for the logo!! And the Pint Glass is a brilliant idea I always find it hard to buy for him with his birthday being in December too I always have to buy double the presents! He loves Bulldog products so there always a save bet to get for him!! Thanks for joining in with our #GiftGuideLinkUp AK x

    • DadvWorld
      26th November 2017 / 11:20 am

      These bulldog products seem really popular this year. I’d not come across them before. The razor looks amazing doesn’t it. Birthday in December! Oh no, not sure I’d like that. I’d probably get half the presents on each rather than double lol… thanks for reading 😀

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