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Christmas Gift Guide | The Kid Edition 2017

Christmas Gift Guide | The Kid Edition 2017

I’ve put together The Dad Edition and The Mum Edition and they were cool. But now for the serious gift guide, The Kid Edition!

No nonsense, just cool stuff you can buy your kids this Christmas…


Monqi SYNC5e – Smartphone

Monqi dadvworld

If you think it’s time to introduce your child to their very own mobile phone then I’d highly recommend the Monqi SYNC5e as the perfect first smartphone. I’m putting together a more comprehensive stand-alone review of this so I’ll not go too in-depth here, but basically the Monqi connects with your adult phone and you have plenty of access to keep an eye on things whilst your kids get used to the new responsibilities a smartphone brings.


Venom Mini BMX

venom bmx dadvworldWOW. Just WOW. When our Venom arrived, we went with blue, we were wowed! This is a premium bike, built extremely well with really thick robust tyres. Now Corben can’t ride a bike just yet but we’re keen for him to learn and we’ll be using this beauty to teach him.


Le Mans Scalextric

scalextric dadvworld

Who doesn’t like Scalextric?! I mean, they’re iconic now, especially come Christmas time. We’re going to be having loads of fun with our Le Mans version over the festive period and beyond. The best bit is there’s loads of different sets to keep things interesting.



trunki dadvworld

Across the year you’re bound to get away for at least a night, possibly a week or sometimes even multiple times. Do yourself a favour, get the youngen a Trunki. This will most likely be the most productive present of Corben’s this year. We manage to get ourselves on a few nights away across the year to different hotels. Packing for Corben or trying to get him to carry one tiny little backpack isn’t always the easiest task. With this Trunki he’ll be too busy riding along on it pretending to be a race car to even realise he’s carrying around his own luggage! It’s genius. Click the link above and check out the array of options.



smiggle dadvworld

If you’re not familiar with Smiggle, basically they do loads of stuff! Stationary type stuff, some of which smells. No, not bad, they’re meant to smell and they smell great! We’ve loved opening our packages and smelling the different products. It’s as funny to do as it sounds to say out loud! Scented pens, pencils, wallets and diaries! They have it all.


Smart Lab Squishy Human Body

smart lab dadvworld

If you’re the same as us and like to throw in fun but educational toys at Christmas, then Smart Lab are a great place to start. This Squishy Human Body isn’t only really fun to play with, but your little one’s will learn at the same time too. A perfect gift for our son especially, one that will help with educating him at home.


Smart Lab Squishy Brain

smart lab dadvworld

Another one from Smart Lab. This time it’s all about the brain… The squishy brain! Again, learning through play is something we really believe in and this product will certainly tick that box!


Captain America Lunchbox

It’s a lunchbox! One that has a handle at the top AND one at the back so you can hold it like a proper Captain America Shield! Ace, I know. We get about loads during our Home Ed adventures and there’s loads of days where we need a pack-up. If you have a little Avenger then this is the lunchbox for them.


Stormtrooper LED Light

Nightlights are hugely popular nowadays, so if you’re getting one get a good one. Here’s my favourite. Despite Corben never actually watching a Star Wars film the whole way through, he loves Stormtroopers and Darth Vader! I don’t know either… Kids. Well this will go down well this year, a Stormtrooper LED light that he can have in his bedroom.


Ergobaby Doll Carriers

Massive HIGH FIVE for Ergobaby. Doll carriers for BOYS AND GIRLS! It’s about time there was more focus on products for children that can be used for playing MUMMY and DADDY, as opposed to just pink ‘girly’ stuff for girls to play mummies. We love this Ergobaby Doll Carrier and Corben will too. I can already see him carrying around his favourite Batman doll.


There you go, now go break your bank! Some really good stuff around this year, let me know your top picks from this lot in the comments…






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