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Christmas Gift Guide | The Mum Edition 2017

Christmas Gift Guide | The Mum Edition 2017

This time it’s all about the MUMS!

If you’re looking for ideas on what to get your better half, your mum or any of the ladies on your Christmas list, then here’s a few options…

Not For Ponies – Christmas Jumpers

These are AWESOME! So awesome we decided to twin with them this year. This is a screenshot from our Xmas Unboxing video where we sported them for the first time. Plenty more to come from us wearing these over the next month! Apart from being REALLY cool, they’re extremely good quality too.

Tassimo – Hot Drinks Machine

tassimo dadvworldThis isn’t just a hot drinks machine, this is daily fuel for my wife. Hands down the best thing I’ve bought her so far… Purely because it gave me the most husband points… So top tip from me for this Christmas, get in a Tassimo and the rest of the gifts you get her won’t matter! πŸ™‚

Pusheen Watch – WatchShop.com

pushed dadvworldNow this is lovely. It also ticks the boxes for the younger ladies you may have to buy for as well as the mums. My 12 & 13 year olds would love this too. I think it looks great, I’ve picked this colour as all the girls in our house are big on this at the minute.

7th Heaven – The Complete Pamper Pack

7th heaven dadvworldThis will go down well in our house I know that! Donetta and the girls will love having a pamper night and 7th Heaven have that sorted in this Pamper Pack. There’s going to be enough kit here for a pamper night plus the inevitable video that see’s me in a face mask!


A slow cooker with NO plugs and NO fuss! This thing is revolutionary. Perfect in time for those slow cooked beef stew winter meals. I’ve put this in the mum list as Donetta and a few of the Home Ed mums were raving about this, but in reality, slow cooked meals are a gift for the whole family.

Kilner, Mason Cash & Typhoon – Transform Your Kitchen

If you’re looking for some presents that are pure premium, look no further than this lot. Seriously top quality and between these products we’ve transformed our kitchen. Storage boxes with cool little cut-out labels, glass jars for storage and/or drink and a drinks dispenser! We actually have a huge glass drinks dispenser that everyone in the house loves using! We couldn’t miss out the dog too, so Mason Cash threw in a dog bowl that’s simply excellent. Click the links in the title for these products to check out stockists and other info, seriously good products that any mum would love this Christmas.

Nivea – Silk Gift Set

nivea dadvworldYou can’t go wrong with a Nivea Gift Set. This one in particular is packed with great products that mum will love. I’ll be honest, I reckon I’ll be indulging too, I could do with some silk soft skin.

Olverum Bath Oil

olverum dadvworldI’ve seen this stuff everywhere! Having now tried it, as well as Donetta having a soak with it, I can see why! We find ourselves pouring this into all of our baths now and I’m sure you’d do the same.

Tiana Fairtade Organics

Tiana dadvworldI’ve heard many good things about Tiana’s products and can’t wait to get these in as a stocking filler. Anti ageing moisturiser is something I know Donetta will want but probably best to buy it, wrap it up and don’t talk about it out loud… It can be a touchy subject for some mums! The hair treatment though, you’re safe with this πŸ™‚

There you go, plenty of ideas for the amazing women in our lives. I’m sure a few of these products will gain you some valuable husband or favourite child points.

If you’re after some Dad ideas too, then check out The Dad Edition 2017.




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