Corben’s Toy Reviews | Cars Piston Cup Race Game

Corben’s Toy Reviews | Cars Piston Cup Race Game

I’m trying not to let the fact that after several games I’m yet to win one, effect this review :/

I’m not that competitive, honest. OK I am, we will play until I win at least one race!

Anyway, this isn’t even about me, this is all Corben’s doing and hard work. Corben has teamed up with Jumbo Games to share what he thinks of the Cars Piston Cup Race Game.

The lad is only 4 so it’ll be another week or so until I get him earning his own keep and typing up these reviews, for now I’ll tell you…

He loves it! The little cars you use to represent each player, the Piston Cup that you can kiss and raise above your head when you win (I’ve still not felt what that’s like) and the track that actually moves!

I’ll not bore you with all the ins and outs of rules and how to play etc, what I will say though is Corben loves this game, we enjoyed playing it and it definitely made for a fun morning filming our game time.

Watch how we got on…

What games have you been playing? Let us know @dadvworld

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