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Could A Second Car Be The Right Choice For Your Family?

Could A Second Car Be The Right Choice For Your Family?

Purchasing a second car is a big decision, but it’s one that more and more families find themselves needing to make. There are a variety of reasons for this, with convenience arguably the most common reason behind the decision – after all, if one parent needs the car for a social event or to drive to work, the main family car is unavailable for the second parent.


Can second cars be beneficial outside of convenience?


In addition to convenience, it is also worth noting that buying a second car can actually be a cost-effective decision. For example, if one parent is using the family car and the other parent needs to go out for the day, then the second parent in a one-car will have to use public transport or call a taxi. While these options are more than feasible for one-off events, if there’s a consistent clash of schedules, a second car can actually become a more financially sensible choice.


Furthermore, a second car is also an asset; something that you can sell at a point in the future, something that you own. Bus tickets and taxi costs are transitory; you take the ride, and then it’s done, with nothing tangible to show for it – but buying a car can be seen as an investment. In fact, even if all you get back from the car is its scrap value, it’s still more than you’d get back from paying per-ride for alternative forms of transport.


Finally, a second car can act as a stop-gap. If your main family car experiences problems, or needs to be taken off the road in order to undergo repairs, then the second car can be pressed into primary car service. For families that are reliant on their vehicles, and particularly those that live in remote locations, having a backup car can provide valuable peace of mind.


What should you look for in a second car?


As your second car will not be taking the role of the main family vehicle – unless as an emergency stop-gap – then concerns over features and functionality are usually relatively important. Due to this, it’s best to focus primarily on affordability when purchasing a second car.


In order to ensure a second car is suitable for your family’s budget, there are two areas to focus on. The first consideration is the size of the vehicle you buy. Smaller cars are generally more affordable to buy, and also to run and maintain – especially in terms of road tax and insurance costs. Secondly, it’s well worth considering purchasing a from reputable dealers such as Ron Skinner & Sons for your second car, as used cars tend to be far more affordable than their brand-new counterparts.


So could buying a second car be the right choice for your family?


If you believe a second car is justifiable in terms of constant schedule clashes, and the costs of running a second vehicle can slot into your family’s budget with ease, then going for it could well be the right choice for your family.


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