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Creating The Perfect Family Room Within Your Home

Creating The Perfect Family Room Within Your Home

There’s one room within your home that you want to feel cosy and homely and that’s the family room.

Nothing beats getting the whole family together in the family room to watch a Disney classic, play a good board game or even just have some quality time together, and it’s times like these that your little ones will cherish for a lifetime. Family time is really important and even if you only manage to squeeze an hour or so into each day, it’s always more than worth it. You want this space to feel welcoming, warm and family-friendly and these useful tips are going ensure you achieve this. 

Convert the Loft Space

Having enough space in your house to add a family room may be difficult for some, however, if you think outside the box then there are actually lots of ways in which you can incorporate this style of room into your home without having to remove any existing room purposes. For example, if you have a perfectly spacious loft area, then this is the perfect spot for a family room. Not only is it a room that isn’t currently being used to it’s full potential, but it’s a space that has the ability to be the cosiest in the house. With a secure pair of loft ladders and cosy furniture pieces, you can really kit out your loft to become the perfect space for that quality family time. For a range of durable, hard-wearing and family-friendly ladders and loft accessories, visit Ladderstore’s site to find out more. 

A Variety of Seating 

If your little ones are like mine, then you’ll be aware of the ‘fidgety bottom’ phase. It doesn’t matter how many comfortable seats you have in one area, you can guarantee the little ones are going to be playing musical chairs and hopping from sofa to sofa throughout the night. Having plenty of seating options within your family room will help to make sure everyone is comfortable, relaxed and has enough space. Whilst you want to be close to your family, it’s nice to plenty of space available. This variety of seating will also ensure that the room looks and feels inviting, as it’s well set-up for a few hours of cosy family time. Try to include a range of different seating styles, such as sofas, armchairs, bean bags and even chunky cushions on the floor, as they’re often the perfect item to snuggle up onto when you’re watching a good film. You can find some really quirky bean bag styles here, giving your family room a really unique touch.  

Give the Room Personality 

The family room is a space that you’re dedicating to spending quality family time in, so you want it to be as personal and homely as possible. There are some really cool décor ideas on Pinterest for family rooms and you can make it a space that every member of your family feels relaxed and comfortable in. Introducing lots of family photographs to the room is perfect for creating that family feel, showing memories that you have all made together to highlight amazing moments and experiences that you all loved. You’ll also find that this kind of decorative touch can be really inexpensive and easy to do too, which is an added bonus. 

Make it as Fun as Possible

One of the main ideas for a family room is that you can all spend quality time together in one space, doing the things that make you all happy. Whether that means settling down to watch Paw Patrol, or you find yourself getting roped into a game of Pie Face, you need to make sure that the family room is filled with family-friendly games, films and activities to make your time in there enjoyable. Make sure you have a space for relaxing and nap times and a space for games and fun. This will help to balance the room out and ensure it can be used for a whole host of different things.




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  1. 16th April 2018 / 12:01 pm

    Our sitting room is our family room. It’s got all we need – sofas, toys, TV but it distinctly lacks personality. We’ve been in that house for over 7 years and still we haven’t put any photos up. We just can’t quite agree with what to put up.

    Now I would LOVE to do a loft conversion to create an even better cosy nook though.

    • DadvWorld
      22nd April 2018 / 5:48 pm

      I now know exactly what your house looks like… PS. Anyone reading this I’m not a stalking I was invited in! HA!

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