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Customer Service Decline

Customer Service Decline

I don’t know whether it’s just me that seems to attract bad customer service, or customer service in general is on the decline. 

Is it because several years ago social media wasn’t so heavily used and now people can’t wait to get back to their phones rather than serve customers? Is it because the youth of today seem to care less for anyone and anything? Is it because some staff have a million and one things running through their mind and what they’re currently doing isn’t a priority?

Or is it simply because some people don’t give a shit about their job?

I’ve no idea, what I do know is that if I was paying someone to do something, whether it be for minimum wage or a boat load of money, having manners would be the absolute minimum I’d expect.

Donetta and I always seem to draw the short straw when it comes to customer service wherever we go. Here’s a couple of examples from recently. . .

– We booked a hotel in Blackpool for Me, Donetta and Corben. When we arrived we were left waiting outside for about 10 minutes before the owner finally decided to come and open the doors, looking like he’d just got out of bed! It was past dinner time.

He then tried to scam us! He said we had to book a family room because our child was over 5. Corben is 4!! He then said we still needed to book the family room because we were staying more than one night. We asked for our money back immediately and got the hell out of there, scamming *******!

Watch the video!

– I was being served just the other day by some lady who decided that rather than pay me, the customer, 30 seconds of attention, she would shout across me to her colleague to talk about some family drama she was having! Erm, I’m not bothered about Linda sleeping with Paul’s cousin’s Cat, I just want my items scanned so I can be on my way.

– Not me, but my sister, so close enough. She was due to upgrade her phone so went into the Carphone Warehouse shop. She was told that she wasn’t due a free upgrade until the following day, as in 11 hours away! She said she had gone in that day as she was working long hours (As a nurse too, saving lives!) for the next week or so and had hoped they could sort something out. Her current phone was on it’s last legs. A blunt, NO, was the response. She would have to pay X amount if she wanted to upgrade that day.

Carphone Warehouse are a Third Party and she’s actually with EE. She rang me to give me the low down and I jumped straight on Twitter, I mean, why not aye! I tweeted them both saying it was shocking that they couldn’t press that little button to make shit happen and sort her out a new phone 11 hours early. EE got straight back in touch, my sister went into their shop and walked out 20 mins later with a brand new phone. Simples!

– Only today, as I write this, we’ve been to Tesco for a few bits earlier. I put my stuff on the conveyor belt and waited for the obligatory ‘Hello, you alright’ from the check-out girl. It never arrived. I said ‘I’ll have one bag please’ and showed it to her, didn’t want her thinking it was a 5p one when it was a 10p one…FFS… She actually spoke and said ‘OK’.

My goods were then scanned at lightening speed and slung down towards me and my 10p bag. Then we got to the breadsticks and it stopped. Where were the other items? Oh sorry you’re talking to your colleague about her broken false nail, my apologies I’ll wait for a minute. I walked into Tesco knowing very little about false nails, I now have a PHD in how you stick them back on!

My products began flowing again, as did their conversation. We got to the end and I stood there with my debit card in hand. More seconds passed and not only did they continue their conversation, she didn’t even look at me or tell me the total of my shopping! I stuck my card in followed by my PIN and the last F.U to customer service came in the form of then passing me my receipt without looking in my direction or breaking conversation about the best glue her colleague should use. Ignorant bitch! That’s what I wanted to say, instead I thought another Tweet would suffice.

Tesco came straight back to me and have supposedly had a word with the culprit.

I think this Tesco check-out operator was made to look even worse as before going to Tesco we took Corben for his hair cut. The hairdresser was so good with him we left a Christmas tip for her.

Am I expecting too much? I’ve worked in sales and customer service previously for years and the absolute minimum expectation is that you pay attention to your customer. I’m not asking for you to fake small talk or even pack my bags. Just say hello, tell me how much and wish me a nice day, it’s not hard is it. Surely £7.20 an hour or whatever it is includes payment for politeness?!

It’s sad that nowadays I don’t think people genuinely care about their jobs too much. There’s plenty that do, however those that don’t then don’t carry out their roles how they should and this can have huge knock-on effects to both their company and customers. I know my recent experiences aren’t life threatening but if we can’t even get the basics right what bloody hope is there.

Tell me about your customer service experiences, good or bad… See you online @dadvworld



  1. 14th December 2016 / 5:56 pm

    Hi Dave

    Totally agree with this post. I find Asda the worst for bad service (i got told i couldnt have a refund without a receipt for a faulty item, even though that isnt true, and i was staring at Asdas 100 day refund policy as she told me this)

    I’m a store manager in retail and expect nothing less than brilliant service from my colleagues to my customers. As you say politeness costs nothing and can turn a bad experience into a good one very quickly if you receive good service from a member of staff.


  2. 16th December 2016 / 3:43 pm

    Customer service seems to be a thing of thr past. I was in Lidl the other week and the cashier answered his phone whilst on the checkout, I tweeted them and jusy got a lame apology. Makes my blood boil!!

    • DadvWorld
      16th December 2016 / 3:48 pm

      That is terrible!! Such a lack of care or respect for anyone!! Thanks for reading! 😀👍

  3. 16th December 2016 / 4:01 pm

    I agree, I think a majority of people care but as always it’s the minority that stand out! I recently had a bad experience with Hotpoint on the phone, I won’t bore you with it all but I tweeted and they tried to resolve it but nothing actually happened other than an apology for my time being wasted! In the end a third party company came and fixed my tumble dryer and they were friendly from the woman on the phone to the engineer. Faith restored but not in Hotpoint!

    • DadvWorld
      16th December 2016 / 5:33 pm

      And should another problem happen, I can guess who you will have out next time too…. Sometimes it’s just a hello or a smile that can change your experience. It’s sometimes the bigger companies like Hotpoint and others that can have the worst. I find smaller local companies care more because your custom means more. Thanks for reading and commenting 👍😀

  4. 19th December 2016 / 10:49 pm

    Customer service involves communication, a dying skill. Most complaints will get dealt with via email because people just aren’t used to communicating effectively face to face. It’s a shame really as a simple “how is your day sir?” can really make a difference to a customers experience.

    • DadvWorld
      21st December 2016 / 1:42 pm

      Agreed, I always get the feeling that people are in far too much of a rush to be dealing with anyone or anything. If you question anything they take it as a personal threat! It’s mad really, where have all the communicators gone?!

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