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Cut The Blogging Nonsense

Cut The Blogging Nonsense

Earlier this evening I had a chat with Donetta, my wife and it became apparent that lately I’ve been drowning myself in blogging nonsense.

What is blogging nonsense?

Well, I mean all the background work that goes into being a blogger and building a blog brand. Searching out opportunities, planning ahead, strategising the next move and general admin overload.

If you’re a blogger, whether you blog around another job or as a full-time job, you’ll know blogging is far more than putting together a blog post. There’s social media presence to build, there’s SEO and new blogging techniques to learn about, there’s research, searching for work, pitching to brands and a thousand other things to do around actual writing.

It’s these things that have been occupying the majority of my time lately and have blurred my focus.

You see, I think, a lot. Those of you that join in with me over on Instagram know I can talk, well double the amount I can talk and you’re close to the amount of thinking that goes on in this head of mine. I wouldn’t say I over-think everything, I’m pretty good at thinking about a lot in a short space of time and making quick decisions. I think what’s happening with me lately is I’m thinking about too many different things as opposed to over-thinking a few things. I’m constantly scheming, planning and well, you know thinking.

That’s not necessarily a bad thing. Being a blogger and working for yourself you have to think things through, have a plan and constantly develop yourself. The thing that’s brought this to my conscious attention however, is that I’m not doing the No.1 thing I need to be doing half as much as I should… BLOGGING!

The two things I love doing are writing and creating video all with the one objective of engaging with other people. Blogging is as simple as that for me. I want to engage, advise, help, entertain, and befriend as many people as possible because that’s what I love doing. Blogging and Vlogging are my way of doing that and I’ve not been doing either half as much as I want to.

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Since the turn of the year work has been pretty slow, it seems the same across the blogging industry and this means earnings are down. Throw in the car drastically failing it’s MOT resulting in a new car and the money situation obviously doesn’t improve. This is just life, I’m not after any sympathy we still have full belly’s courtesy of Aldi, it’s so cheap its amazing! These points are just relevant as to why I’ve gone into absolute blogging nonsense overdrive.

I’ve tried to use this dry period to look for ways to enhance my blog/brand and to develop existing skills and in general try to sniff out new avenues of income. This has resulted in doing less of the things I want to be doing, the things that ultimately are the driving force to all of the other things I have been doing. Without the actual blog posts and videos the rest becomes obsolete, pointless.

Of course I’m not naive enough to take my foot off the pedal with the background work completely, but over this next month I’m definitely looking to switch things up. I want to completely switch the 80/20 split currently in favour of blogging nonsense, to go 80% pure creating. Blogs and videos galore!

I want to get back to focussing on the creative side as a priority. We have some great things coming up over the next few months, trips away, days out and collaborative brand work that I’m going to really enjoy.

According to sods law, this method should then bring all of the end results I’ve been trying to achieve by overloading on the blogging nonsense…HA! 🙂

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  1. 14th March 2018 / 7:44 am

    I know exactly what you mean David and I think I tweeted about it the other day. I’ve spend a lot of time over the last few weeks emailing brands, thinking ahead to the next big event and trying to plan for that event that I’ve forgotten what I set out to do. I set out to share my experiences as a stay at home dad to my two girls and my posts were meant to be tailored about things that I come up against in my daily life and the posts that I have written have all seen sponsered and not about what I really wanted to write about. Sometimes we’re to busy looking so far in front that we forgot to look at what’s right in front of us. Great read matey

    • DadvWorld
      18th March 2018 / 10:59 am

      Yes that’s it mate. It’s not necessarily a bad thing to be planning ahead and strategising, but as with everything, moderation is key. I’ve never felt better about my blog than when I’m constantly posting new content that I’m proud to have written. Content that I know I will like reading back in years to come. I’ve cracked the blogging bug, it’s well and truly back, now just need to get back on the videos too, Instagram has taken over lol!

  2. 14th March 2018 / 11:21 am

    It’s all about having good content! Content, content, content. Oh, and did I mention the content???

    • DadvWorld
      18th March 2018 / 10:48 am

      You’re right John. Well, that and self-promotion. If you can put your name infant of as many eyes as possible chances are it’ll get read more. Although coming back to the main focus, if the content isn’t good enough they’ll not come back! Content content and more good quality content, that’s the plan!

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