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If you’ve been following me and Instagram and Twitter lately you’ll know I’m taking the fashion world by storm, I’m somewhat of a Dad Model… OK I’m bending the truth a little/lot!

But, I do love getting some new clobber and if I can mix that with saving up to 75% off RRP then yes, I’m game! I’ve been hammering the MandM Direct website and was set the challenge along with 3 other Dads, of seeing how much we could save from spending £100. The answer is, loads! 

OK so here’s what I blew £99.92 on…

Matching DuFFs caps for me and the boy! Everyone knows I love my caps and Corben is forced into whatever I say because I’m taller than him.


Check out the Mens Cap HERE  – £8.99 (SAVE £11.00)

Check out the Junior Cap HERE  – £6.99 (SAVE £8.00)

MandM Direct


Corben looks unbelievably cool in his new Converse jumper. It’s slightly longer than the average jumper too which suits our style brilliantly, I love longer length stuff.


Check out the Converse Fleece/Jumper HERE  – £9.99 (SAVE £18.00)

MandM Direct


I’m in love with my Jack & Jones Black Hoody! 100% my favourite hoody to wear currently. Black is my favourite colour when it comes to clothing, then having that massive white writing smashed across it finishes it off lovely. I must add that this product in particular is quality, as in you can tell you’re not wearing cheap crap… Even though it was cheap with my savings 🙂


Check out my new favourite hoody HERE  – £12.99 (SAVE £22.00)

MandM Direct


As mentioned earlier I love longer length tops and this long length jacket caught my eye immediately. With the warm weather on the way I thought a light jacket would be beneficial for those half and half days, you know, not cold enough for the big coat but not warm enough for a T-Shirt alone… This jacket fits the bill and looks cool!


Check out this AMAZING jacket HERE  – £14.99 (SAVE £30.00)

MandM Direct

Denim shirts are a win for me. I don’t really wear any other shirts and I like throwing a denim one on now and again.


Check out the Denim Shirt HERE  – £7.99 (SAVE £14.00)

MandM Direct


Check out these bad boys! Do I even need to explain the reasoning behind getting these? Cool AF I think the cool people are saying nowadays.


Check out these beauties HERE  – £24.99 (SAVE £40.00)

MandM Direct


I was looking through the DuFF’s stuff for ages, really like their designs and this hoody for Corben is a belter. I like things that are relatively plain with maybe a nice touch of branding and this DuFFs Hoody is a winner.


Check out the DuFFs Hoody HERE  £12.99 (SAVE £17.00)

MandM Direct


OK so my taste in fashion took over and I kinda forgot about the actual challenge of saving as much as possible. However, I still saved a massive £160! I don’t know where that puts me in the leader board with the other Dads but frankly, I’ve already won, £160 savings and some quality gear to wear… Lovely!

Down to the business side of things, I want to tell you a few things about MandM Direct…

– The website is easy to use, you can search for practically anything using the search options/filters.

– There was plenty to choose from, for Me, Corben, The Wife and the Girls, but I decided to be selfish on this occasion and sorted myself out first… I’m in more need currently, well not anymore 🙂

– The savings are genuine. I’m not pulling your leg, I know, I get sceptical too when people tell me they’ve saved a load by using a certain website, MandM Direct aren’t playing, there’s serious savings to be had.

I was speaking about clothing and shopping online the other day and I was asked if I’d shop at MandM Direct again, I replied ‘Damn right I would’.

There you go… I’m available to model if anyone wants to get in touch. Watch out for my Instagram and Facebook Posts too showing off my Dad physique, I mean new clothes!

Bonus model shot – See you online @dadvworld

MandM Direct



  1. 25th May 2017 / 4:07 pm

    Haha brilliant piece! The photos are fab! Will take a peek at the MandM website. The clothing looks great!

    • DadvWorld
      25th May 2017 / 7:22 pm

      Thank you! I really enjoyed pretending to be a model for 15 minutes! 🙂

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