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Daddy Day Car Challenge | KIA STONIC #ad

Daddy Day Car Challenge | KIA STONIC #ad

If you’re already a dad or dad-to-be, you know how it goes.

Mrs – ‘I’m pregnant’

You – ‘I’m going to have to learn how to fit a car seat’

It’s just a natural part of the becoming a dad experience. The mums will have hospital bags covered, have you seen how many ‘What’s in my hospital bag’ videos there are on YouTube?! So it’s only fair we dads lock down the ins and outs of the travel arrangements and safety of our new baby on that precious first ride home.

I’ve teamed up with Kia to get involved in the Daddy Day Car Challenge, that involved me completing a couple of dad challenges and having a blast in the new Kia Stonic.

The Daddy Day Car Challenges have been designed by Kia to help dads-to-be practise for the transition to fatherhood. There’s so many things to think about when you first become a dad, much of which will have never crossed your mind before in your entire life! There’s lots of chat about preparing for the birth of your child, hospital bags, building cots etc, but not much talk of preparing for that first journey home, fitting car seats and being confident your baby is safe whilst in transport not only during that first drive but for the foreseeable.

The All-New Kia Stonic more than does it’s bit to aid this transition and put your racing parent transitioning mind at ease.

I’ll drop some details here about the Kia Stonic so you know what we’re dealing with, then I’ll tell you exactly what I thought of this feature rich motor…

The All-New Stonic is Kia’s first Urban Crossover, packed with features and technology including

  • Reversing camera system with dynamic guidelines
  • Hill start assist
  • Apple Car Play
  • TomTom
  • Android Auto
  • With the ‘First Edition’ model offering two-tone colour combinations featuring highlights in lime green, black, red or orange this car is packed with personality, the perfect choice of a family car for grown-ups who don’t want to grow up

These main features listed above aren’t all that catches the eye. Little sensors with flashing and beeping noises built into the wing mirrors, that let you know not to switch lanes if you’ve missed another car in your blind spot is a great move from Kia. Heated seats AND wait for it… Heated steering wheel! It has a WHAT?! Am I the only person in the world that has never come across a heated steering wheel? It’s just genius, especially for the winter months.

All these features are designed to aid parents during every journey. They take care of so many things, leaving you to concentrate on the driving. Could this be the perfect first-time-parent/new family car?


There’s no beating around the bush with this to be fair. The transition from my 53 plate banger to this shiny new Urban Crossover was seamless. It was so smooth and easy to drive it took me zero time to get used to driving it. It was comfortable, it had every feature I could imagine I’d want in a modern car of today’s world, I mean Apple Car Play for a bit of Ed Sheeran, enough said.

Whilst driving it felt like I was in a much larger car, there was plenty of viewing area, a touch screen and all your usual dashboard info. It was really nice to drive and you could feel you were driving a premium vehicle.

Now, the dad challenges.

As mentioned earlier, Kia have created a little crash course, I probably shouldn’t use that phrase should I, for dads-to-be to complete during the test drive Daddy Day Car experience. A nice little helping hand to get your mind into gear ready for becoming a parent.

My first challenge was to solve clues that led me to different parts of the showroom, finding children’s products every parent needs for the nice dad bag I was given. Baby clothes, nappies and things of this nature. I was timed to see how quickly I could solve the clues and find the hidden products. This was fun and it wasn’t long before I had my dad bag filled with the products any parents/parents-to-be would need for a trip out of the house with a baby.

The next challenge and the one that I think many parents don’t look forward to, was the car seat fitting challenge. If you’ve ever fitted a car seat before then you will know including a timer will not help the situation. To be fair fitting the seat was a walk in the park, it was strapping Keeley in that I struggled with! Keeley was my loaned baby doll for the challenge… I’m still feeling a little bad she was thrown into the boot for the test drive… Sorry Keeley :/

You know those car seats where you have to push two straps together to make one piece that then slots into another bit, well it was one of those and I couldn’t get the bleeders together. I still reckon I scored a decent time though.

So that was the test drive and challenges completed for both myself and the Kia Stonic that has been on review…

Part of this campaign was for me to test if this would be the perfect car for a new family. It’s exactly that. Feature rich, rugged yet premium style, great colour options and enough space for mum, dad and a baby Keeley (Name of your baby is optional, of course).

A huge shout-out to Ringways Kia in Doncaster and their PR Team from Kazoo. The showroom was gleaming and the staff are as knowledgeable as they are lovely to spend time with.

For further information on Kia please visit http://kiapressoffice.com or contact: Charlotte Woods charlottew@kazoo.co.uk or Lauren Sullivan lauren@kazoo.co.uk or the Kia Dealer team on kiadealer@kazoo.co.uk / 020 7479 4310

Daddy Day Car All-New Kia Stonic test drives will be taking place at selected Kia dealerships in November. While places are limited, customers wishing to take part can contact kiadealer@kazoo.co.uk to enquire about their nearest dealership and book a slot.

Oh, I didn’t even need to put the key in to drive either, it’s like a 2057 feature or something… Do you think they’ll need it back?





*Disclaimer – As always with sponsored collaboration posts, I may have been given a product or payment in exchange for an honest review and it’s always honest… Nope, they wouldn’t give me the car 🙁




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