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#DadLife The Things That Typically Mean You’re A Dad

#DadLife The Things That Typically Mean You’re A Dad

I think there comes a time in our lives as fathers when take a step back from a situation, sort of like an out of body experience, and start to think, “this totally means I am a dad” or “That is such a typically dad thing to say or do”.

We all get to that point when we become fathers, some sooner than others, and while it will be different for everyone, I thought I would poke a bit of fun at some of the typical things anyone of us can think, do or discuss now that we are fathers. A sort of ode to this dad life.


Talking about the future, property and politics


Years ago, pre children, pre marriage and during the days where you were a lad on the town and enjoying life, the terms future thinking probably never even crossed your mind. Let’s be honest, you may not have even been able to plan beyond the weekend. But now you’re a dad you think about the future. You talk about property prices, the headlines on the news and the future for yourselves and for your children. In all seriousness, it may be a little boring, but we care about what world are children are going to grow up in, and also what we can do to help our children thrive as they get older. This normally means we now have to be an adult and discuss and make wise financial choices. A far cry from those beer induced days in the pub.


Towing something


It may have seen like such a grown up thing to do to tow something with your car. Putting a trailer on and heading for your weekly Sunday trip to the tip, hitching up a caravan and taking the family away for a weekend of fun in the countryside or by the sea. But now, you may be scouring the internet looking for trailers for sale and wondering where your weekends have gone. As you jump in the car and head back to the tip and recycling centre once more.


Rocking the dad bod and the dad dancing


Life changes when you become a father, and none more evident than the way you look. The dad bod, the bags under your eyes, and while it may have been a scary thought in your youth, these days you just go with it. And let’s not forget the embarrassing dad dancing that has become a thing.


Fixing things in the home


Finally, it has now become your mission to fix things in your home, what you, your hammer and your screwdriver can’t accomplish nobody can. It becomes an obsession, and the instructions go out of the window. Looking at YouTube videos and making it your sole purpose to be the fixer. Such a dad thing to do.


As I said, this is more for a bit of fun, not all of us will think, act or discuss the same things. It would be a boring world if we did, but I have seen or heard these said before about #DadLife and thought it would be great to share.


Thanks for reading,


*This post was sourced for DadvWorld.com but it’s so relatable to my life being a dad 🙂



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