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Dad’s Castle

Dad’s Castle

As you walk along the winding pathway and approach the drawbridge that leads you over the castles surrounding moat, you look up at the huge structure before you. A Large doorway, windows galore and a pointed tower right at the top intrigues you.



You walk through the main entrance and are immediately in the castles lounge area. Cinema sized TV, every channel imaginable, the biggest sofa you’ve ever seen! A talking pig named Peppa who’s lounging upside down on the armchair points you in the direction of the next room. Into the study and your attention is drawn to the desk area where all the magic happens. Computers, printers a king-sized chair, this must be where the King of the castle runs his empire. This room leads into a Dragons lair! You can see evidence everywhere, half eaten soldiers, limbs laying around, saved for later you imagine. Spiderman appears from nowhere, his web sweeps you off your feet and lands you into the next area of the castle.


Landing in the kitchen, you’re met with utensils you’ve never even thought of never mind heard of! Pots and pans, thousands could dine here surely?! In the corner of your eye you notice Flop teaching Bing Bunny about all the weird and wonderful cleaning potions that are kept in a locked cupboard under the pot washing area.bing-flop Moving onto the first floor most of the doors are locked, they must be the private rooms for the Princesses of the castle. Secret diaries, cushions, cuddly toys and more cushions are concealed behind these doors, or so the talking canvas on the wall tells you! The bathroom has a tub area and a shower section. Bath oils and creams surround the entire room. You’re distracted by a Dinosaur driving a speedboat across the bubbles peaking over the top of the bath, best move on.

More stairs? There’s a second floor. This must lead to the tower, is this where the King and Queen retire to of an evening? King sized bed, side tables filled with literature, more shoes than any shop could sell! The wardrobe opens and you’re almost blinded by the sparkly dresses and yet more shoes!

What is this place, a magical castle? Talking pigs, flying superheros, dragons, a wall canvas that’s alive, a flash of light……

And then I’m woken up by the boy digging his elbow in my neck and heel into my ribs. ‘Let’s go downstairs Daddy’. Once I’ve come round a little I get out of bed, have a fight through some shoes to dig out some clothes, tell the boy to put down the Pug book he’s got of the bed-side table and we make our way down from the attic room. He say’s morning to the canvas we have of him on the landing and then reminds me he knows he’s not allowed into his sisters bedrooms.


Into the bathroom to brush our teeth and may as well tidy up his toy boat and dinosaur that were left in from his bath last night. Downstairs into the kitchen for breakfast, ‘What’s your Flop and Bing Bunny doing in the cupboard in the kitchen, take them into your play room’ I tell him.

I fetch our breakfast into the living room via the playroom/office, tripping over Spiderman, a dragon teddy and a few broken soldier figures!

Finally, lets sit down and watch a bit of TV, Oh wait, what have I sat on…. Peppa!!

Dad’s Castle…… Of course it is.


David – DadvWorld




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  1. 6th April 2016 / 9:09 am

    Hi I think I have commented in the incorrect place sorry. I think it went to your contact form. Here is my comment again:
    haha so funny!! I can tell this is a castle where the kids and their friends are in so much control of it!! LOL😉 It sounds like a super fun castle!! My girls would’ve stopped in the living room where the big tv and Peppa Pig are!! They are massive fans! I had a smile through the whole time I was reading your post,:-) x

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