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Dads, It’s OK To Cry

Dads, It’s OK To Cry

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Of all the lessons learnt in life, it seems that we dads can’t reconcile our emotions. Crying is one of those things that, even now in the modern age, appears to be a sign of weakness. But dads, it’s okay to cry, and the thing is, what we don’t realise is that by having the opportunity to cry, regardless of the situation we’re going through, it can do us a world of good. So, let’s give you some really good reasons why you should let these emotions out.

You’re Human After All

Some men, especially of the older generation, pride themselves on the fact that they haven’t cried in a long time, and maybe only cried at a funeral. But, let’s look at it from the perspective of something that we could all go through, like divorce, if we decide to keep this stiff upper lip, and remain strong for the sake of the children, it’s not being true to our emotions. Yes, while we may be going through the rigmarole of the divorce process, and having expert divorce solicitors on-hand to mediate all of these arguments, it can be very upsetting. But, if we’re trying to remain “strong”, this is something that can very easily overwhelm us at some point. By letting your emotions out, you’re being true to yourself.

It Relieves Stress

If you haven’t had a good cry in a long time, maybe it’s time? And it’s important to realise that crying is a release, it’s your body’s way of relieving tension. Much like having a good laugh releases stress, a good cry does exactly the same. This is your body’s way of releasing stress hormones out of the body. And the next time you feel that you’re about to cry, think about how much better you will feel after going through it. It’s a very de-stressing thing, not a distressing thing!

It Can Open The Gates

By having a good cry, especially if you haven’t in such a long time, it can open the floodgates and this isn’t a bad thing at all. The big problem that we men can have is that we don’t reconcile with our emotions as much. And if you’re someone that has a history of pent up emotions, actually having a chance to cry, even if it’s over a film, gives you that chance to release the tension that’s been pent up for so long. And by opening the gates, you may feel that a huge weight has been lifted.

And by doing this, it communicates to our children that it’s okay. The way it used to be, when babies cried, part of the attitude was to let them “cry it out.” But now, it’s been shown that if a child is upset, the best thing we can do is give them care and attention. We can’t all be strong all the time, so why don’t we just start right now, and give ourselves that permission to be upset? We’re human after all.

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