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What Do Dads Really Think About Pants And Socks?

What Do Dads Really Think About Pants And Socks?

Pants and socks are famously earmarked as a dad present. Father’s Day, Birthday, Christmas and any other occasion where you might buy a dad something.

Since becoming a dad, my pant and sock drawer has been over-flowing. I get them all the time. I’ve sometimes wondered whether its a great thing or a little bit of a cop-out from the person buying, not putting much thought into your present and just buying you pants and socks. Standard.

Or, is it actually a well thought out present, I mean us dads are always in need of pants and socks aren’t we! I mentioned a second ago that my drawer was over-flowing but if I’m honest its over-flowing with odd socks and pants that leave me, well let’s just say a little draughty.

I know what you’re thinking, I’ve thought about this in way too much detail, but either way I decided to dish out my pant and sock question to my dad mates and find out exactly what do dads think about pants and socks as gifts.

I’ll mention here that my pants and socks intrigue was peaked when bodybranded.com sent me some very nice Ben Sherman pants and socks and they were far better quality than what I’d received as a gift at Christmas… I hope Donetta isn’t reading this!

Here’s what my dad mates had to say…

James from One Dad One Blog says ‘they are incredibly necessary, my socks are always threadbare and my boxers…well I’ve put enough holes in the rear from the odd gust 💨 but they should be supplementary to any main gift’

Nick at Bad Dadu says he got vouchers for Christmas and spent them on pants anyway!

Tom The Unlikely Dad said ‘I absolutely love getting boxers and socksas a gift. Along with aftershave it’s a Christmas staple gift for my partner and I 👌🏼 they’re a necessity (as long as they’re nice!)

Kevin who writes at Bringing Home The Baby says ‘I don’t tend to buy my own pants and socks very often unless I get desperate as I receive them as gifts. They are always useful and something you will always need!’

James A Life Just Ordinary said ‘as an extra bit then they’re always very useful! As long as they’re nice, obviously…’

Han-Son from Daddilife thought it might be his age but said ‘I LOVE getting socks and pants’

Nigel from DIY Daddy Blog said ‘I don’t mind them as an extra present but I tend to get them for Xmas and birthday’

And finally, Carl who writes Dadtastic Voyage said ‘I don’t mind getting socks and pants as a present. I’m a very practical person it’s the ideal present for me. Plus the more pairs I have the less washing I have to do.’

pants and socks dadvworld

So there you have it, whether it’s practical, an addition to and or because they’re good quality, it’s a resounding YES that dads do indeed want pants and socks on all occasions.

Now we all know that if your old man’s birthday is coming up, or even for valentines next week, a decent pair of pants and socks such as the ones I can recommend from bodybranded.com will indeed do the trick and dad will be grateful!


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  1. 11th February 2018 / 6:39 am

    I’m fussy. I tend to buy my own because I’m awkward! If your underwear is, ahem, draughty David then it was definitely time to update that wardrobe!

    • DadvWorld
      11th February 2018 / 10:49 am

      Haha! I was playing peek-a-bollock with the state of them 😂 That is fussy, as long as they fit I’m pretty easy going. I don’t like those baggy type ones though, they always roll up inside my jeans and become uncomfortable. Men will get me. 👍🏻

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