You may have heard me banging on about the new website that’s coming VERY SOON!

Yes, davidanddonetta.co.uk is happening! It will act almost like a hub for everything happening in the DavidandDonetta-Sphere. This has resulted in a few changes to my beloved DadvWorld HQ office.

OK, it’s our dining room with a desk, but come on let me have this please! Well what has been known as DadvWorld HQ is now evolving further and will be dubbed by just me, Donetta rolls her eyes each time I say it, David and Donetta HQ!

We’ve briefly given you a glimpse of the progress so far on our YouTube Channel in the video Welcome To The Office 2.0.



The idea is, we will be able to easily manoeuvre things around switching up the room to suit our needs at the time. For example, we’ve got a little desk in there for the PC and laptop to work on blogs, emails etc. We’ve then got the BIG white desk/table which will be kept clear for photo shoots, product reviews, videos as well as family meals, Corben learning and playing. Then finally there’s the ‘Media Centre’. Basically below the TV on the wall we have two Kallax with boxes filled with Corben’s toys and then on top it holds the PS3, printer and speakers for the TV.

We can work, play, learn, shoot videos and eat all in this multi-functioning room. Our house isn’t the biggest so we’re working towards maximising the space we have in each room of the house.

With video’s in mind this brings us on nicely to lighting. At the moment we have just a normal light which seems to be bright yellow no matter which bulb we use?! That’s no good for video.

Lighting is the next big thing for this room. I don’t want to have to get the photography lights out every time we want to press record so we’re looking at lights.co.uk for alternatives. I quite like the idea of wall lights after looking at a few. These ones in particular but with a WHITE bulb!




This along with LED strips beaming from the back of the TV will make for good lighting and a nice backdrop when we film in the evenings. I’m a big fan of tech as most of you will know and another thing I’m looking at is converting each room of the house, starting with this room into a smart room. I want to be like Tony Stark, Iron Man where I basically flick my eye lids and the lights change colour. OK it’s via an app but who knows what tech is around the corner, my iPhone keeps asking to see my face!

So that’s where we stand at the moment on David and Donetta HQ – The Office 2.0. A multi-functional room that makes the most of a small space.

Let me know about all your office gear, home office and tech, I’m always up for talking about these things!


*This post was in collaboration with lights.co.uk





3 thoughts on “DAVID AND DONETTA HQ”

  • yes to the smart house plan. I’ve been costing up just doing the lighting, its going to cost me a small fortune but it’s going to be so worth it. Watched Iron Man the other day and it just makes me want a complete smart house. Love playing around with the home kit stuff in the apple store to see what you can get.

    • The apple store is like the devil having a laugh with us. Look at all this stuff that normal people can play with but never have! HAHA! I’m the same I love new tech, embrace it, it’s coming!

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