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Dear Abi (Not Abigail!)

Dear Abi (Not Abigail!)

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Well, where do I start with you? 12 years old today, I genuinely forget how young you are because in many ways you seem so much older.

Can you remember right back when we first met? It seems forever ago, yet it was only 6 years ago. Things have changed though, loads! Although in the same breathe not much has changed at all. You came straight up to me wanting to show me your school book and nowadays I need to see your work more than ever as I’m the teacher!

As much as Kiera was reserved you were like a Labrador bundling in and making sure everyone knew you had arrived, nothing has changed one bit. I thought I got headaches because my eyes needed testing but we know you’re the real reason, you genuinely never shut up! I will tell you now though, I wouldn’t ever change that. Along with your natural resilience (Google that word!) to just plough on letting nothing bother you is admirable.

I have massive hopes for your future and I’m really glad that you’ve decided to home educate, I genuinely think it is the best route of education for you. There’s been many changes in your life recently, home education, house move and now turning 12, growing up and we’re all adjusting.


I do though 100% believe that you have a special future ahead. Your personality alone makes you special, it’s a gift. For as annoying as you can be with your 100mph no off switch style, it is what makes you different to everyone else. Different is good, in fact different is great and it’s your most powerful weapon to become successful in whichever way you choose.

I wrote a similar post to Kiera on her birthday, I just want you to know that in the midst of our 100mph life where there are testing times, stresses and everyday life stuff, that EVERYTHING I do, everything we do, your mum and I, is ALWAYS for the benefit of you, Kiera and Corben. We love you and want to make sure we give you the best opportunities we can.

Happy birthday Abi,

I love you, David.


PS. Don’t use this against me at a future date and please keep your new room tidy, that’s something you can change! 🙂



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