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Dear Kiera

Dear Kiera

Dear Kiera,

WOW! Today I become the proud owner of a 13 year-old teenager, you! 

I know what you’re thinking, I still look far too young to have a teenager and I don’t even use moisturiser either… Thank you! Hey, I’ve been in your life since you 7, so almost half of your entire life, unlucky for you!

I remember the very first time we met, it seems a lifetime ago and so much has changed. You walked in with your little uniform on, little cardigan and socks pulled up to your knees. You obviously had zero clue exactly who I was, what I was or even what we would become to eachother all these years later. Abi bundled straight in as she’s continued to do every day since, showing me her reading book and explaining all the pictures in it. You were the polar opposite. Sat next to your Mum, using her as a sort of shield, not really shy just more not bothered! Again, you’ve also continued in that vain, genuinely not bothered… About almost anything.

Things progressed, we became a family and we’ve gone through the motions… Sticking to me and your Mum whilst watching soaps everynight, not giving us a moments peace or even a millimetres space! That moved on to being less clingy but still demanding plenty of attention. Now, all too soon, all has faded into the typical teenager stage… Where’d you go?! Locked up in their rooms watching YouTube or doing ‘homework’ calling upon our services for only money and food. Actually you would probably go a fortnight without food if it wasn’t presented to you!


I wanted to tell you that you’re absolutely mind-blowing. Something I want to tell you more, but figured if I wrote it down instead I could use it as a blog and get some reads 🙂 You take things in your stride with so much ease it’s all too easy to forget how impressive you are. It’s been just as easy to forget you’ve only turned a teenager today! I’ve seen you as a 13-14 year old for the past 2 years or so, probably since moving up to secondary school. It’s very rare you show your age and often show maturity beyond your years. Academically you’re fantastic, you’re clearly a great judge of character looking at your close-knit group of friends and all in all you’re genuinely a great young woman. I see and hear stories of loads of kids at your age doing this, that and the other and I’m thankful everyday that you are turning out exactly how we’d hoped.

We’re not finished yet, I’m no mug, theres a load of testing years to come I’m sure, but if you continue in this vain or form I couldn’t be more confident that you’ll turn out an amazing woman who I’m proud to call my daughter.


Happy Birthday Kiera

I love you, David.

PS. Enough of that soppy stuff, we’ve got to drive to school in the morning together #Awks 🙂



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