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Dear Wife | Happy Anniversary

Dear Wife | Happy Anniversary

On this day 2 years ago I woke up feeling pure excitement. No nerves, just excitement. I was excited knowing that when I went back to sleep that evening I would be doing so not with my ‘girlfriend’, ‘partner’ or ‘other half’, but with my WIFE!

Now make of these terms what you will, I guess it means different things to different people. To some marriage doesn’t matter at all, others see it as a religious thing, for me it was a show of solidarity. Donetta and I have been special since day one, we know that and I’d guess others see that also. Getting married was if you like, that final stamp of solidarity, a recognised symbol that we were a team.

Did it actually change anything? Not really, other than Donetta now has the same surname as me and Corben which is nice. Other than that nothing in our every day lives has changed. I do like saying I’m married though, feels grown up! I’m a Dad and I’m married, doesn’t get anymore grown up than that does it, I imagine this subconsciously has something to do with the cap backwards wearing habit I have, clinging onto something youthful!

David & Donetta
Not even the rain could stop us!

Anyway, back to the actual day. I held it together amazingly well given my new emotional state (Read about that HERE) I don’t think I cried all day, I was simply too full of excited adrenaline. Donetta looked absolutely amazing, I genuinely couldn’t tell you where anyone else sat or what they were doing, wearing or saying, all I remember in that room was Donetta… Oh and the fact I had to hold Corben in my arms throughout the entire ceremony because he was upset and didn’t get what was happening, so we married as a 3, which made it all the more special.

I do of course remember the girls too, matching dresses and shoes looking gorgeous, I think they even behaved that day!

We got married at the registry office, it was small and simple but exactly how we wanted it. We had started making plans for a wedding at Goodison Park, Everton’s Football Stadium but after weeks of costings etc we realised that we infact weren’t that bothered with all the bells and whistles, that wasn’t what getting married was about for us.

It rained. A lot. The place we drove to straight from the registry office didn’t serve alcohol because it was still too early in the morning. We couldn’t go to the local pub where we had our party until later on, so we all stood about for an hour or two drinking coke and orange juice. It was funny and everyone found it funny which added to the positive mood.

We went back to a local pub and basically got drunk and ate loads of buffet food. Played pool, took loads of selfies and filled the dukebox with loads of money! There wasn’t a sit down meal or speeches or a first dance, we all just got together and had a laugh. It was absolutely perfect. Everyone had a smile on their face, selfie sticks were being passed around and plenty of tales of old were discussed. Without doubt the second best day of my entire life. Donetta will agree, the best day had to be Corben’s birth. She might thrown in the girl’s births too but I wasn’t there! LOL!

The girls went to stay with their Dad, Corben stayed with his Nanna, Donetta and I went off to a really posh hotel that my best mate had paid for, everything went amazingly well. We had the daft idea that we would get changed into more normal clothes and go out around a little place called Bawtry, it’s lovely with some really nice pubs. We had a meal at the hotel then headed out. I think we got half way down our first drink and BANG! We were both knakered! I mean, practically falling asleep on each other’s shoulders in the middle of a busy pub on a Saturday night. We paid about £19 in taxi fares for half a drink each. It was funny.

David & Donetta
My favourite photo EVER!

We went back to the hotel and I had an emotional breakdown. A good one though. We sat in a huge posh hotel room and opened our wedding cards. I was fine until it got to opening the one from the girls and I simply broke. I couldn’t stop crying for ages, in the end we were both laughing our heads off still with tears streaming down my face, I remember that moment like it was yesterday. Not even like, I remember it happening or can picture it, but when I cast my mind to that moment I can actually feel it, truly amazing.

We’ll not go into what we did for the rest of evening, it was our wedding night… (We fell straight to sleep!)

I can’t believe it’s now 2 years later, the memories are still so fresh! Whilst at the same time feeling like we’ve been united together forever.

Well this has all been a little sloppy and lovey dovey hasn’t it. I look forward to reading this back in exactly one year (When it pops up that I shared it on Facebook) and no doubt writing another version!

I love you Donetta, here’s to another year of making memories…

Love David x


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